Intro to The Unshakable Being Podcast

What if you were calm, powerful, and confident—no matter what? Join me in this introduction to the Unshakable Being podcast where I cover:

  • Who the podcast was created for, and what you can expect
  • What it means to be unshakable
  • The results of being unshakable
  • A little about your host
  • What is stress, exactly
  • The root cause of stress (Identity Gap®)
  • The real problem along your journey from stress to bliss (and what to do about it)


Welcome to Unshakable Being: inspiration and practical tools for purpose led helpers, guides and leaders like you to shift out of stress, stop going in circles, and get what you want in your life, body and business.

I am Dr. Heather Clark and I’ll be your host.


Hello and welcome to episode zero of the Unshakable Being podcast. This weekly podcast is created for people like you, helpers, healers, guides and leaders of others. And it’s so you can get the inspiration and practical tools you need to become unshakable.


This is especially good for people who require purpose and meaning in your life and work. You want a soul enlivening life, you desire a spiritual component to help you with your real work in the world. And you love real results.


We’ll have expert interviews, deep dives and hot takes covering the topics that help you become unshakable so that you can be calm, powerful and confident. No matter what.


Being unshakable means shifting out of stress. Everybody has stressors, but unshakable people handle it really, really well and regain their equilibrium quickly and easily.


Being unshakable means to stop going in circles, because you’re connected to, and acting from your unshakable center; from your values, from your purpose and mission, from your passion. So you can ignite your passion, that passion that fuels you without burning out. Because truly the little secret is when you’re living from your passionate intention, that’s what brings harmony for yourself and for others.


Being unshakable also means that you get what you want in your life, your body, your business, your career, your bank account and everywhere. And it’s because you’re bringing more of you, the real you, not the conditioned you into everything, which is what gives you more vitality, and more juice.


I am delighted you’re here and it’s truly a pleasure to connect with you. Let me tell you just a little bit about me so you have a little bit more of a frame of reference. I am a powerful energy guide, healer, coach and speaker. I’ve been a stress and burnout expert for over a decade. I’m the creator of The Burnout Cure, the program that helps people recover from burnout and adrenal fatigue in weeks, not years. I’m also a residency trained Doctor of Pharmacy who suffered mid career burnout. I don’t know, maybe you can relate. When I started to recover, I decided to get additional training as a functional medicine specialist, so I could help other people recover. And along the way, I discovered I have hidden superpowers, including a hidden superpowers of clarity, empathy, and empowering intuition, which I now use to lead people on their journey from stress to bliss.


Speaking of stress, it’s very helpful if we all get on the same page. Stress is any perceived challenge to normal balance. It can be external or internal, real imagined, anticipated or remembered. And it can be of any type. There’s lots of different ways to slice and dice this, but it’s helpful to think about mental and emotional stress, dietary and lifestyle stress, and pain and inflammation stress. Just makes it a little easier to get handles on it.


Now, the root cause of stress is actually the stress of being someone you’re not.


So when you come into the world, you’re wired a particular way. This is who you are, this does not change. And when you’re very young, you develop an identity, or a way of being. And at first, this is an issue because they’re very close to each other. But over time, through a series of typically very small decisions, your identity–how you’re being–gets further and further away from who you really are. And all of the stress and tension in life is in the gap between those two.


Now, here’s how it connects to the amount of energy and vitality in your life. So imagine that you have a length of wire. Now that bend that wire up until you form a circle. This represents your capacity to channel vital force energy. Now, if you put one hand on one side and the other hand on the other side of this wire so that as you pull your hands apart, the wire gets smaller, that circle gets smaller.


How you’re being and who you really are, the bigger the gap–the bigger the Identity Gap® between them–the smaller your ability to channel vital force energy into your life, your body, your business, your bank account, your everything. That’s the issue with the Identity Gap®. And that’s the root stress.


So, your identity is essentially your perception filter. This is the outgrowth of your circumstances, your experiences and your influences and it’s made up of past choices. Which become patterns, which solidify your beliefs, which drive your attitudes and habits of thought and emotion, which work with all of the above to create your circumstances, including not just your energetic circumstances, but your actual real life, physical circumstances, relationships, health, money, all of that. Which creates your reality and dictates the next action you take, which then reinforces the rest of your identity. So this is your worldview. Now, the good news is, that is mutable. This is not chiseled into stone, you can shift your identity which will then shift your entire life.


Now, the real problem is ongoing stress in reaction to life, situations and circumstances. So instead of responding to life, we’re reacting, which has us chasing the effects, not the causes. So it’s like you’re chasing your tail.


So this is why I am all about helping you become unshakable because then you’re balanced around your own center. Because you’re more than you could ever know, you are whole and complete right now. Your problems stem from your worldview, not your circumstances. And the answer is to be more of the real you, not the conditioned you. And that’s what brings not only balance and harmony, but more joy and vitality into everything: your life, your body, your business, and beyond. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey.


Thank you so much for listening to Unshakable Being. You’ll find the links and descriptions mentioned today in the episode show notes located at May you be unshakable, unstoppable and vibrant again. Until next time.