Shifting from Ego to Soul with SIMRAN

Have you ever wondered exactly HOW to go about shifting from ego to soul? Join author, publisher, and podcaster SIMRAN and I as we explore how to shift away from ego, identity, and personality to living from the lens of soul. We also cover synchronicities, signals, and guiding yourself back to uncovering the real you.

Featured Guest

SIMRAN is the author of (1) IPPY and IPA Gold Award-winning Conversations With The Universe, (2) Your Journey to Enlightenment and (3) IPPY Gold Award-winning Your Journey to Love. She is a Tedx speaker and also the creator of a One-Woman Show, The Rebel Road.
SIMRAN is #1 rated, archived syndicated host of Voice America’s 11:11 Talk Radio, host of 11:11 InnerViews TV, and publisher of Nautilus Award-winning 11:11 Magazine, which is available in audio and digital formats. She creates art, books, and online courses to bridge humanity’s experience and expression.
As an ‘Example’ for a New World Experience of Aliveness, she advocates for the Visionary and Mystic embodied within each person, while engaging individuals in the embrace of their darkest depths so to uncover their brilliance of Light.


episode transcription

Heather Clark  00:02

Welcome to Unshakable Being: inspiration and practical tools for purpose led helpers, guides and leaders like you to shift out of stress, stop going in circles, and get what you want in your life, body and business. I am Dr. Heather Clark, and I’ll be your host.


Heather Clark  00:19

Hello, and thanks so much for joining us. This week on the podcast, we have SIMRAN. She is the author of several books, and a podcast host for several podcasts and multiple award winner. And I’m very excited to have you on the show this week. SIMRAN, how are you?


SIMRAN  00:36

I’m great, Heather, it’s a pleasure to be with you.


Heather Clark  00:39

Thank you so much. We’ve done a little bit of back and forth chitchat and where we decided we would like to start today–I want to hear more about life from the soul perspective, versus life from the ego perspective.


SIMRAN  00:56

I think that’s an important topic, especially now, especially since individuals are having to slow down and really look at their lives. We live in a world that conditions us to push and to strive and to become something.


SIMRAN  01:13

We live in a world that imprints us with ideas and belief systems, and guides us to create identities and personalities that fit an idea that we think is the dream or the life that we’re supposed to live. And very rarely are we taught to look through the lens of the soul, and what that means in distinction to that of the ego or identity and personality.


SIMRAN  01:47

Because the identity, personality and ego all develop out of our fears and our wounds, they develop out of our need to escape certain experiences or environments or energies that we feel that we can’t make sense of. But underlying that is a soul that understands that all as well.


SIMRAN  02:10

And so my work and the media that I put out in the world is devoted to the journey of the soul. It is devoted to helping individuals remember to look through the lens of the soul as opposed to that of the ego, the personality, and the identity.


SIMRAN  02:27

The lens of the soul only sees through love, it only sees through the greater good. It only sees things in oneness, whereas the ego, the personality, and the identity will always see things from duality, and from need. And so as we move though the lens of the soul perspective, we actually do a greater service to ourselves, our communities and the world. Because we are bridging the gap of duality that the mind has made up.


Heather Clark  03:03

How do you recommend people begin or even continue to shift into using the lens of the soul?


SIMRAN  03:12

First, they have to be willing to pause long enough to recognize the impulses that are driving them. So often, if we’ll just stop or we’ll feel into this kind of subtle angst that lays underneath the skin that drives us to think that we have to do more and that we have to be more or that we have to earn more or that we have to create more all of those pushes, or the things that we do tend to derive from fear or tend to derive from a lot of the core beliefs such as not good enough or not worthy, not lovable ideas where we think that we are, we’re stupid, or we’re not beautiful or not smart enough.


SIMRAN  04:01

And so when we really step back, and we recognize that our impulses are happening, second by second moment by moment, and they’re just kind of keeping us running, running scared, in fact, then we can sit back and take a deep breath and ask ourselves, what would we do if we weren’t doing all of those things? What would the heart want? What would space and time want? What would love ask for?


SIMRAN  04:32

And when we start to look through the lenses of those particular words and ideas, all of a sudden you’ll realize that there’s different things that you’re actually seeking, that it’s not actually even specific experiences. Externally, it’s more so feelings internally, fulfillment internally, the identity, personality and ego is always looking out, the soul is always looking in.


Heather Clark  05:08

So what would you suggest for people who are like, yeah, that sounds great and… I, I have a mortgage and I have a car payment, and I have like their external things are important. And yet they’re feeling maybe the push and the struggle.


SIMRAN  05:24

The push and the struggle is actually the separation from the soul. Because when we really learn to connect to our inner self, that inner guiding power that is aligned with whether you call it source or universe or God, that inner aligning power actually will provide and attract everything to us. But we’ve been taught that we have to do it, we’ve forgotten to believe in wonder, and awe. We’ve forgotten to believe that there is a magic and mysticism to life, we have been taught that everything is done by personal will. And we have cast aside Divine Will.


SIMRAN  06:05

And so again, those things about needing to pay the mortgage, or I’ve got to take care of the family. Or if no one goes and does this, who’s going to do this. Those are all stemming from fear. Those are all stemming from a disbelief in life support. And we are on life support always. It illustrates the lack of trust, lack of trust in the world, lack of trust in life, the lack of trust in self and ultimately the lack of trust in that which created us.


SIMRAN  06:40

But if we allow ourselves to actually step back and see that we’re on life support, then we open a space for synchronicity, for signs for symbols for magic for mystery, to actually slip in and create something else for us. I think that that’s part of what’s happening this year, it’s, it’s kind of a forced way of us being sat down so that we can understand that we’re not living the lives we’re intended to live, so that we do open up the space for more mystery.


SIMRAN  07:16

If everything is a sign and a symbol and a reflection of us speaking back to us, about us, then even a virus happening right now is simply a message to say we’ve gotten infected with a virus. And I’ll say it’s probably the virus of the mind that which believes that we are not worthy yet, we seem to think that we’re all capable of doing everything on our own. And we have to find the middle ground.


SIMRAN  07:49

And that’s where the work of the soul, the devotion to the soul, and that willingness to sit, and really listen and be with that part of the self. But see, that’s not something that people give value to it’s not something saleable. It’s not something marketable. Because we’ve been so conditioned, that that’s the life that we’re here to live. We’re here to sell ourselves, but we can’t pimp ourselves out. Our soul doesn’t want us to do that.


Heather Clark  08:17

I don’t know that I agree that it isn’t marketable. I think that there’s actually a huge market of people who are just done with the old ways of doing things. But I think the trouble is, the marketing channels that exist, are from the old ways. So it’s hard to get the message across in a way that’s heard. But yeah, from the old school marketing perspective, like it’s, that doesn’t work. I agree with that.


Heather Clark  08:44

Tell me more about the inner power is what attracts everything to us. Because if I understood you correctly, what you were sharing was the recognition of that inner power, and that we’re on life support is the shift that’s required. But it also sounded like the issues that people run into you were characterizing as a lack of trust. Tell me about the inner power attracting things to us, and is trust a prerequisite to receive?


SIMRAN  09:15

Well we live by a set of laws in the universe, and the law of attraction is one that most people are well aware of. It’s always working. We don’t have to activate it. We are attracting exactly what we are. The inner world that exists is going to create an outer world that reflects it.


SIMRAN  09:37

And so we can look at how much we trust based on what’s showing up in our world and our reactions to them. To step more into that place of trust, an individual has to break down the barriers that they have made to life and– It really is our identities and our personalities that are the very walls and veils that keep us from that truth of the inner self.


SIMRAN  10:09

We’ve bamboozled ourselves into believing that we are the masks that we wear, when in actuality, the truth of us would not see separation. And it’s it’s kind of this paradox because this feels, and sounds very esoteric and very ethereal. And yet, young children come in and are exactly this all the time. So it’s really not that out there. It’s simply that we grew up. And in that growing up, we lost the innocence that is required to live a life of trust. But how do we trust a world that’s constantly berating one another? How do we trust a world that says there’s violence? How do we trust a world that says that our world might not even be here in a little in a little while?


SIMRAN  11:04

We have to first learn to trust ourselves and trust what we’re doing with those very things that we’re being told. And so that would probably be the place to start, you know, what are we believing? What are we speaking? Are we even living aligned lives in the identity that we’re wearing? Because if we’re not even aligned in the identity that we’re wearing, it’s not possible to hear the alignment of the soul, the rest underneath that?


Heather Clark  11:34

Well, this goes along with a lot of things that I teach, one of the things that I help people do is recover from burnout. And actually burnout–the scientific definition is prolonged stress and frustration. It’s like the result of that. But really what it is, it’s a spiritual awakening. Because it’s when your identity gets so far away from who you really are your soul, that you can no longer channel vital force energy into your life, your body or really anything. So yeah, you’re totally speaking my language here.


Heather Clark  12:05

And that’s why I really wondered about your perspective on living a life of trust, because certainly we’re not suggesting, okay, everybody just go out and just trust everybody and everything. Because that’s, that’s clearly…lacks some awareness and discernment for the world. How have you found it’s been helpful to really help people step into trusting themselves, and trusting their soul?


SIMRAN  12:34

Well, as you said, Heather, you can’t go out and just trust everyone. Because underneath the mind, are all these beliefs about who we can trust and who we can’t, some of that is conscious, and much of that is unconscious.


SIMRAN  12:51

And so I, I teach people that they have to go through a process of disintegration, we’re taught that we need to become more of who we are. And I don’t believe that I don’t think we’re here to be more of anything that’s just creates more masks and more layers of clothing and more identities that we then end up having to discard. I believe that we are here to slowly uncover ourselves from all that we have placed upon ourselves.


SIMRAN  13:22

And that means the identities, that means the personalities, because each identity has its own set of belief systems, its own set of doubts and worries and reasons it doesn’t trust and insecurities and all of those things. And so the more anchored an individual is with their identity, the more anchored they are going to be in the belief system of that identity. And so are we willing to die to who we are in order to know truly who we are. And so to truly get to that place of trust, we first have to be able to trust letting go of who we are.


Heather Clark  14:05

When you say you disagree with it’s about becoming more of who we are. I’d like you to really talk a little bit more about that. Because when you share it, it sounds like you’re attributing the peoples who we are with our identity, when from my perspective, it’s who we truly are. It’s the soul. And that’s really a shedding. Tell me a little bit more about your perspective on that.


SIMRAN  14:31

Well, the reason I phrased it in that way is because we do live in a world where it is more about image and marketing and feeding the ego, the wounded ego into going in opposite direction than what it believes itself to be. And so that’s often the language that’s used for people as a way to escape the shadow or the woundings, or the pain that they’ve had to go through.


SIMRAN  15:01

So they just want to become more of who they are, which oftentimes is made up to be, you know, an author or a speaker or, you know, whatever kind of career or profession that that it, it gives more of a mask to the person, rather than realizing that, that that too is just simply an escape, to really be the truth of ourselves, we would have no identity, because we would be everyone, we would be all things, we would have no triggers, we would have no judgments.


SIMRAN  15:38

And to get to that place, we have to become less of who we are, from an ego standpoint, from a mind standpoint, when we can dissolve all of that, then you get closer to essence, then the actions and the visions that are put out in the world, they don’t have an attachment, they don’t require a face, they don’t even require to be seen. So much of the world right now is clamoring to be seen and heard and acknowledged, out of a wounding of not having not been, and then way that you know that you’ve reached a state of trust, the way that you know, that you are moving closer to essence, is there’s not a need to be recognized.


SIMRAN  16:24

Because you see yourself, there’s not a need to be heard, because you truly listen already to the self. And you don’t require anyone else to acknowledge you. Because you’ve fully acknowledged all aspects of yourself. So that to me is the work of the soul. That is the the true gift that we can give humanity because the more we will touch essence, the more that will radiate out in the world and become the example for other people, that they are perfect as they are that they are beautiful as they are. And that it is more important for them to be an example of the truth that their heart and soul desires to express, rather than what the world is trying to portray, that we each need to be.


Heather Clark  17:12

Got it. So it sounds like we just had some semantic differences, I would have just phrased it differently. So I feel like we’re completely on the same page here. And I totally agree. The touching into the essence, which is really the unshakable center is often more about dropping things. Dropping the way you thought you were, dropping what you were told, dropping, beliefs, dropping, judgments and all of that. That’s the deeper soul work. And talk to me about some of the rewards that you’ve seen from doing this work. Like


SIMRAN  17:49

You know, I think the ultimate place we are here to achieve is that state of peace and equanimity where we’re nothing riles you, or as you say, nothing shakes you. It is that, that place of embracing all emotions, of all duality of all experiences, and not seeing them as anything other than oneness, to my experience of this has been to embrace so fully every aspect of myself from dark to light, that the flowering of compassion is what occurs regardless of what what I see in front of me.


SIMRAN  18:35

And so I would tell people, you know, if you’re resisting anything, those are the places to dive into. Those are the things to immerse yourself in, those are the things to become most intimate with. Because those are the doorways that will get you closer to pure essence. Once you have no trigger or no resistance to that thing, or that person or that experience, then all of a sudden, you’re in a state of oneness.


Heather Clark  19:06

What have you found personally helpful on your process to get towards that place?


SIMRAN  19:14

My own process has been one of really sitting with any experience and emotion fully and completely, to embrace it so much in totality that that I become that exact experience. And so if it’s light, I’ve ventured into those spaces. If it has been darkness, I’ve equally ventured into those.


SIMRAN  19:41

Because I think there are things to be learned from each and right now we have a world where many want to push against everyone wants to aspire for to the light, but they don’t want to touch the darkness. They don’t want to be in the darkness. They want to stay away from people that are negative or the dark. But there’s a lot of value there, there’s a lot of light within those spaces. And when we can get to a place of neutrality around those, then all of a sudden, there’s nothing to be scared of in the dark anymore. It’s just all part of the landscape.


Heather Clark  20:17

I don’t think I could agree more. A lot of people have judged darkness as bad. And instead, it’s just, it’s, it’s just darkness. Sit with it. And, and I think that’s where people get the greatest power. And I’ve talked to a lot of people, especially in spiritual circles, who preach love and light, which, okay, that’s fine. But then it’s my opinion, they’re not doing their Shadow Work. They’re not going deep and sitting with the darkness and really accepting that parts of themselves. So it comes out in all of these very strange ways, and including toxic positivity.


Heather Clark  21:01

And I just wondered, is that are you finding similar things? Or do you have a different opinion about what’s going on in that area?


SIMRAN  21:09

Well, I think that there are many lightworkers in the world and, and that on some level becomes like the, the word or the name to be called. And then on other levels, there are people that are actually living that because they have done their Shadow Work, they have done that depth, the lightworkers, or individuals, that are the positivity seekers that have not done the work, they are simply living in artificial lighting. Because until you’ve actually been into the dark, completely immersed in it, let yourself sink into it and fall in love with it, you will not realize the true light that exists inside of their lights not going to be found in the light, light will be shining the brightest in the depths of darkness. So you have to go into that well of yourself that well of grief, that well of anger, that well of anger, that experience of deep stress, all of those things, you have to allow yourself, which is why it is a spiritual awakening, it’s it is that well, that you fall into to truly find yourself in the black hole of the void. And, and so I do agree with you in regard, you know, to that. There are many that are out there that profess light, but you can hear their words or their resistance to certain things. And there’s a danger in that Heather, because for those of us who, quote unquote, have done the work, or who are more knowledgeable, or who have learned some tricks and tools, and techniques, we have to recognize that because we have learned those things, there is a heightened frequency of energy that we put out into the world. And so if we are in resistance to something, because our frequency is higher, we actually put more energy into that thing that we’re resisting, and we support it and being bigger. And that’s the piece that I don’t think lightworkers realize, and you can look at that whether it is in regard to politics, or whether it is in regard to any type of social activism or social experience. If there is any resistance, it is worse for someone who is more conscious to have resistance than for people that are unconscious, the unconscious people, there is more of a state of innocence there. So it’s not going to be as toxic. But when you have people that have done work, and they are, they are actively being that way, we actually create very world that we’re seeing.


Heather Clark  23:53

And I think that’s something that people don’t recognize, because there’s a lot of people listening to this, that this is not their first rodeo with spiritual work, like they’ve been at this a while. Sure, there are some people that are just beginning. And that’s you’ve articulated that very well, because that showed up for a lot of my colleagues and for a lot of clients and certainly for myself, where in the past, that same amount of resistance would have not been nearly as big of a deal as it is now. So I think that’s a really great question. And perhaps a tool to bring on board is asking yourself, where am I in resistance? And am I willing to sit with this


SIMRAN  24:36

presence is the ultimate gift that we can give the world right now that we can give ourselves and and that’s probably the greatest disease is lack of presence. We are so unconscious. You know our world is so completely unconscious and we can proclaim to be conscious beings. But all we have to do is look at ourselves in the course of one day. Watch how often we drop into an unconscious behavior to be present is a devotional practice, it is a constant. And it’s it’s a difficult practice for people to maintain. But that is the way to achieve that deeper alignment with essence, that greater knowing of trust that more expanded reliance that life has you and will hold you and will create the magic and the mystery. Right now we get all excited about signs and symbols and synchronicities showing up. Because we think that that’s miraculous. When in truth, all of that stuff happens all of the time, but we’re not present enough to see it. And so it is about becoming truly, truly present. And when we’re present, we’re not in an identity. We’re not in a personality, we are connected to Seoul.


Heather Clark  26:02

Well, with the synchronicities. I agree there, they’re there, whether you’re paying attention or not. But one of the ways that, at least from the science perspective, one of the ways that they believe that you’re creating your own reality, is it it uses what you’re paying attention to as a data handling trick. So if you’re paying attention to this is my desire, let me look for the synchronicities, chances are very good, you’re going to find them. And it’s I agree with you, it requires a fair amount of presence and liberating attention. How would you suggest people deepen that practice of being present


SIMRAN  26:47

by how they start their day each morning, are they starting their day, jumping out of bed and and moving right into it, and not allowing themselves to even proclaim the truth that they are the divine source and form, that they are essence that they are a soul nature that is here to anchor, love, and goodness and purity and beauty on the planet? Or are they simply leaping into what the identity desires for itself for the day. One is very me oriented, and very separate.


SIMRAN  27:31

And the other is completely we based and very much a part of oneness. You can start your day by opening your eyes, proclaiming that you are the divine in form, that you are connected to the world that your energy is anchored in the earth and you are one with nature, that intention in itself brings forth a deeper presence throughout the day, much greater presence than just leaping out of the bed, or even more.


SIMRAN  28:03

So greater presence than sitting up and saying, My intention today is to have a good day. It is about bringing all of you back to you. The world is simply a projection. It looks real, it feels real, it looks like a lot of separate people and a lot of things going on. But if it is this virtual reality, and it is all a reflection of you, then there’s a lot that’s hidden from you, that requires being brought back in. And that starts by realizing that that you are the God of your own understanding by what you put out in the world.


Heather Clark  28:42

Well, I bet your day goes differently if you start out with that proclamation, because it’s just as true as everything else that you’re believing about yourself. Or even more true, because it’s a deeper truth.


SIMRAN  28:55

Exactly, and that that makes the difference all the difference in the world. to being a creator we can be an ego, creator of our reality and push and will ourselves into the things that we want to create. Or we can be a conduit creator, which allows the energies and the channeling of a greater Spirit to come through us and create in a way that doesn’t just affect our life but affects others.


Heather Clark  29:29

Oh, I love that. I love that particular metaphorical structure of the conduit creator. I’m totally going to borrow that. That’s fantastic. Simran tell me, what’s your origin story? How did you get to be doing what you’re doing now?


SIMRAN  29:48

I started out in the fashion industry. So I worked with individuals around clothing. So I kind of always worked with people I guess in the same room. Colors, patterns, shapes, it was just a different dimension of spiritual work because it’s all spiritual, right? And then as life occurred and challenges came along, I wanted to understand why life was challenging and difficult and painful in certain areas that didn’t ever resonate to me why it should be that way.


SIMRAN  30:31

And after some experiences of deep pain, I asked the question to be shown, what exactly was this all about? Why? Why were these things happening and to give me a sign, and I started to see the numbers 1111, which is how 1111 came about.


SIMRAN  30:52

And I started to see those numbers, about 30 or 40 times a day, for about four weeks on various things. And when I got to the end of about the fourth week, I proclaimed out loud to show me what these numbers mean, or have them stop. And in that instant, I was guided to create a 1111 magazine, and I was told, you will heal and others will heal.


SIMRAN  31:21

And I was guided to create that magazine and give it freely. And to not have it do anything with commerce, but for it to be truly devoted to the journey of the soul. That it was a piece to express the beauty and the love, the celebration and the generosity of spirit. And it was meant to illustrate how every other person is actually us, and can we celebrate others truly celebrate others as ourselves. And in doing so we are in devotion to the greater soul. The 1111 symbolizes four ones.


SIMRAN  32:04

And each of those ones are a pillar of where we are here to attain that level of soul mastery. And that is on the physical level, the mental level, the emotional level and the energetic level. And as we attain that physical mastery on all those four levels, we walk through that gateway of chain. And then we truly do become these sole source conduits that are able to be the sacred activists of the world in a completely different way. Because we are the ones each and every one individual, but we are also the one the ultimate, once combined, and knowing are ones.


SIMRAN  32:53

And that led to everything else.


Heather Clark  32:58

Love that. So um, and by everything else did you start with the book next? Did you like what?


SIMRAN  33:07

I’ve always been a creative. And so I wanted to share a lot of the ways that I was noticing that the world was speaking to me, not just in numbers. But I started to realize that the world was speaking to me 24, seven, in all kinds of roles, and that it wasn’t just a synchronicity or sign here and there. But that I was getting paragraphs and volumes on a continual basis. And that was what my first book conversations with the universe with Goldstone. And so I started by writing that book. And then I decided that I wanted to prove that tangibly, in a way that people couldn’t deny it.


SIMRAN  33:50

And so I went out and decided to put on a one woman show and go around the country. And I was given number 66. So I went to 66 cities. But I was supposed to do this spontaneously without a plan with no preparation with no rehearsal, not even knowing what I was going to say or where I was going to go. And to be completely led by spirit and have it be a journey of full and complete trust.


SIMRAN  34:18

And so when I talk about trust, when I talk about, you know the money you need appearing or the things you require showing up and that you are on life support, it is from an experiential perspective it is from having lived that life and watching life support. Really beautiful, and often ways that I would never have expected and from that journey came my second book your journey to enlightenment, which is about seeing life from the innocence and wonder of the child and returning to that place.


SIMRAN  34:53

So to activate that type of lifestyle, and the more you pour in light and love on your So the equivalent of that has to come up because you are flooding your system. So that any and all shadow and darkness rises up and out. And so that led me to my next experience, which was a seven year journey into the depths of darkness. And to really immerse myself there and experience all that the dark had to teach. And through that journey was the third book, your journey to love, which is all about self love, and truly deepening into the full degrees of self love that are available to us. And, and from there, there’s a few more books on the way but they’re not out yet. But they, they go more deeply into what was discovered in the dark.


Heather Clark  35:51

I love the seven year journey into darkness, and, and hopeful that it was actually more joyful than some people might be projecting onto it.


SIMRAN  36:03

You know, I think when you really let yourself experience emotion for what it is, because really, emotions are simply colors, it’s like we’re given this crayon box inside of ourselves that we get to access. But a majority of people don’t want to touch the back row, they don’t want to touch the dark colors, they just want to be in all the light and bright ones.


SIMRAN  36:25

But when we allow ourselves to go into the back row of our crayon box, and we get to experience the full immensity of everything that’s been repressed and everything that we’ve held, oftentimes you don’t even realize that we’ve held it. There is a flavoring and a juiciness that you get to experience about yourself that is unlike anything in this world. It is a level of vulnerability and intimacy. That truly opens you to your humanity.


SIMRAN  36:59

And that’s what the world is calling for. Right now. It’s asking for each of us not to go save humanity outside of us. It’s asking for us to say the humanity inside, it’s asking for us to tap into our true humanity. You can be in complete grief, and be in joy at the same time. You can be in envy and peace in the same time. But unless you’re willing to go there, you do not realize the capacity and the range of color that exists within you.


Heather Clark  37:39

That’s elegant, that’s quite elegant. And because I know people often aren’t like I have a fear of the dark like well, but it’s what makes the light shine brighter. It’s the full experience. It’s not that you necessarily enjoy grief, but why not be where you’re at?


SIMRAN  38:00

Well, the reason that people have a fear of the dark is they’re afraid it’s gonna kill them. We have these fears of death. And it will, it will kill the ego. But that is the whole point. You know, we have to go through many deaths of the ego, because we built up many layers of ego.


SIMRAN  38:19

And so when those wonderful invitations of death arise, it’s really important to realize that death is not the end, it is actually the new beginning. But to get to that new beginning, you’ve got to go through the death. And ego deaths are some of the most excruciating ones, especially if you’re really holding on to an ego. If you’re really clinging to a certain identity, then you will make it extremely painful.


SIMRAN  38:49

But if you let go, if you loosen your grip, if you allow that to flow through you, it doesn’t have to be an excruciatingly painful death. It truly can be a transition, a loving transition where you gently and compassionately hold someone that was with you and cared for you and protected you for a very long time.


SIMRAN  39:13

And putting that one to rest so that you can expand into more truth into greater loving into a more profound experience of your own lightness. And lightness comes through many deaths. Life is always there.


Heather Clark  39:36

I love it and the fastest path is through. Yes, that’s for sure.


SIMRAN  39:43

Yes, we might go kicking and screaming but it is through.


Heather Clark  39:51

I love it. Is there anything else that you would like to share today that we haven’t had a chance to get to?


SIMRAN  39:59

I think that main thing that I like to share with people is the mantra that I use and that is in love of love with love and as love.


SIMRAN  40:07

Because the only truth that you really need to anchor into is that you’re in love all of the time you exist within a field of love.


SIMRAN  40:14

You are of love, you are composed of this essence that is nothing but the purest of love.


SIMRAN  40:21

You are with love, you are held within its heart within its hands within his palms within its field all of the time.


SIMRAN  40:30

Our journey of the soul is simply to express as love in each and every environment, interaction and expression that we undertake. So live your life in love, of love, with love and as love and be well.


Heather Clark  40:49

That is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for that and I can feel the power of it. That’s another thing I’ll be borrowing and incorporating. Loving that. Thank you.


SIMRAN  41:01

It’s a pleasure to be with you.


Heather Clark  41:04

Where can people find you? Because I know people are like, I, I want that magazine. I got to know about these books? Where can I listen to her share more about where we can find you?


SIMRAN  41:15

Sure I have two websites 1111 That’s 1111 ma is where the 1111 magazine and the 1111 talk radio shows are listed and they are always free. that those are my gift to humanity. And you can go through all of the archives and access anything there. And then my own creative endeavors, whether it is writing or painting or poetry or song would be on my personal website and that is I am Simran calm.


Heather Clark  41:51

Beautiful. All of that will be in the show notes in case you weren’t able to find pen and paper quickly. It’s all in the show notes. You can find it there. Summary. Thank you so much for being with us today.


SIMRAN  42:03

It’s been a pleasure, Heather. Be blessed.


Heather Clark  42:08

Thank you so much for listening to Unshakable Being. You’ll find more information in the episode show notes at Subscribe to the podcast and share with your friends. May you be unshakable, unstoppable, and vibrant again. Until next time.