When Things Don’t Go to Plan with Lisa Winneke

How do you stay unshakable when things don’t go to plan? Join founder and host of The Good News Guide Lisa Winneke and I as we explore living in these funny times and how to shift out of stress when—despite your best efforts—things don’t go as you originally planned.

We cover crawling out of dark holes, inner work, acceptance, healing, changing your frequency, watching your life transform, and much more.

Today’s Guest

Lisa Winneke

Founder and host of The Good News Guide

Lisa is an author, speaker, truth seeker and Host of The Good News Guide, with qualifications in numerous energy modalities. She is passionate about life and it is with her big heart and love of humans, combined with an innate ability to communicate, that she effortlessly uncovers the gold that exists within people and their lives.

Lisa has been deeply immersed in the world of personal development for well over a decade and has experienced the gifts of deeply transforming oneself from suffering and surviving to thriving. She brings to the table a real rawness, integrity, authenticity and infectious energy that has people deeply engaged in her conversations and work.

Her inspiration and her ‘why’ is to support people in reconnecting with the immense power that resides within them, and remembering that they are more extraordinary, more beautiful and more powerful than they have ever known.


The Good News Guide

episode transcription

Heather Clark  00:02

Welcome to Unshakable Being: inspiration and practical tools for purpose led helpers, guides and leaders like you to shift out of stress, stop going in circles, and get what you want in your life, body and business. I am Dr. Heather Clark, and I’ll be your host.


Heather Clark  00:20

Hello, and thanks so much for joining us. Today we have Lisa Winneke. She’s an author, a speaker, a truth seeker, and the host and founder of the good news guide. She’s also building a new platform for creatives, the creator circle, to bring ideas to life. She’s got qualifications in numerous energy modalities. She’s passionate about life. And with her big heart and love of humans, combined with her innate ability to communicate, she effortlessly uncovers the gold that exists within people and their lives. Lisa, welcome to the show.


Lisa Winneke  00:57

Thank you so much for having me here. It’s actually quite funny listening to somebody else introducing me when I’m normally the one that’s introducing other people. So it’s, it’s actually lovely to be on the other side is the opposite on the other side of the catch, though. So even though we’re, we’re not in the same location, clearly.


Heather Clark  01:18

You’re on the other side of the world.


Lisa Winneke  01:20

I am. And we are in lockdown. Yes, I’m in Melbourne, Australia. Funny times Heather. Funny times,


Heather Clark  01:30

it certainly is. And as we experienced just as we started the show today, it’s not only funny times, but things do not always go to plan.


Lisa Winneke  01:44

As we just experienced


Heather Clark  01:46

Exactly, we had all our audio setup, just ideally, it’s worked for everything else that we’ve done for other people. And yet we get on the call together. And suddenly, things went awry. And half staffed it go on.


Lisa Winneke  02:02

I was going to say sorry, I don’t ever like to be over somebody. But what I was going to say is how often does this happen in life? Like how often do things not go the way we want them to go or the way we had them planned in our minds. And then when they don’t have that expectation of when they don’t go the way that we had intended? How  that disturbance can completely throw us off?


Heather Clark  02:27

Absolutely. And like we were talking about briefly before, I want to hear more about how you’ve shifted things in your own life. So that no longer shakes you up when it happens.


Lisa Winneke  02:40

Whoooo that is a big question. And and a question that probably requires this so many steps that have led me from, and I would say, a very dark hole about 14 years ago, there are so many steps that I’ve taken in order to get out of that hole in order to take me into a place where things like what happened this morning, don’t shake me. I mean, sometimes they do, I’m human. So sometimes they do.


Lisa Winneke  03:07

But the more the more I’ve spent. The more I’ve spent in the healing my in doing the inner work for the past 14 years, the more I have understood myself, the more I’ve accepted myself, the more compassionate I’ve become of myself, the more grounded I’ve become, that I’m not so attached anymore to the way things are meant to be.


Lisa Winneke  03:31

In fact, I’m very. So let’s say this morning, when things weren’t going your way, I have this process where rather than actually being in the problem, I remember there’s always a solution for something. And if I focus on the what I call the end result, it’s through doing some work with William Whitecloud, who’s a, he’s an extraordinary magician, he teaches how to be in your creative genius.


Lisa Winneke  03:51

When you focus on the end result. So when I said to you that you probably didn’t know what I meant by that, but hey, let’s tune into the end result or for me, let’s tune in to the end result of having a beautiful conversation heart centered, where, you know, we can hear things clearly. And it’s, you know, so tuned into that feeling. And within moments, the solution arose, and it was it was resolved.


Lisa Winneke  04:11

So when we focus on what we want, rather than what’s not going right, it works. Things just start to flow effortlessly, because we’re not so you know, when we’re in a problem when we’re down in the problem, as you know, there is no clarity, we need to rise above it, we need to we need to actually essentially raise our vibration so it sits above the problem and only there can can solutions arise and they do effortlessly. I don’t know if your question, but oh no,


Heather Clark  04:45

Yeah, that totally answered my question. And that’s what I want the listeners to really hear. It’s like it isn’t like oh, it’s just like this one thing that you do well, it’s a whole bunch of things you do and like proximate to when you’re in an issue or a problem, something that you might perceive as a problem? It sounds like what you do is you activate only focus on the end result that I desire.


Lisa Winneke  05:09



Heather Clark  05:10

not not, oh, the problem, how can I solve it? Blah, blah, but what’s my end result?


Lisa Winneke  05:16

Yes. So it’s and it’s combined. So it’s the thought of what I want is the end result. And not attached to how it’s going to how it’s going to arise, but also the feeling. So that idea that it’s the feeling combined with the thought, so how was I going to feel when we had this beautiful conversation, so my heart opened, and I wasn’t, you know, I wasn’t contracted, I was open to the possibilities of things coming of things being resolved.


Lisa Winneke  05:45

And I, as I said, I focused on how I was going to feel at the end of the conversation. And from that place, things have to show up, you know, energy follows a path of least resistance. So if we get out of the way, we get out of our own way, and and sit in the vision of what we want. Things can show up things unfold effortlessly. They’re the miracles they’re the synchronicities. Yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s a, it’s a very, you know, it’s not a new place for me.


Lisa Winneke  06:16

And I’ve been working towards being in this, I would say fairly unshakable place, especially with what’s going on in the world. I’m, you know, we’re in Melbourne we’re in, we’re in, you know, very strict lockdown at the moment. And I’m witnessing so many people around me that have been completely shaken up by the fact that we’ve pretty much been in lockdown on and off since March. Now, that would have been in a past life that would have completely thrown me and yes, there are times that I feel, you know, I feel frustrated.


Lisa Winneke  06:47

But I don’t feel shaken the way that I’m witnessing people around me. And that is because I keep saying a number of my in my community when we talk about this, because of the inner work that we’ve done. And we know everything is a reflection of what’s going on inside of us. When you’re when that is clean, and you’re managing that you’re working with that. You are on shape, you are more and more unshakable. The things that externally happen, don’t inflict upon you the way that they do when your internal world is in chaos or conflict.


Heather Clark  07:23

Completely agree. Love that. What helps keep you grounded, and helps keep you unshakable, like very strict lockdown. That’s a stress, let’s just be honest, no matter how unshakable you’re it’s still a stress to deal with. So what are you doing for yourself, to keep yourself grounded, and then also connected.


Lisa Winneke  07:45

So I have a morning ritual. And well, I’m not gonna say it’s a morning ritual. But I wake up every morning, I meditate. And I mix the meditations up. So I meditate, I visualize so I have a number of areas of my life that I spend 30 seconds to a minute visualizing my end result for and there’ll be from everything from my relationships, to my working life to the contribution that I want to make in the world, to what I want to experience for what my lifestyle looks like. And so I do that I spend 15 minutes or so and then I do.


Lisa Winneke  08:27

And then throughout the day, I will dance. So I dance is a medicine for me. And I discovered it when I separated about two years ago, and I used dance and movement to liberate myself I have so much grief and so much grief, but grief and guilt and sadness, deep sadness, which has been in my system for a long, long time. So I dance most days, and it is my medicine. So that is something that I do.


Lisa Winneke  08:52

And then I do energy checking throughout my day. So I have a thing on my phone, I will check in and I will, I will literally check my energy. I’ll check in and see what’s going on. I will pull my energy from my lower center up into my heart, I’ll feel into my heart, I’ll allow my heart to expand. And that is also just that just on that my heart since I discovered Joe Dispenza’s work about two and a half years ago. And it became really apparent that my heart was so closed that I was so unconscious to it. Despite all the work that I’d say in inverted commas, all the work that I’ve done, but what I have done more and more is my heart is my anchoring place.


Lisa Winneke  09:30

Like I spend so much time in my heart. I’m constantly reconnecting, okay, what is it that I want to experience here? How is it that I’m actually feeling having been disconnected for so long outside of my body? It’s been such an incredible process to come back in. And to really, really anchor in and know that my heart is always, always has the answers. My heart is always guiding me in the direction for not only my greater self, but my family. I’ve got three boys. For the people that I work with, I’ve got a team of two other people. So my heart is always guiding me. And so that is my anchoring point that keeps me so grounded. And that is a key part of me being more and more unshakable.


Heather Clark  10:21

And did you find the transition to that very smooth and easy or like, oh, okay, great. I’m just gonna lift for my heart done, or as you’re along the journey, and the reason why I’m asking it like this, because sometimes people are like, I know, one thing just naturally followed. And that really happens for people. And other times, especially those with more of a trauma background. I’m not suggesting that’s you. But sometimes, it’s like, well, it feels like, like, when I’m visualizing what I truly want, it feels like I’m having a fantasy instead of actually visualizing. It feels like when I jump into my heart, it’s more difficult. So how was the process for you?


Lisa Winneke  11:00

So when, when I first started disgust when I first discovered Joe Dispenza’s work he and he took us through a meditation I remember the first one, I actually could not access my heart. I was like, why is it like he’s talking about opening my heart? And like, Where is my I can’t even feel my heart. So yes, it is been a major process, he gave a beautiful analogy. And he talked about imagining the petals of a flower opening like one gently opening at a time. So that’s really how I that’s how I started.


Lisa Winneke  11:31

The other thing was, I had this profound, really powerful meditation where I experienced my father in law who had passed and a very dear friend who actually was the first person to wake me up during this time, and she was my kinesiologist. And she, she also had passed. So I experienced them in my meditation come to me, and they said to me, we are here. We are here to support you. It is time. Yes. And we’re just going to do this really gently with you. And they were part of this meditation, in starting the meeting, starting to help me and support me healing my heart and not not healing my heart for healing my ability to I protected it for so long, it was so shut, so shut down, which I wasn’t even conscious of. So that was a start. Now, that was, as I said, two and a half years ago. And since then, it has been a process.


Lisa Winneke  12:24

But what’s so fascinating, not fascinating, but it’s I love it is all the people that I’m in conversation with more and more, there is so much focus on the heart. So many people talk about the power of the heart now knowing we know about the heart, but really anchoring in and knowing that when we are trusting of it, when we are asking our hearts for the guidance when we are creating from our hearts, because that is where we create from that life does begin to flow in truly magical ways.


Lisa Winneke  12:58

So yes, it’s a process. But two and a half years on my goodness water, I would say what an extraordinary gift to have given myself, but also the people around me. Because the more I’m in my heart, the more I’m open. The more I’m listening to it, the more I’m the demonstration for other people as to it’s not who it’s not, you know, hey, there is so the power of the heart is so powerful.


Heather Clark  13:27

Absolutely. And I really find that interesting, that I’ve had many people come on the show that talk about energy work that talk about meditations that talk about some of the truly wonderful things that have opened up in their lives. And then with the caveat that it’s not woowoo. And I would like to poke around at that a little bit, because it almost comes from a perspective of like, there’s something inherently wrong with woowoo, or woowoo isn’t tangible, or talk to me a little bit about what Wu means to you. And how this is different or similar.


Lisa Winneke  14:00

It’s so funny. But I grew up in a very conservative in a Christian home. And so I was always considered the, the black sheep of the family. I was always I was wild. I was pretty wild as a kid. And so when I started going down this path, I know there was a lot of judgment because that’s something that I was raised with. Suddenly I was conditioned to not only feel judged, but also to judge the world. So even in me saying we were that so that’s a judgment.


Lisa Winneke  14:30

So I’d actually really want to say thank you for pulling me up on that because I think the thing is that for so long, a lot of your energy work even though we know we know scientifically we’re all we’re more energy than matter. But for so long. The masses saw this as we were but you know, it’s something that a number of my my part of my community have talked about this no longer is it the New Age is coming. We are in the New Age. So what was considered woowoo is no longer woowoo because in actual fact, it has more truth for a lot more people and people are more open to it. So I don’t know if that’s answered the question.


Lisa Winneke  15:09

But I know for a long time I felt on the outer because what I was doing what I was exploring, you know, to overcome years of addiction, and if we go into it at some point in time, but an eating disorder for a very long time, and the associated depression and anxiety so for so long, I was exploring these modalities, that other people that I hadn’t been introduced to as I hadn’t been raised with, you know, it certainly wasn’t available to up to me growing up, it was, you know, psychologists and psychologists, you know, there’s talk therapy, but so, in the community, or in the socio economic groups that I was growing up with, it was considered blue. Because it was,


Heather Clark  15:51

but yeah, yeah, not only I’m familiar, but often, at least, in this neck of the woods, othered. Like, oh, that’s just weird. And then unfortunately, I’m certain that you’ve run into people like this as well. But what they’re sharing is very powerful, except they’re not walking their own talk. So it’s difficult to really, it can be very difficult, at least for myself to take them seriously. It’s like, you have no internal validity. And a lot of people ascribe that type of behavior with new age and then label it as woowoo. Whereas the energy work, which doesn’t completely defy logic, but a lot of times the results are so profound, that it’s as if it defies logic. So it’s easier to categorize that as we will. And I just want to be real clear what we’re talking about here.


Lisa Winneke  16:47

It’s science.


Lisa Winneke  16:50

I love that I use that overtime. It’s backed by science guys, come on.


Heather Clark  16:56

Well, it is backed by science, and it’s but science in the truest form, like a true exploration. Like, I don’t know, this is weird. We’re getting some results that we didn’t expect. And then, but not to hide behind at least I don’t get the vibe that you’re hiding behind sciences from a proving perspective.


Lisa Winneke  17:18

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, I, that’s tongue in cheek, that’s if anyone, I am at a place here that I really don’t care less what other people think of me at all. I don’t know that is that that’s taken many, many years. I don’t care because what I’m experiencing in my life is extraordinary. I never thought I’d be sitting here today. Feeling so happy. And so blissed out by all elements in my life, everything is flowing like I was that person would always find the other.


Lisa Winneke  17:54

I was drama, drama, drama, always had to find drama with something because you could never, you could never, you know, I could never be at peace with life. But I’m at a place a friend said to me recently, she said, allow yourself to be happy, like really happy, because everything you’ve created, is occurring right here, right now.


Lisa Winneke  18:13

Everything every seed you’ve planted, and you’ve been guided by your heart, and you’ve kept following following with such courage, it is all there, you’re experiencing it all. So yeah, it’s I definitely do not hide behind science, I’m very much stand up for what my experiences. And my maybe the audience that I am really appealing to an engaging with is the masses. And it’s not people that maybe even know about energy. I mean, they might, they will might have explored energy work.


Lisa Winneke  18:46

But what I’m trying to do is to take out the woowoo from all of this, and deliver it in a really palatable way where people can’t not have their ears open, their minds expanded and their hearts open to this information. Because it’s from, it’s from storytelling, like you know, when people share their stories, and they’re sharing it with integrity and integrity is hugely so that’s why when you said to me, I’m not hiding behind me, I walk my talk.


Lisa Winneke  19:14

However, if I’m not doing something, then I won’t say it. And I’m certainly not going to sit here and say I do this and I do that and then go back and do something completely, you know, in contrast to that, what I say I do, and if I don’t I always go back and I clean it up. That is really, really, of importance to me. So yeah, look, I want to deepen, I want to debunk a lot of this stuff.


Lisa Winneke  19:38

Because, you know, for so many people that are suffering, what is available in this space, what is available through accessing, and knowing that energy is everything. Like if we manage, we manage our energy. Our life transforms. It’s not it’s not it’s not going into about something and talking at nausea about something, it’s how can I change the vibration at which I am the frequency? How can I change my frequency and watch your life, watch your life transform?


Heather Clark  20:16

I love it. And that’s one of the things I really like about you is you’re very real. And you do walk your talk, which is you know why you’re on the show. And I completely agree, because truly when you do the energy work, and it’s difficult, at least I find it difficult to find language to make the energy work more tangible for people.


Heather Clark  20:39

And I think part of it is because it’s a lived experience. And once you’ve had the experience, you’re like, Oh, I get it. Okay, great. Well explain it back and you kind of can’t. So I just want to, for people listening, if they’re like, why are they not explaining?


Lisa Winneke  20:52



Heather Clark  20:53

it’s because you’re almost kind of can’t. But I love this idea. And I completely agree that energy work can create major transformation in your life. And it can do it on a dime. And it is increasing your vibration and your frequency. But what I have found is when people first hear that, there’s some concern like what how in the heck am I going to keep that energy and frequency up? So is that your experience that it stays up? Or the fluctuations are a normal part or did not share with us about that.


Lisa Winneke  21:28

So actually, a guy that I was in conversation last week with he’s a channel and he shared a beautiful analogy. It’s like it’s a spiral, rather down a spiral or way up the spiral. And it’s all based on our emotional state, because that is our frequency. So when we’re down, so he explained that anything less than joy is a low is a low vibrational state, which I was like, Wow. Okay.


Lisa Winneke  21:51

So of course, we’re not gonna be able to stay  in joy. And that’s actually not the purpose of life, we need the contrast, you know, we need the polarity of the joy versus the fear and that stuckness to know to know how we can actually get back up that spiral. And it’s not a matter of going from the bottom of the smile up to the top and making that leap.


Lisa Winneke  22:11

Because it’s like anything, you know, that leap, his minds will sabotage. It’s like, I can’t do that, if I’m feeling if I’m feeling depression, to get up to joy. That’s it. That’s a big leap. So he talked about another of my mentors who actually, you know, Dan Mangan talks about us as a micro shift in how can I shift, you know, if I’m in a state of, let’s say, frustration, what’s the next small shift I can can do in my emotional state.


Lisa Winneke  22:34

Because as we do that, we change our frequency, we change the energy at which we’re vibrating. So you know, it’s, that’s why for me to do the chickens and I say energy chicken numerous times a day, I’m checking in what’s going on with my energy, and I use the breath. So I breathe, as I said, from my, from my first center up into my heart, because I know when I bring my energy up to my heart, I’ve changed my frequency.


Lisa Winneke  23:01

Because those lower three sentences, Dr. Joe talks about their survival, you know, we’re in survival down there, if we can liberate our body and bring our energy up to a heart already, our frequencies change already, you know? Yeah, our frequency and the way the state at which we’re vibrating has changed. So I’m very conscious of where I’m seeing. I didn’t have the words for it.


Lisa Winneke  23:21

But in that spiral, like, Where am I? Am I, you know, halfway Am I down the bottom. If I’m down the bottom, I’m not going to not, I’m not going to ignore it. And I’m not going to suppress it, I’m going to notice it. But now I know, you know, as they talk about emotion, its energy emotion. I know, I’m not attached so much to where I’m at about, okay, right. I’m feeling frustrated, I’m gonna let myself feel frustrated.


Lisa Winneke  23:44

But I’m certainly not going to stay in that state for a long time. I’m going to see if there’s anything I need to know about this state. And then I’m going to liberate and I’m going to shift just one micro step one small rung of the level, how can I move one way or one step up towards going up that spiral? Because I know that that’s actually that’s changing my frequency that’s moving my frequency up.


Heather Clark  24:04

And I love this approach, because there’s no bypass here. It’s not Oh, I’m feeling frustration. How can I immediately jump up? Like, no, it’s I’m feeling fresher. Let me just be frustrated. And it as you’re sharing it, it really sounds like it’s a, a conscious processing a sit with the feeling until the feeling dissipates and processes out. And then like, Okay, well, what’s the step up from here? that’s reasonable, like because if you’re if you’ve dissipated your frustration, jumping all the way up to joy isn’t impossible, but it’s often not the easy way.


Lisa Winneke  24:40

And then what happens when you don’t do that? Because it’s such a great jump, then then it’s layered with the judgment, the disappointment, the greater frustration that you can’t get out of whatever you’re trying to get out of.


Lisa Winneke  24:53

And so that resistance then doesn’t allow you to move up the spiral. So those those micro steps Which I use in all areas of my life, like, how can I shift? Just? How can I move? Like, take one small step? How can I shift my vibration? Just up a fraction? How can I turn the volume up and move up? That spiral is some, it’s such a powerful, powerful tool.


Lisa Winneke  25:15

So if anyone’s listening, and you take this way, it’s transformational. And if you put this one thing into practice, your life will change if you do it daily. And it’s a conscious choice. You know, as we know, everything starts with a choice. If you consciously choose to use this micro, Dan calls a micro shifting tool, if you use that in, in even in just one area of your life and just watch it transform, then, you know, it gives you the confidence to go Okay, well, it’s, wow, it’s happened here. Where else can I use this tool?


Heather Clark  25:53

That’s beautiful. And I know that as, especially with some of the people I work with who’ve had burnout, and they’re in like stage three burnout in the recovery process, emotionally and vibrationally, it’s often stuck down around shame and apathy. And let’s not judge that like, okay, that’s where you’re at, that’s okay. No, you’re not enjoying it, I got it. And a way to move up through that is process what you’ve got, but then see if there’s any anger to access, like anger can really help pull it up, because it’s actually it’s a higher vibration than the shame and apathy.


Heather Clark  26:31

And I just want to call this out, because I’ve had a lot of conversations with clients, well, you know, I don’t want to really get angry about it like, Well, okay, so basically, you’re going to cut about four rungs out of our ladder here. And I don’t know how we’re gonna jump to the next thing. Like, just because you’re having emotion, doesn’t mean it’s bad. It might be uncomfortable, it might be unfamiliar, you might be concerned with what actions you might take from that emotion. But let’s just process it.


Lisa Winneke  27:01

I love that because anger is not, it’s interesting. I’ve got three boys. And I’ve had actually two of them have been experienced, you know, for us, particularly through the separation, but so much anger. And if I hadn’t have done the work on me, I wouldn’t have shamed them for it. And I would have judged them for it.


Lisa Winneke  27:23

But now I’m so much better with sitting with I mean, not all the time again, and I’m totally transparent, not all the time. But more and more I can hold space. And where I can come from when they’re in a state of that is, are you expressing this in a way that actually feels safe for you? And if it doesn’t feel safe for me, then I will, I will, you know create a boundary.


Lisa Winneke  27:45

But I’ve been able to access my own anger however, and in a responsible way. And so you know, there’s a lot of actually more another layer has come up during this lockdown time. And something happened early on in my business and somebody did, in inverted commas the wrong thing by men, of course, I know I created it. And it was extraordinary, because I knew when I engage this guy that he wasn’t aligned vibrationally for what I’m creating what I’ve created.


Lisa Winneke  28:12

Anyway, long story short, oh my goodness, what he did caught. I’m not gonna say cause me, I was triggered and the anger and the rage that I experienced was off the charts. And I’m a Leo and I’m bold, and I can be you know, I can be I can be Yeah, I can find gold. And so at the time at one of my best friends was staying with me. She’s actually one of my experts on like, Good News Guide couch, Talia, and she’s just she just lit it.


Lisa Winneke  28:39

She let me have it. Like I let it rip. I was standing in the kitchen. And I was just like, boom, boom, boom, and like I was screaming. And it was responsible because I was doing it in a place with somebody who was just holding space standing there allowing me to get it out of my body because it was in my body. It’s been there. Goodness knows for how long. I mean, he expressed it because of what had happened. But clearly it wasn’t because of what happened. It was there.


Lisa Winneke  29:05

And, and the liberation, I felt afterwards one because she didn’t judge me for it. She stood there held space, I was allowed to release it. And I realized that the anger as it was coming out was the anger of me as a teenage girl who wasn’t heard, who was judged for being different. And so it was an incredible experience. So for anyone listening, if you haven’t accessed that it’s inside all of us.


Lisa Winneke  29:38

And most of us are not given the environment by our parents or our caregivers to responsibly not even responsible but as a kid be able to express that and as a teenager be able to express that and not to be wronged for it. But it is a it’s a big piece too. It’s a big piece. to liberate from and it’s not a you deal with anger, and then it’s never there. Everywhere. But but the stored the stored anger in our physiology in our body, we do need to express it, we need to find a way of moving it out of our bodies out of our systems.


Heather Clark  30:19

And a lot of people have that anger, because when you think about it, it’s many of us were raised by people who loved us. But maybe they hadn’t done their inner work. So a lot of times anger is really inconvenient for another party. And that is many times why Okay, well, they need to make you wrong, because then it shuts down your responsibility.


Heather Clark  30:45

It’s a protective mechanism, not a healthy one, but it’s a protective one. So just, I would invite people to consider if you’re feeling anger, first of all, let that be fine. And just consider what boundary has been crossed? Like, are you in an environment where you’re getting triggered, like, maybe it’s an old, unhealed wound, like maybe in the past, you were in an environment where it wasn’t okay for you to be angry.


Heather Clark  31:14

So that’s extra triggering, or maybe you were exposed to some gas lighting, or something like that. And now you’re in a current environment where some of that’s happening, it’s reasonable to be angry. And I love using your process to really feel the anger, allow it to process out. And then what what’s, what is the next step that’s available to me in this moment?


Lisa Winneke  31:35



Heather Clark  31:35

and then doing as Dan calls it, those micro shifts up, and then seeing what’s available in the next moment. And if we were to all adapt what you’re doing with those energetic check ins throughout the day, I bet you can get pretty far pretty fast, huh?


Lisa Winneke  31:53

It’s so much I’m realizing is not having attachment to any of it. Like just noticing, observing, seeing what’s required, you know, looking after yourself, you know, seeking support externally, if that’s what you need, and then going back to Okay, okay, I’ve allowed this to be now what’s one more step that I can do to move myself out of this, you know, allowing yourself to be in it? But not marinated in it?


Lisa Winneke  32:20

Because, you know, yeah, because because there’s not there’s no point there’s no need to but but not running away. I think that’s one of the greatest things I’ve learned is don’t run away from it. See, what’s there. Deal with what’s there liberate from it? Because otherwise, it’s going to keep reoccurring, it’s going to keep coming back in your face until you actually see it? and work through it.


Heather Clark  32:44

Otherwise, it’ll just boomerang on ya. Yeah. Yeah.


Lisa Winneke  32:48

Was it just keeps showing up in different forms? As I Oh, my goodness, here we are, again, really? Yeah, here we are, again. And if you don’t notice, I’m going to slap you on the face harder, until you notice it. And you do something with this, or that that’s been my experience. I know, for a lot of people that I’m that I’m friends with, we talk about this, you know, those signs, they just keep coming back, they and the signs get louder, and they get bigger until you stop and you notice and you do something different.


Heather Clark  33:16

That’s what I’ve noticed in my life, like, and I’m not required to deal with this in this moment. And I don’t have to, and I can just rest assured that we’ll come back around and be louder and more intense next time.


Heather Clark  33:28

That’s all yeah, that’s fine. It’s my choice. And I often am choosing No, let me just see what I can do with it right now.


Lisa Winneke  33:37

Absolutely. And and sometimes, you know, you don’t have it’s not the right time and you’re just not in the right space. You just don’t want to that’s also okay. It’s okay. You know, I think the thing is, it’s all okay. You get to choose, you get to choose in every single moment.


Heather Clark  33:56

I love that you talk about that. Because I’m of the opinion when you are actively choosing, even if you’re choosing like to not deal with it in that moment. That’s powerful. It’s incredibly powerful.


Lisa Winneke  34:08

Because it consciously choosing it. Exactly, instead of unconsciously choosing it that that’s the problem, because then we’re like, why did this happen? How am I experiencing this?


Lisa Winneke  34:18

Because through your unconscious choices, you’ve created this, okay? So now I want to become really, really conscious of what I’m choosing, I really want to become really, really conscious of what I’m thinking and what I’m creating.


Lisa Winneke  34:31

Because as we know, everything is a creation. We create everything. And so I was saying to my partner this morning, I got woken up early hours in the morning, and as soon as I woke up, I think it’s this is on point.


Lisa Winneke  34:43

But as soon as I woke up, I remembered what I was dreaming about and I was being led to be shown and I know this we know this the power of our thoughts, but my highest self is saying Lisa if you truly, truly knew how powerful every single thought that you think, every single thought if you really knew that, you would take the next level, you would take yourself to the next level, and you will become even more super conscious of your thoughts.


Lisa Winneke  35:18

And so that was my message last night. So cool, Okay, wow, I know I’m going up to the next level, I am now consciously choosing to become even more super conscious of my thoughts because I am powerfully men, if we’re always powerfully manifesting always, but I’m powerfully manifesting extraordinary things. So something shows up in my reality that I don’t like, then I need to go back and go, Wow, okay, I’m going to become even more conscious of what I’m thinking around this area, so I can create something different.


Heather Clark  35:49

It sounds to me that there’s a fair amount of curiosity and questioning not, oh, I must have brought it on myself with my thoughts. It’s more like, okay, yeah, me. And now, what am I What am I thinking here? What? Like, maybe this is a time to examine it? Hmm.


Lisa Winneke  36:08

Absolutely. You know, it. So the thing that I’m really noticing at the moment is there’s something that I know is there, like, I feel like it’s like, I’ve got my hands up just maybe five inches away from my body, I can feel this thing that’s right there. But it’s not i’m not quite experiencing it. And like, what is this?


Lisa Winneke  36:25

What is it that and then I’ve got a couple of days ago, what is it that’s keeping this from me having this experience. And as it’s this concept of time, that there needs to be more time for this to come into my, into my presence, as well. Whilst I have a belief, whilst I’m putting out this thought that it’s going to take time, of course, it’s going to take time. So I need to change that.


Lisa Winneke  36:49

Because as we know, time is an illusion. And so I need to catch myself when I’m actually thinking, Oh, that’s right. They say, you know, it’s okay, that’s not here. Because you know, these things take time, we conditioned to be told things take time, you’re going to work for what you want. I mean, all this stuff is playing out unconsciously. So I just want to become even more conscious of these things. So I can change the reality. So I can experience these things. Now. Now. Now, I don’t have to wait.


Heather Clark  37:20

Well, physical things often take physical time. But I agree with you, it doesn’t have to be on the same timeline that everybody talks about. It’s kind of like it very few of us get to the point where we can just blink ourselves across the house. Like it takes a moment to walk across the house. Physical things take physical time.


Heather Clark  37:38

But I really appreciate what you’re talking about this idea that well, it’s going to take time for this to really settle in. You’re right, that is what you’re creating, when in fact, if you question that, well, is that true? And then from that connected space, Well, maybe it’s not true. Maybe it just requires more space, maybe it just requires more energy. Maybe it requires me to release a thought or a feeling or an idea. And then as you get to explore that you’re like, oh, and then you know, because I’m certain that you operate from a connected space, the vast majority of the time, you’ll get your answer like, Oh, no, it’s this done?


Lisa Winneke  38:13



Lisa Winneke  38:14

Well, I you know, for me, I know, I really no, this is the thing I’ve got more so than in the last 12 months is that every thought has a frequency? And so if I know if I know, and I trust that that every thought has a frequency, then I want to ensure that the thoughts I’m thinking are that the frequency of what these thoughts are in line with what I want to create. Does that is that make more sense? And so they have sent? Yes.


Lisa Winneke  38:46

So if I have, if I tune into the frequencies, say of, I’m looking for sponsors for my, for my show. Now, in my unconscious mind, I’ve got to believe that I need to it needs to be it needs to look a certain way, you know, I need to have a certain number of subscribers and engagement. All that you know, that story I’ve created, because that’s the story of most people in this world is we need to have, you know, certain database needs to look a certain way for us to get a book deal, for example.


Lisa Winneke  39:18

Now, if I have that frequency, if I have that thought with that frequency, yes, it’s going to take time, it could take a long time. But if I tune into the frequency knowing there is a potential that exists for everything, and this is Dr. Joe’s work and you know the work of not a Dr. Joseph, but I’m just saying this has been I was introduced that every thought there is a potential for everything.


Lisa Winneke  39:40

So there’s a potential that there is an investor that lives down the road from me, that could be interested. I mean, there is a potential for everything. If I tune into the frequency of that potential and I matches that’s available to me right now. That’s what I’m saying. But I Need to catch myself when I’m not thinking those thoughts? Because that keeps us away from me.


Heather Clark  40:08

Like that. So I’m very curious, tell me, what’s your origin story? How did you get here to be doing this type of work?


Lisa Winneke  40:19

Exactly. So funny, as as you asked that question, I turned around, I looked at a book, the book that I wrote the dawn of hope, which feels like a lifetime ago. I think I published it about four years ago.


Lisa Winneke  40:30

And it was all about me overcoming a number of things, which I’ll share briefly, because I, what’s really changed for me is I was so invested in this story for so long as I was coming out of it, that it was it gave me my sense of identity, because I was like, ah, and I’ve overcome this. And I’ve overcome that.


Lisa Winneke  40:51

And now I can look back. I mean, it’s all with the benefit of hindsight, because we only know what we know. Right at the time. At the time, yes, it was extraordinary. So okay, so I’m going to double back and I’ll share with you I was I was always a, I was always, I mean, we’re all different.


Lisa Winneke  41:13

But I was always I was bold. And I was and because of my upbringing, I rebelled. And also, that’s also part of my nature. I, you know, I questioned things. And I, and I don’t like being told what to do. And I am a leader, like, I am definitely Oh, that that’s become very, very, yeah, that’s become very realized. Now, a lot of people could see it in me, but I couldn’t see it in myself, because I was shut down for so long. Anyway, I then got it.


Lisa Winneke  41:43

When I was a teenager, I went through, I ended up getting expelled from two of the best private schools in Melbourne. And that was kind of like the beginning of the end, I just went down the slip sliding slope, and I ended up developing bilinear when I was 18 years old. So the year after I finished school, and I was pretty much in that state for next almost 20 years.


Lisa Winneke  42:06

And I met my ex husband during that time, and he didn’t know better I it was such a, I was just living another life. like nobody, not my family knew no friends knew I was I was Yeah, I had such an incredible, incredible mask. And so when I fell pregnant to my, I couldn’t fall pregnant. Naturally, I had my twins through IVF, 16 years ago. And going through the process, I managed the bilinear. And then a couple of years after they were born, one of the boys was diagnosed with high functioning autism, autism.


Lisa Winneke  42:49

And when he was just before that, I went down again, you know, I just hit rock bottom, like really hit rock bottom, because here I was managing this eating disorder, there was so much there was deep shame, we talk about shame, or shame is black, and just will and low things, such deep self loathing, that the believer came back. And I found myself saying this kinesiologist, which I mentioned, had come to me this meditation recently. And that was a start, as I was, you know, almost 14 years ago, and or 13 years ago. And so, in that first session, she I’d gone there for my son thinking he needed help. And he looked at me and she said,


Lisa Winneke  43:36

I think you know, all he needs is your love. That’s all he needs. He doesn’t know you. She said to me, what does he need, I just, you know, I was that parent, I just would like him to have a one friend, you know, he doesn’t know how to, you know, and it was all my own stuff. You know, having felt like I didn’t belong, having felt like the fear of him being an outsider, the fear of him being different, you know, all the stuff that I had going on for me showed up in that session. And she said to me, all you need to do is to learn to love yourself. That’s it.


Lisa Winneke  44:07

And I was like, that was the first time and she intuitively knew that I had an eating disorder. So that came out. As a result I went home and told my ex husband and he was my husband at the time and and he was totally surprised but so supportive and then supported me and he is an extraordinary man. He supported me to then go and find myself.


Lisa Winneke  44:30

And I’ve spent the last 13 years on this extraordinary path, which has led me to studying kinesiology EFT, CT healing, whole host of modalities. I’ve as I said, I’ve traveled I don’t know if I’ve said but I traveled the world following you know, amazing teachers in this space. And then earlier this year got this intuitive download, which has always been there like I’ve been saying for years since I stopped watching the news. Why can’t somebody offer good news?


Lisa Winneke  45:03

And it wasn’t news as in the way we see news, but just another form of news. That’s, you know, new information. That’s not I mean, I looked up the definition of news, new information that’s noteworthy. I’m like, Okay, well, why can’t what I’ve offered that I’m experiencing, why can’t that be noteworthy? For some people, it’s certainly new for a lot of people, especially if they’re not in this space.


Lisa Winneke  45:24

And so, yes, I spent the last five months in lockdown building this business with Laura, who, who is ended up being just the most extraordinary fit for me, she’s incredible with structures and systems, and she’s a marketing exec. And that’s not my gig. I’m a creative and I had the vision. But I was never great in grounding things and bringing things to life. But she has really supported me in doing that. And, yes, so we’re about to build this other platform is other community for creators, which we’re really excited about.


Lisa Winneke  46:00

So I, I’m really great. I can sit here now I’m so grateful. For every single thing that’s happened, every single thing like every moment that I suffered from, from bilinear, and those, those dark, dark times that I was felt so alone, so isolated for 20 years, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Because I needed the contrast, I needed to experience the polarity of disconnect to know deep connection, like I have with people now.


Lisa Winneke  46:36

Like I have deeply Connect connected relationships. I don’t have one relationship in my life that causes me any any angst. They are, you know, my mom laughs And she says, you say to everyone you’re in conversation with Oh, I love you. I’m like, I know, because I love them. I do love them. So I needed all of that I needed to know shame. In order to know compassion, I needed to know losing. In order to know love, I need to know fear in order to experience love. It’s you know, it’s the it’s the contrast of the universal law of polarity. One has to exist to know what what we desire to actually desire something different. And then to go after and experience that.


Heather Clark  47:26

I think that’s a helpful frame when someone’s going through something like okay, well, maybe this is simply my contrast point.


Lisa Winneke  47:34

It is,


Heather Clark  47:36

like, I this will simply help me appreciate. And now because as a result of this, I am quite clear, but I do want, because I know now what I don’t want.


Lisa Winneke  47:46

And, you know, I can’t remember the exact phrase that Joe Dr. Doe talks about is like, the when we liberates from something, so we’re no longer holding on to the emotional ties. There’s wisdom, wisdom arises. And so that’s also the other gift from this is that the wisdom that has come from those experiences and taking those experiences and extracting what I needed to learn from them in order to be who I am today.


Lisa Winneke  48:16

And this will obviously this is a constant evolution. So whatever I’m experiencing now, and I’m working through, and I’m working through stuff at the moment, that you know, as I get the nuggets from it, that will also give me more, you know, that that I become wiser, and then I become more loving, I become more compassionate. I mean, it’s all it’s all, you know, this whole idea of healing oneself is. It is it’s it’s healing for oneself in order to be part of global healing. Because when I heal those around me heal, I speak and there’s a healing frequency because of the healing work that I’ve done inside of me.


Heather Clark  48:57

Do you experience it as an obligation then for healing yourself or talk to me about that?


Lisa Winneke  49:05

No, there’s no obligation I love I love what I’m doing. I love what I do. I love who I’m becoming more and more every day. So there’s no obligation but what by by me healing me. I have so much to contribute. I have so much energy, like the energy that I have now. Is, is you know, I feel vital. I feel alive. There’s so much more to do. And not from a I’ve got to do it. I’ve got to do it. There’s so much to do. But there’s so much I want to say there’s so much I am available. I like I’ve got so much available to me now. There’s so much more space.


Heather Clark  49:45

Is that eautiful Oh, it makes perfect sense. I just wanted to highlight because a lot of times when people share in order to heal myself in order to heal others that often smacks of obligation. So I just wanted to allow you the space to declare that No, that is not indeed what was happening.


Lisa Winneke  50:03

No. And I think it’s interesting that you make that point a great point. Because what that makes me that what that led me to what popped in then was that I think I used to have that. So I would want, I was like, if I heal them, my mom, I had this attachment to my mom healing like she needed to heal.


Lisa Winneke  50:24

And only in the last six months, did I create a boundary was like, I’m done, I can’t do this anymore. You know, I’m not I’m so invested in her seeing her stuff. And you know, as I heal, you know, I want you to be able to heal. And once I, once I actually just read draw drew a line in the sand. I was like, no more.


Lisa Winneke  50:43

What’s been extraordinary is I’ve backed off from her experience, I’ve been only in my experience, because that’s of course, once we do that, then it allows other people to have their experience. And if their experience is them to go on a journey of their own healing, well, then that will occur for them or not.


Lisa Winneke  51:00

And magically, it’s happened to my mom, and she’s now gone on this extraordinary journey. And she’s watching all my conversations. And I’m like, oh, my goodness, why didn’t I do this earlier. But there’s another lesson. Stop being in other people’s experiences, mind your own experience, being your own energy, and that sort of selfish thing. It’s, it’s actually empowering others because when we’re in somebody else’s experience, it’s disempowering. It’s suggesting to them that we know something for them that they don’t and it’s not our business.


Heather Clark  51:34

Exactly, exactly. And it undermines their sovereignty for like, you know, what you should do is like, Okay, wait, did they ask me they did not. And it’s also a presupposition that we would know best for other people. Yeah. And I just don’t think that’s true. I think other people might have great information. But if you’re not open to it, then it’s not going to work.


Heather Clark  52:02

And I really love that you shared this, it almost was like magic for your mom shifted and transformed in the way that you had been hoping. But really, that’s simply working with the energies available. I mean, that’s kind of how it works. When you release the attachment, the chances of that outcome are way higher. So I just love that as a tangible example, of what you were sharing earlier about releasing attachment.


Lisa Winneke  52:29

Hmm. Yeah, in Spain, it was really the last as calm as the last relationship. I was like, I’m not okay with this. And I really wanted to be like, I want this to be great. What more What am I put this, like, what am I doing? What do I need to do differently? Because this is not working.


Lisa Winneke  52:49

And when I made that choice to draw the line in the sand, I didn’t realize that that was what was actually going to allow the magic to unfold. I just did what was the next step based on a friend of mine said to me, what would love to? What would love doing? I love that question, what would love to and as love would create a boundary and say no more? I give me space, I need to I need to manage my own energy.


Lisa Winneke  53:15

And you do you and I’m going to do me? And in doing that, that question, then allowed that for my mom, not for both for both of us. But really, ultimately, for her first, and then obviously we’ve been I’m benefiting because our relationship is, is, you know, I don’t pick up the phone and go or where are we going with this? I look forward to speaking to her now. That’s a new thing.


Heather Clark  53:41

It’s fantastic. And I really love that question. What would love do? I’m just going to borrow that I’m going to use that all the time. Now, what would love to I especially love that that love? Would that set a boundary? Because it would it totally would. That’s part of profound self care, like, do you have good healthy boundaries. And I also like that what you’re sharing is, this is a different take on take responsibility for what’s yours, but only what’s yours. So that balanced responsibilities certainly simplifies life, and often gets what you want gets you what you want. quickly, easily and effortlessly.


Lisa Winneke  54:23

Absolutely. I mean, it all sounds, you know, when we’re talking about this, it sounds so simple. But


Heather Clark  54:32



Lisa Winneke  54:33

The Aha, it’s like go bang, bang, bang, how many times do you do what you’re doing? And then you do something different and you don’t even realize when you’re doing something different that it will lead to, as I just said, lead to what you actually want. But the simple like this, if we actually, if we were taught these things really, really like the power of choice, the fact that we need to manage our energy


Lisa Winneke  55:00

We’re not responsible, and nor are we asked to be involved in anyone’s experience, but our own unless we’re invited to, like if we actually got taught these things. And I know, you know, as I said, I don’t take back anything that I have experienced. But Wow, like, why couldn’t these things be taught in in during school, rather than some of the unnecessary things that they learn? You know, they’re powerful, powerful ways to live.


Heather Clark  55:34

I agree. They’re very powerful ways to live.


Heather Clark  55:37

I’m right there with you. These are very simple things. But there’s so simple, it’s often not clear when it’s happening to you. So it’s, that’s why I encourage the exploration, the questions, the is this an opportunity to ask this question? Let me just try. Wait, what would love to hear? Oh, I’m getting better information. Let me try that this is and and it’s really as you go, you’re just constantly checking? Is this the direction of my desire? Is this how I want to travel? in it could just,


Heather Clark  56:14

I just want to acknowledge for people that it sounds very pat, it sounds very simple, it sounds very easy. And when you’re in it, sometimes it’s just about giving yourself the space to be in it. And then using whatever tools you have at your disposal, to begin to move through it.


Lisa Winneke  56:35

And I think that’s why, you know, it does sound simple, but if you’re in a state of, you know, conflict, sadness, or you know, being at the bottom of the spiral or halfway down, or just you know, lower than enjoy that to anchor into your heart too. So if you can remember those things like okay, hand on your heart, if you can actually feel your heart without, which is for so many people put your hand on your heart, for ease into your heart.


Lisa Winneke  57:03

Okay, what do I need? Right now? What would I wear? What would it take for me to move myself one, one, run one small shift from where I am now? Or what is it that I need right now to do for me go to honor me to look after me? Do I need to speak up? Do I need to spend some time on my own? Do I need to get my journal? I have to I need to write and make sense of how I’m feeling? Do I? And the end of that question, what would love to is always about you. Always, what would love do right now?


Lisa Winneke  57:39

It is so, so powerful?


Heather Clark  57:44

Completely agree. Love it. Totally. So what’s it mean to you to be unshakable?


Lisa Winneke  57:53

Ah, it means to be able to go with the flow. I like what happened before and not get caught up with what’s happening. So not being so deeply affected by the things that are occurring for other people.


Lisa Winneke  58:10

So I’ve got three boys. So I’m always being tested in this space. You know, they’re teenagers, and Whoa, it could be chaos when they’re here every second week, sometimes not all the time. But you know, hormones, and they’re twins. And so there’s competition.


Lisa Winneke  58:25

So when I so for me, I was noticing the other day when one of my boys was in the car, and he was just going off because his basketball teams losing. And I was like, okay, check in. I’m feeling I’m thinking calm thoughts, because I was observing it. But what I noticed when I went inside of it was I was also feeling calm.


Lisa Winneke  58:47

Now that, to me, is unshakable, where my thoughts are aligned with my feelings. And they are in integrity, despite what’s going on outside of me. So that can stay in my mind and my body.


Lisa Winneke  59:03

When he was in chaos. I was like, wow, step that’s big for me that I’m, I’ve now shifted into that, but I’m not. So I’m not even deeply affected. I wasn’t at all affected by what was going on now that as I’m going to preface it, I’m going to go back and say, that’s not always the case. But more and more. That for me is what’s unshakeable that I can be in my own experience, allowing him to have his own experience without it deeply affecting me.


Heather Clark  59:33

Which is gorgeous, because now you’re able to calmly witness him, hold the space for him. It’s not like you don’t love him. It’s not like you’re ignoring what he’s telling you. He’s just having his experience and you don’t need to get sucked into it. That’s beautiful.


Lisa Winneke  59:46

And it also it gives me the clarity to make sense of what I need to do in that moment. So yeah, there was a consequence that was required as a result of what he was how he was speaking. So I bet I’m coming from a calm place. I’m not reactive. So I’m holding, I’m holding ground, but I’m also giving him the boundaries that he needs to know what’s okay and what’s not okay. But I can’t do that when I’m shaken up. And I’m coming from a contracted place. And where something inside of me is being triggered. And that’s never, that’s never the place to give, you know, to be communicating.


Heather Clark  1:00:22

Beautiful, beautiful. Thank you so much. Where can we find you?


Lisa Winneke  1:00:28

You can find me on YouTube. So my YouTube channel, the good news guide. I have also got a podcast now available. I think on most of the Spotify and Apple podcasts, I think it’s good on libsyn and SoundCloud, so that’s also under the good news guide, my website is pretty much ready to go. So by the time this goes to air, there will be at least the wyniki.com and I’m on Facebook, Lisa wyniki. I’m on Instagram, Lisa wyniki. And Yep, I’m on. I’m on LinkedIn as well. I’m across all the social media platforms.


Heather Clark  1:01:07

Beautiful. Thank you so much. I’ve enjoyed this immensely.


Lisa Winneke  1:01:12

survive. It’s been so lovely. I love being in conversation with people, you know, just to see what unfolds from two people being genuinely interested in exploring. Yeah, exploring what’s there without too much structure. As I said, you know, I’m not great with structure. But yeah, I just love the flow of two people. conversing. It’s magical.


Heather Clark  1:01:37

Beautiful, and do check out The Good News Guide. It is delightful. It is delightful.


Lisa Winneke  1:01:45

Thank you!


Lisa Winneke  1:01:49

Actually, new conversations are going up every Tuesday. So look out for those. And I do regular lives on Facebook, engaging people and I always love answering people’s questions or if there’s something there for people. I love actually speaking to that. So I’d encourage people to engage that way as well. You know, I love that two way that two way on it. There’s no point me speaking and sharing something. It’s not advantage people


Heather Clark  1:02:16

love it. Lisa, thank you so much.


Lisa Winneke  1:02:19

Are you so thank you. Thank you for inviting me, Heather, and I love what you’re doing as well. And I think it’s a really great. It’s a it’s a great question. And it’s a great theme to have that overarching theme of of being unshakable. Because when I really tune into that feeling of being unshakable, that’s it’s like it when we, when we unshakeable To me, it’s also unstoppable. Like that’s what just kind of comes up for me because it’s just that being able to really experience the fullness of life and not dependent on what’s happening for other people, or the world at large outside of us. We can script that we have control and power over that because it all comes from our internal state doesn’t.


Heather Clark  1:03:06

It does. Absolutely.


Lisa Winneke  1:03:11

So good. Thank you so much, Heather,


Heather Clark  1:03:15

and I look forward to being in conversation with you soon. Absolutely. Thank you.


Heather Clark  1:03:23

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