Wisdom in the Wobbles with Megan Henry

In this episode of the Unshakable Being podcast Dr. Heather Clark and actor and badass do-gooder Megan Henry talk about remembering that we don’t have to be afraid of who we authentically are, using curiosity and celebration to shift out of criticism and complaining, learning to recognize and allow the wisdom in the wobbles of life, and understanding that we are all co-creators on this delicious treasure hunt we are here to experience.

Join us as Dr. Heather and Megan discuss getting curious about what’s going on in our lives, keeping our bodies in the energy of possibility, and how we can relate to what we’re being and how we’re choosing. 

Dr. Heather and Megan also share ideas about how to look for the magic in everything that shows up – good or bad, and that being unshakable means feeling into the superpower of vulnerability . . . and sass.

Featured Guest

Megan Henry

Actor, Writer, Producer, Speaker, Light-Worker

Megan Henry is an international award-winning actor, producer and writer.

Her award-winning performance in the internationally acclaimed anthology series, “In Absentia” (-Ep. 1-Stranded) , is streaming on Amazon Prime and Seed & Spark.

Megan also co-produced the award-winning socially conscious short film, Good Guys with Guns,-now streaming on Amazon- with a team of diverse perspectives. The intent is to disrupt divisiveness, expand conversation and, illuminate greater truth to usher in unity consciousness.

Her YouTube show shares an intimate look at her process of discovering her authentic self. With tips, tools, tears and sass, it is her intention to compel others to remember their divinity, embody
their sovereign signature and activate their superpowers for the highest good of all.

Megan believes that living fully expressed, in your highest joy, is your greatest contribution to the world. When living in this way, you serve your divine calling and seed potential and possibilities for all. She is a founding member of Badass DoGooders, which is a LEAGUE of heart-driven entrepreneurs, creators, and changemakers on a mission to positively impact our communities, the world and each other.

Follow @badassdogooders for more ways to do good.

She is also slated for various upcoming acting projects, has a book in the works and will be launching her heart-centered, service-based production company in 2021.


Her award-winning performance in Episode 1- Stranded, in this 5 episode, internationally acclaimed anthology series:

Catch her award-winning performance, in the award-winning short film Guardian Angel:

The award-winning short film Good Guys With Guns, which she co-produced, is avail for rental or purchase:

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episode transcription

Heather Clark  00:01

Welcome to Unshakable Being, the podcast with inspiration and practical tools for purpose led leaders like you to relieve stress, build resilience, and unlock vitality in your life, body and business. I am Dr. Heather Clark, and I’ll be your host.


Heather Clark  00:18

Hello, and welcome back to the show. Today we have Megan Henry, who is an international award winning actor and producer. She can be seen in multiple different shows. She is a self proclaimed paradigm shifter. And she co produced the award winning socially conscious short film, good guys with guns, which is now streaming on Amazon. And I think we’ll get to this a little bit later. But we were talking about all the diverse perspectives and what it’s like to really support a project even though it’s not your belief system. And I’m just so looking forward to this whole conversation.


Heather Clark  00:56

You can catch her speaking about her experience and the need for higher consciousness within the entertainment industry on awake TV. She’s a founding member of badass do gooders, how much do we love that title? That’s awesome, which is a league of heart driven entrepreneurs, creators and changemakers, who are on a mission to positively impact our communities, the world and each other. Megan, welcome to the show.


Megan Henry  01:21

Oh, thank you so much for having me.


Heather Clark  01:25

Okay, super looking forward to this, we’ve had a couple of really delightful conversations. And in fact, just a few minutes ago, I was like, Okay, we have to get started and hit record, because we’re losing the magic here that people aren’t going to know about.


Megan Henry  01:43

All the juicy tidbits,


Heather Clark  01:45

all the little tidbits and all the different perspectives. But let’s start with I want to hear more about your perspectives on using celebration and curiosity to shift out of criticizing and complaining.


Megan Henry  02:05

Oh, yes, thank you. It was really helped me in in my life radical transformation is to really get curious about what’s showing up. And, and seeing everybody as a co creator in this exchange, right, because I believe that even if, if a random encounter with a stranger triggers us in some way, they are also knowingly or unknowingly participating in this delicious treasure hunt, as I like to call it. And everything that shows up in our life, whether it expands us or contracts us is still an opportunity to continue expanding. And I now am in the practice of, even if something that feels like an OH SHIT shows up, like oh my god, okay, I might be crying and feeling all of the fields, which I think is important to honor that and to navigate through that and let the energy shifts. And also, oh, my God, what? Where is this an invitation to reclaim some lost power or to you know, acknowledge an aspect of myself that I forgot about or dismissed or judged, you know, as as wrong in some way.


Heather Clark  03:30

I love that. And that goes along with one of the things I teach in profound self care. And that is, everything is happening for you. I really was perspective like, what is the opportunity here? Is this an invitation to reclaim a part of myself? These are such great questions.


Megan Henry  03:48

No, absolutely. I love it. And it also keeps our bodies in a more expansive even within the contrast it keeps our bodies in, in the energy of possibility, rather than locking down in fixed, you know, conclusions.


Heather Clark  04:07

Yes, because that question, I feel is more powerful than the answer a lot of the times and it’s real hard for a person’s brain and ego to kind of wrap itself around that. But that I just loving it. It’s stepping into that expansion.


Megan Henry  04:23

Yeah. Oh, it’s so yummy, isn’t it?


Heather Clark  04:27

It is. So it sounds like when something happens, you do stop and feel all the feels though you’re not trying to bypass like, Oh, no, no, this really isn’t bad. You’re like, Oh, no, this sucked. And


Megan Henry  04:40

oh, yeah, no, I mean, I’m dramatic. I’m an actor for God’s sake. So I’m feeling all the feels like and when I catch myself, which I think oftentimes we do we judge ourselves for I should know better. I should you know, I have all the wisdom and all the tips and tools and planning Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, this is an ongoing process of delicious discovery. And so then I will allow myself to feel all the seals.


Heather Clark  05:13

And what’s your personal process? Or what do you help people move through to really introduce that, that curiosity and to shift it into celebration? Because when we’re talking about it, when we’re not in the middle of it, it’s like, you know, this sounds like a great plan. But then you get triggered or, you know, it’s hit the fan. And it’s like, and now I’m supposed to celebrate this. So what’s


Megan Henry  05:37

right, I,


Megan Henry  05:37

I know that that can sound a little off putting right it’s like I got in a car accident.


Megan Henry  05:42

Why am I going to celebrate this? Yeah, whoo hoo. Well, the, the person who you collided with could be your next, you know, lover or business deal? Or who knows what right? I mean, all these fantastic potentials. But so for me lately, what I’ve been doing is I acknowledge what’s coming up for me, and I breathe, and I and as much as I’m able to get into the observer, state without judging, oh, I shouldn’t be feeling this way. Or why is this coming up? And those wonderful, lofty questions that you posed? Where’s the magic in this? Why is this happening? For me what’s right about this? I’m not understanding. And then I feel it, I’m aware of where it feels in my body, and then I talk to it. And this is really juicy. Lately, I’ve been finding the turn on in it. Right. I know that sounds counterintuitive. But Ooh, okay. So I have an opportunity to go into alchemy right now, which is, so it’s such a it’s, we’re bad at CES, right? We don’t give ourselves enough credit. And so I just kind of go in and and ask myself what I want to be feeling and what’s showing up. And then I talked to my inner child, and what what would that version of me do? What does that version of me really want. And I found that it’s been just so profound and rapid transformation for myself.


Heather Clark  07:18

I love this so much, because there are only a few people that are starting to talk about finding the turn on in this. And I was just like, Oh, I did not know where we’re going here today. And I’m very excited to be here. And I want to hear more about your perspective. But just so you understand where I’m coming from. I was initially introduced to this concept through Carolyn Elliot, who’s written a new book, existential kink. But her whole thing is, there is a part of you that frickin loves this problem. So yeah, why not? Allow yourself to experience what’s happening anyway? And to use your language, it’s like, why not find that turned on? So I’m very curious, is that similar to your perspective? or How are you Chi to this whole concept?


Megan Henry  08:09

Yeah, I love that. And I was introduced to Christina Miranda, who’s been doing work with the dark feminine for years and holds this incredible container for women, which of course the the feminine and masculine that’s within all of us, predominantly, I believe, she works with women. And my perspective is, you know, we’re taught that that to self actualize, and self realized that it’s got to be painful, right? We wear it like a badge of honor. Yes, I made it through this. And, and that’s great. And that’s certainly a perspective and a choice. But why can’t our discovery itself be more pleasurable?


Heather Clark  08:53

Yay, go on.


Megan Henry  08:55

Now. Again, and we feel the fields and it might, but we don’t have to slog through the crap, we can just sort of move through it and let it be because I believe we came here to experience the spectrum of emotions. And But again, it’s like, oh, yes, there’s another opportunity to just get turned on and feel my power as Alchemist as the CO creator in my life. And, you know, like I said, a treasure hunt. Who the hell doesn’t want to go on a treasure hunt?


Heather Clark  09:30



Megan Henry  09:35

diamonds and rubies oh my!


Heather Clark  09:43

Yes, and that is a reframing that’s so much more helpful because I am working with just some glorious clients. But every once in a while there is a client who is a beautiful, delightful person. And she’s like, Oh, this is a lot of work. Well, you Your experience in this moment is that it’s a lot of work. But it doesn’t have to be this can actually be super fun, if you let it be and let’s say, or how to shift into allowing this to be fun. And there’s, I’m in such a fortunate position, because right now, the vast majority of my clients are like, Yeah, let’s do that. In the past, I was working with people who are a little more attached to the identity of struggle.


Megan Henry  10:30

Yes, yes.


Megan Henry  10:33

And I


Megan Henry  10:36

was gonna say, I love that you brought that up this attachment to struggle, right? And and I’m curious, your thoughts, I feel from my life, when I witnessed myself, it’s this idea that we’re taught, we have to earn our right to even exist in the physical body, we have to prove our worth and our value. And so we attach on to this idea of struggle and pain and overcoming that I think as part of that sort of entanglement.


Heather Clark  11:05

Yeah. And I don’t know if that is a capitalist construct. I don’t know if that’s, you know, Protestant, work ethics, rearing its head, I’m not entirely sure what it is. But I completely agree. And that has a lot of people relating to life, like anything good. You must struggle for or you must sacrifice for or if I get something great, I’m going to have to give up something else. Wonderful. And I just don’t think that’s how life actually has to work. I think it only works like that, because we believe it within ourselves. And our culture upholds that belief.


Megan Henry  11:44

Yeah, no, absolutely. This this scarcity lack competitive mindset, which, thankfully, is up for review.


Megan Henry  11:57

No thanks. Oh, my gosh,


Heather Clark  12:02

I love it. And these tools have when you notice something that like, Oh, it’s hit the fan, or Oh, here’s this really big problem. You’re feeling the feels, and it sounds like your big tool is get real curious about it. And ask questions. Let me explore this. What if this is my bit greatest opportunity? Yeah. And then right. Tell me how you naturally segue into celebrating because I could see how a lot of people are like, yeah, whoo, that was great. Okay, now I’ve celebrated like, how do you naturally and authentically shift into a celebration with it?


Megan Henry  12:39

Sure. Well, I a couple examples come to mind. So the other day, my neighbor, which we’ve had this conversation before, you know, send walls, sometimes between apartments, and it’s, you know, how, how does everybody stay sovereign and live their life while not being obnoxious at five in the morning, you know, I apparently, I have a really loud gait. And when I walk, it sounds like a stampede of elephants, for whatever reason, and I’m two feet tall. So I’ve no idea how the hell that happens. But so anyway, my neighbor sent me a text at six in the morning saying, Can you, you know, your feet are really loud. And immediately that ego comes up, and it’s like, well, screw him, I have a right to, you know, be loud in the morning. And, you know, this is just apartment living, and he’s gonna have to deal with and I went, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. What here this is, this is not the truth of who I am. This is not being in the light. And I sat with it. And I felt the annoyance and the frustration. And what was really coming up the deeper level was feeling unappreciated, right, because I’ve been mindful of this before, can’t they just have a day where I don’t have to be considerate. And I thought, what’s here for me? Again, feeling the field. And then I went, Oh, my gosh, well, where have I not been appreciative of myself or other people, when they have been agreeable or gone out of their way to be accommodating? Oh, my gosh, wow, let’s get into that. Now, I was able to ship this particular scenario quickly. But then I got into the turn on, Oh, my gosh, I have an opportunity here. To be accommodating, I have an opportunity here to be the energy of accommodation and appreciation and understand where he’s coming from and participate in that balanced exchange of consideration. And it was just so juicy and yummy. And the rest of my day, I was flying high. Because I was able to see Oh, I see this is inviting me into greater appreciation for myself as somebody who can acknowledge an ask for somebody and then deliver it. I mean, you know, honoring my boundaries, obviously. Oh, and it was like, Wow.


Heather Clark  14:52

This is, this is such a great example of part of what I mean when I insist that people put themselves first. Because a lot of people hear well, if I put myself first I’d be a realtor. No, no, this is such a beautiful example of how you put yourself first in this interchange with your neighbor who is asking, like, Hey, you know, you make a lot of noise. And just as an aside, our dog weighs 60 pounds and makes a lot of noise up and down the hallway. And my big giant Viking partner makes zero noise, he can totally sneak up on anybody who’s not even trying to be quiet. So I totally get what you’re saying.


Megan Henry  15:36

Oh, my God. Wait a minute. make any sense?


Heather Clark  15:40

I know what I like scream because I didn’t hear him come in. He’s like, I live here. Like, yeah. very stealthy. But this, it’s really about putting yourself first where you stopped and you got curious. Okay, well, I noticed that I was triggered, I noticed that I had, in my words, I would say some warrior energy come up and how you wanted to you perhaps you had an initial impulse of Nah. But you said that with it? And really, what is what is it about this, and you’ve really dug down and shifted your entire life and improved your life, in response to something that had happened. And as a delightful aside, it probably improved your neighbor’s life as well. And that is just such a gorgeous example of putting yourself ruthlessly and relentlessly first. And yeah, I love you use curiosity. And then it sounds like what you got to was a celebration of not only that, that happened, but a celebration of everywhere else that life was showing you Oh, this is somewhere where it’s unappreciated, this is somewhere where you’re open to accommodation. And just, it’s just glorious.


Megan Henry  16:56

Absolutely. And I was able to mentally I probably should send them a text message, actually. But I was also able to thank him for cooperating unknowingly in that exchange of giving me an opportunity to step into greater awareness of myself. And greater love, right with just from that, in that place of innocence is oh my gosh, somebody is asking me to do something this feels right and aligns with me. And this is how I would, you know, want somebody to respond with this ask. And I, you know what I mean? So it’s just these delicious layers of going deeper into appreciation.


Heather Clark  17:37

I love it. And if that’s what you’re putting out into the world, that’s what you’re gonna get more, but not from? Well, right. Not from I need to there’s no obligation there. At least I don’t sense any Well, well, if I want to be appreciated, I have to put out appreciation. No, you were able to come at it from this really beautiful, powerful way. That doesn’t say it wasn’t like there was no work. But it doesn’t sound like it was hard. It doesn’t sound like it was a struggle. You just move through it.


Megan Henry  18:03

Now. Yeah, yeah. And I love that this idea of, you know, work for me, I don’t like the word work anymore. To me. It’s very old paradigm and mired in, you know, a lot of like, lower frequencies. Not that wonderful things haven’t been birthed from that space. But I like to think of it as energy exchange. It was just an energy exchange. And I found the turn on in it.


Heather Clark  18:33

This is so hot in here. Well, and it’s there’s a there’s some courage involved here as well. Because it’s the courage of going off script, if you will, speaking to. But it’s a real courage of Okay, well, here’s an old way of doing it. Let me experience this differently. And then the courage to like, well, what’s the turn on here? Yeah. And, and so do you find that more often you’re like, Oh, I immediately found the turn on, or is it? Are you required to sit with it? Or is there a process?


Megan Henry  19:14

I think it just depends, you know, I had shared with you in one of our previous talks, which maybe some of your clients or audience can also relate to it just in terms of the physical body, I found a lump in my breast. Thankfully, it is benign. I did end up going to the doctor, but prior to that, I felt all the fields of shame, guilt, oh, my God, you know, I was freaked out. And I sort of disassociated I ignored it for a while and then I was starting to feel some discomfort. But I I wasn’t willing to be curious. And finally, I got guidance. Just talk, talk to the lump. Megan, just ask it from a place of curiosity and love. Why are you here? I feel like I’m getting emotional. What? What do you, you know, what is there for me to know. And honestly, it sounds so anti climactic, which is why I know it was higher self, right? Because the ego is like much more dramatic. And it simply said, touch touch it, you’ve been so afraid of your body, you’ve been so disconnected from your body you’re afraid to ground in, which has been a big theme for me, I’ve been so comfortable living in the upper chakras, but being present in my body, and all of the ways that I’ve told it, it was bad and wrong, right? We can all relate to that, especially as women. And so I’m literally just put my hand on my boob. And I rubbed it and I touched it, I thought, well, this isn’t so bad. You know what I mean? But it’s like, wow, but I, I didn’t have the courage to do that for like a month. And I don’t recommend that, obviously, go to the doctor, listen to your body, if you feel that you had to do but for me, in my process, my soul was simply saying, you don’t need to be afraid of who you are.


Heather Clark  21:15

That is beautiful. And I really love the whole, when it was time, you did get into communication with your body and just asked a question. Yeah. Because there are people listening to this that are like, right, totally talk to your body, the different parts. And there are other people that are listening lists that are like you what you did what? So yeah, wherever you’re at on the spectrum, perfect. It’s just beautiful. Yeah. And it’s something to consider, well, what if I did get into communication with that part of my body? So, and some people, you know, have an intuitive sense of it, and other people, it won’t resonate at all? Cool.


Megan Henry  21:54

Yeah, yeah.


Megan Henry  21:56

And we can still seek out, you know, Western, you know, the go, the more Western route, we can go the more holistic route. I mean, again, it’s all about listening to our body, but at the same time we are in we are sovereign, and we know best for our body when we just quiet and listen to it.


Heather Clark  22:18

Yeah, and I imagine that you probably have the experience that many of us do when we discover something like that. And we’re like, okay, even if you’re doing an active Wait and watch, or if you’re doing more of a passive denial, lalalala kind of a thing. Yeah, that is taking up bandwidth in the background, kind of like this global pandemic of ours, that is taking up a certain amount of bandwidth. In the background, for all of us, it’s a varying degree. So it’s just something to be aware of, because you only have so much bandwidth. And I just want to share with people if one more thing happens, like any kind of meltdown, just be aware, okay, well, what am I putting up with? What am I denying? what is really going on? And don’t discount? Well, you know, but the pandemic isn’t directly affecting me. It is. It is, that’s fine. There’s all kinds of stuff in the world that is affecting you, that maybe is approaching your consciousness. So I would just encourage people to be very gentle with themselves. But to be aware that it’s, you know, if it isn’t time for you to contact the doctor, okay. And it’s going on in the background. It’s an additional stress. And that’s not wrong, and you don’t have to do anything about it. Just invite you to be aware of that.


Megan Henry  23:38

Yeah, beautiful, so true.


Heather Clark  23:41

And I’m guessing I’m just gonna project what it might be like to work in the entertainment industry. You live in the LA proper, or the LA area. You live


Megan Henry  23:55

in LA proper, yeah, I’m here, West Hollywood.


Heather Clark  23:58

So we’ll just call it Hollywood, and you’re a screen actor. So there might be a little pressure of what your image is, and how you look. So I mentioned that there isn’t an additional component to that. So the lump itself i as i project myself into it, let’s seems really traumatic, but then to have all these additional body messages and what would it mean if right, and and you have to get personal but I just wondered, could you share a little bit of what that added dimension of pressure was like for you? Yes.


Megan Henry  24:36

Yeah. And it’s it’s so brilliant that you’re intuiting this and bringing it up. So it’s in the lump is in my right breast which of course the right side of us is the masculine which is the action taking. And you speak about being in the entertainment industry. And you know, I haven’t felt very comfortable speaking my truth, especially with You know, we’re in a, as I like to say, return to sender. Culture right now I prefer that over cancel and


Heather Clark  25:12

go on


Megan Henry  25:13

Return to sender. And so it’s no surprise that I felt, you know, locked down in my throat chakra and you know, taking action, it’s sort of one foot in one foot out, because I don’t completely feel comfortable to be my, you know, my authentic self. And so I think that was another reason why the lump is here. It’s like, Listen, where are you feeling locked out? Where are you feeling? disingenuous, because you’re not giving yourself permission to trust that, you know, you, you are coming from good intentions, and we all have our path to pave in this world. You know, and and even this film that I had produced with filmmakers with whom I don’t agree, which was a beautiful, beautiful experience, there was still a part of me that’s thinking, Well, you know, I do want to get out there in the world and really bring this message and this potential and this idea out there, but I don’t know, you know, is now the right time. And so I think that’s another blessing of this slump is to go well, well, let’s really explore that by where do you not feel safe to be authentic in your expression?


Heather Clark  26:35

Yes. And did that lead you to some interesting things? Or is it one of those ongoing questions as you step into being more fully yourself without negatively impacting your career?


Megan Henry  26:51

It’s an ongoing question. And also, I am allowing myself to really feel into the support of the universe and the support of my message and my vision. And you know, it is I’m noticing baby steps, some days with stepping into that confidence, right, and clarity of message. And it does feel a little bit wobbly, for sure. And you know, okay, I’m not really sure which end is up right now. But I am feeling more supported and that the timing of everything is much more aligned.


Heather Clark  27:34

Thank you for sharing that. Because that sense of wobbliness. I think probably everybody can relate to that. And there’s a lot of perspectives and a lot of ways to see it, but it really feels like an invitation of when you first learn to walk, a person’s a little wobbly. You don’t just get up typically, and run across the room. So as you’re taking these first steps, it’s of course you’re gonna be wobbly. Sure. And let’s let that be okay. Let’s let that be fine. Yeah, because you’re taking the steps. Because there’s a difference of feeling very grounded, very centered, feeling unshakable and feeling stagnant, like the unshakable is adjusting and rebalancing as you go while you’re still in motion and still doing and then the other where I’m protected from stress and I’m feeling good, but it’s because I’ve come to a standstill. It’s a whole different vibe. And the unshakable is what brings you that peace and success. And the other is the stagnation and frustration so just let’s just honor that wobbly. Love.


Megan Henry  28:43

Yeah, the wisdom in the wobbles. Let’s be honest, sometimes I look at a toddler and I think oh my god, they’re just such a badass. They’re just wobbling and getting backed up with such grace and ease like that kind of looks fun.


Heather Clark  29:00

That resilience born of like, why, of course this is what I would do what they’re not like


Megan Henry  29:10

they’re not looking around to see who’s laughing or like Yep, Uh huh. Watch me you know.


Heather Clark  29:15

Yeah, like look at this. Watch this.


Megan Henry  29:19

Yeah, yeah. Oh my gosh,


Heather Clark  29:22

the wisdom in the wobbles again.


Heather Clark  29:24

Loved it. Well, and yeah, what if this is an invitation for where can we be a toddler again, and not from the you know, Royal hissy fit perspective? But from the like, oh, let me learn let me discover Let me try again. Oh, fell down. Boom. Love that. Yeah. Back up. Ask for things.


Megan Henry  29:47

Oh, my God. Yes. God, you know, the relentless apt to they’re not afraid to ask and then we’re in our adult life, do we? You know, do we learn that we can’t ask for what we want because It may cause pain or we’ll be guilted or shamed and humiliated.


Heather Clark  30:04

Or it’s rude or it’s Yeah, yeah. Yeah. You know, and where are we managing our perceptions versus really living in the world? Right. So we were talking a little bit beforehand, with this project, and you had shared how you did not necessarily agree with the point of view that everybody else in the project was presenting. And yet you invested your time, your energy, you invested money in this project. And I share with us what that’s like to help birth a project that you maybe don’t necessarily agree with.


Megan Henry  30:48



Megan Henry  30:50

Well, and it’s interesting, because I definitely went through the process, I believe in my friend, wholeheartedly, and I wanted to support him. And this was an opportunity to do so. And it took me a while It wasn’t an immediate, yes, in my system, because I didn’t agree with it. But I was willing to get curious about is it more important for me to be right? Or is it more important for me to go, you know, what, it’s not necessarily about what I think it’s about expanding the container of inclusion. And this, that sacred intelligence of it, which I believe really, you know, hold space for all things doesn’t mean you have to agree, it doesn’t mean you have to condone, but you can renounce without resisting, and you can simply allow, what is and it was quite a beautiful exchange. And so I sat with it for a while. And I thought, Okay, how can I reconcile getting behind a project that doesn’t necessarily fit my narrative. And after doing some research, I realized, you know, we all have sixth conclusions, oftentimes, even just about our own beliefs. And we’re, you know, it was time to expand that. And I realized that I was my own target audience, not that it was about coming to a different conclusion within myself, but it’s just, oh, wow, where was I sort of ignorant to certain aspects of this particular concept? Where is there room for me to really expand on potential and possibilities? Oh, how fantastic while also honoring the other two producers, who each of them, you know, all three of us had a different perspective. And what was amazing is on the festival circuit, we really could get into more of the consciousness behind where we intersect, and and what we’re all really wanting in life, which is some variation of the highest ideals and the truth of who we are, we just have different ways of sourcing that.


Heather Clark  33:00

I love it. And this is, this is kind of like if it’s, if it’s dangerous, to provide a different point of view, because you’re afraid people will change their minds. Maybe it’s time to really reassess your own point of view, like if new information is challenging it so much, well, maybe, maybe it’s ought to be challenged. If new information can tear down your perspective, then I think maybe that’s a great thing.


Megan Henry  33:32

Yeah, absolutely. Well, and what was beautiful as again, I still have the same opinion that I have. What’s different is I’ve expanded the judgment I have of other people who don’t agree with me. Because we like to think that, you know, oh, we’re non judgmental, but then this really showed me Nope, Megan, you’re still quite judgmental, because you want people in some aspects we all do. To think like you do know what we’re really wanting is higher awareness. But higher awareness doesn’t necessarily mean conformity. And it doesn’t necessarily mean we agree, it simply means we hold space for each other and find the intersection find that unity, right of what it is that we’re really seeking to know be receive and perceive of the truth of who we are.


Heather Clark  34:26

And are you finding that people in your world are able to receive that and able to really hear that language?


Heather Clark  34:35

Or is it like talking to a bunch of muggles that are just like, whatever lady, you know, people really receiving it, how’s this happening for you?


Megan Henry  34:46

And you know, I think with me, I am blessed and that I am guided, I’m listening to my intuition and I tend to go up to the people at the party or in the room that are more receptive and jealous Completely cast me aside, you know, it’s like, oh my god, Is


Megan Henry  35:02

she on her unicorn again? But I don’t know what to do and those people that love me or like,


Megan Henry  35:13

Megan, you know,


Megan Henry  35:15

but I’ve been very blessed to align with people that are open to hearing it, it doesn’t mean they necessarily agree, it doesn’t mean that they necessarily want to collaborate with me, but they they’re open enough to not step into that return to sender energy right away, right, which can feel so off putting, and you know, you and I both know, you can’t cancel energy anyway. So that’s sort of futile, it simply transforms and Alka Mises, which I think is is what’s up in the collective, it’s not about cancelling each other. Because when we cancel something, we’re really canceling an aspect of ourselves or continuing to deny an aspect of ourselves that wants to be alchemize, integrated, etc. And, you know, it’s such a polarizing times right now. And I do also see a lot more filmmakers stepping into that sacred space of, okay. How do we get beyond the story that we’re all telling ourselves, you know, about the division and the right, wrong, good or bad, more and more people, in my opinion, are willing to explore that. We don’t necessarily know what that looks like and talk about wobbles. I do see that shifting?


Heather Clark  36:43

And are you finding that the more you’re willing to write in on your unicorn, the more people are able to receive it? I mean, not receive it? Not necessarily. Oh, I completely agree with you. And I went out bought my own unicorn. No, no, this is more about. Yes. Okay. And then seeing the world differently?


Megan Henry  37:05

I do I do. And I don’t necessarily think, you know, it’s, it’s me, it’s where we are at in consciousness as a collective. I think we’re tired of that feeling of separation and division, and we’re willing to step into a new space of being, and how, how do we relate to what we’re choosing and who we’re being? And what’s beyond that?


Heather Clark  37:37

I love it. So this idea with kancil culture, I’m like, I am not an expert on this. But it seems to me that it isn’t necessarily that people are being canceled, it’s that people are no longer willing to put up with their kind of bullshit. Like, we’re not taking any more we don’t want to hear from you. And I think people have feelings about that. Is that your perspective? Or, and I know that you’re calling it the Return to Sender culture, and I love that, but share with me how it looks to you and what maybe your experience have been with this?


Megan Henry  38:12

Well, I’ve been more of an observer of it in my life personally. Well, that’s not true. I did have a personal friends wasn’t necessarily industry related, who sort of back to what, from me when I when I shared some perspectives, but I just noticed a lot of hypocrisy in it, because it’s okay for for certain groups, to essentially say the same thing as the groups of people that are being fired or canceled or, you know, cast aside or ignored or, or whatever that shows up. That’s right. But yeah, I mean, I I’ve been at parties before where I’ve seen people just walk away from people that they don’t agree with and and there isn’t that come to center moment to really figure out well, wait a minute, you know, what, what really is going on? I think we get so triggered. And we hold on to this idea that I don’t have to put up with this. Right? We have to have healthy boundaries to be sure. But is it healthy to just be in reaction versus response? And is that really what we’re saying? Are people taking a moment taking a breath before they decide to say no, thank you with love and grace? Or are they just completely going? No, because there’s something that’s coming up for them to witness within themselves? Some treasure to find?


Heather Clark  39:42

Yes, there’s a huge difference between reacting and responding. Because, like, I’m not suggesting that people, you know, you really want to stand there and really investigate what they’re like because No, not necessarily. That’s not you’re not required to do the emotional labor for people. And it’s a great idea for you do your own emotional labor, like, what is it about this? And there have been some times when I’ve been able to say, I don’t agree with you. And then would you like to explore that? Or shall we switch topics and other people that just can’t go there with you like the, the slot to fit the information through is too small, and you kind of can’t get through to them, or they’ve have such a strong conclusion that anything that doesn’t agree with that is wrong, like, Oh, okay.


Megan Henry  40:35



Heather Clark  40:36

Like, that’s not my job here. Enjoy. May the force be with you. Enjoy.


Megan Henry  40:44

Yeah, I love that.


Megan Henry  40:46

And it’s, it’s so true, I think, you know, I would really, what I hope to step into and hold space for and be as love and consciousness in action in the world, is even if something you know, you can’t engage in a conversation for whatever reason, in any given moment that we are allowing other people to be witnessed. Again, we may not agree with it, we may think it’s, you know, terrible, this, that the other thing, but that we can at least acknowledge the Divinity in each other and go, Okay, we’re all on our process of remembering our God’s self. And, you know, I’m holding space that I don’t agree with you, and I’m feeling triggered, or this is just a pourraient. And I need to walk away and not participate in this. And I’m walking away from a space of love. And hoping or wishing, you know, the highest and best for you as well in that moment. And if we can get shift to that space, I think it’s going to dissipate a lot of this separation and divisiveness.


Heather Clark  41:58

Agreed. Love that. So Megan, tell me, what’s your origin story? How did you become? How did you come to be doing this work in the world?


Megan Henry  42:08

Oh, my gosh, my origin story, right? I mean, I’m still writing from scroll for every case, figuring it out. As tell you as I really love as an actor, you know, we talk about celebration and triggers. I mean, how delicious as an actor to be able to jump into a role that’s bringing up all of my triggers right in that safe container. and exploring the spaces in places that I’ve kept off in myself or that are unfamiliar, or even that I love, and I want to activate and amplify and get more intimate with. That, to me is just so juicy and delicious. And it’s also a wonderful opportunity to integrate and heal. Which of course, once we do that, and especially artists we’re also offering that to the collective as a transmission and, and a portal.


Heather Clark  43:08

Beautiful, beautiful, love this.


Megan Henry  43:15

And of course, I like to cry and kick and scream. So there’s that. I mean, what what let’s make no bones about it. I mean, drama in the proper context is fun.


Heather Clark  43:33

Yeah, there’s drama. And then there’s drama triangle where you’re kind of caught in that dysfunctional way. There’s, there’s a functional drama, and it sounds like you you’ve been able to walk that balance so that


Megan Henry  43:53

oh my god, I get paid to be a mess. Yes,


Heather Clark  43:57

sir, like so. Wait, wait, wait, I gotta show up and do stuff I enjoy. And I get paid. Okay, what’s the cash?


Megan Henry  44:09

Oh, my God. Oh, I can be wobbly and messy. I can ride my unicorn, I can kill the unicorn. It doesn’t matter, whatever. Whatever the story is about.


Heather Clark  44:28

So what does it mean to you to be unshakable?


Megan Henry  44:36

You know, we touched on it on it today and it really is allowing the wisdom and the deliciousness of the wobbles feeling into that vulnerability which I believe vulnerability is a superpower and sass


Heather Clark  45:03

vulnerability is a superpower and what?


Megan Henry  45:07

and sass


Heather Clark  45:08

Oh in sass. Absolutely.


Megan Henry  45:12

Right. Yeah. For me Yeah. But yeah, wisdom in the wobbles.


Heather Clark  45:17

I love the wisdom in the wobbles vulnerability, totally a superpower. I love that you believe SAS as a superpower as well, because a lot of people come into this with a perception that spiritual people are like, Oh my god, it’s just love and lie and no, no, I want to it’s like too nice and there’s there there can easily be edges in spirituality and there’s nothing wrong with that. Why not be sassy? It’s a lot more fun.


Megan Henry  45:43

Of course right? And I used to think that, like you said, Oh, you can’t be spiritual. You can’t be sophisticated if you’re sassy or, or it’s a defense mechanism. It was when I was younger, but now I just embrace it when I do inner child work. She’s a sassy little ship last year, my celestial support staff and they’re tricksters and it’s like, Oh, God, you know, but it’s amazing. So much more fun.


Heather Clark  46:12

Yeah, and why wouldn’t that work? It’s an innate part of who you are. Yeah, it’s it’s kind of like humor was a defense mechanism. And now it’s a tool. Like it’s totally a tool like you can use humor and poke a little fun. And it allows people to see in a non confrontational way. Okay, there might be a different approach here. Or not see it? Yeah. And that’s fine, too. Love this.


Heather Clark  46:36

Yeah. Love it.


Megan Henry  46:37

sassiness, silliness, playfulness, all of it.


Heather Clark  46:43

Your consciousness does not need to be boring.


Megan Henry  46:47

Now, and if you’re familiar, I’m sure you’re familiar with Abraham Hicks. Boy, they’re sassy. Yeah.


Heather Clark  46:56

Why not? Megan, tell us, where can we find you? Ooh,


Megan Henry  47:05

my website which is after Megan henry.com. And if you’re looking for some wonderful habits, I had the honor of contributing to the one habit series, the particular iteration that I contributed to his one habit how to thrive in a post COVID world and all of that is found at one habit press calm and also on Amazon. Oh, that’s fantastic.


Heather Clark  47:36

Thank you so much. Conversations with you are always delightful. I enjoyed this so much. Thank you for coming.


Megan Henry  47:41

Thank you. Thank you. This was a lot of fun.


Heather Clark  47:46

Thanks so much for listening. I’d love to hear from you. Go to unshakablebeing.com and submit your question, comment, or topic request. May you be unshakable, unstoppable, and vibrant again. Until next time.