Fulfillment and Vitality through Intuition with Solara Amun Ra

What if you could unlock fulfillment and vitality through intuition? Access your superpower with your intuition—the gift you were born with that leads to joy and fulfillment. Solara Amun Ra and I discuss how listening to your intuition by implementing trust and faith can lead to finding your true purpose.

In this episode we explore:

  • The four ways we can communicate with our intuition
  • How to access your intuition by identifying your primary style, listening to your intuition, and taking action
  • The importance of timing
  • How to use joy as your compass
  • How to access your purpose
  • How to step into faith and trust by taking action

Featured Guest

Solara Amun Ra

Elite Spiritual Advisor to Visionaries & Leaders and Sacred Feminine Leadership Coach

Solara Amun Ra is the pre-eminent Spiritual Advisor and Sacred Feminine Leadership Coach to 7 and 8 figure visionary women.

She is the #1 Best Selling Author of “Spiritual Seductress, The High-Powered Women’s Guide to Devour the World through Spiritual Guidance.”

Run over by a car in 2008, Solara had a near-death experience which elicited an unprecedented spiritual awakening. She quit her successful career as a NYC architect and began coaching CEOs of major corporations.

She now mentors the cutting-edge change makers who are ready to catapult to the next level of success. This time it’s not just about financial success, but radical freedom.

Solara has a priceless gift to rapidly unblock subconscious and energetic blind spots that sabotage visionaries from leading from their mastery in grace, flow and fulfillment.


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episode transcription

Heather Clark  00:01

Welcome to Unshakable Being, the podcast with inspiration and practical tools for purpose led leaders like you to relieve stress, build resilience, and unlock vitality in your life, body and business. I am Dr. Heather Clark, and I’ll be your host.


Heather Clark  00:19

Hello, and welcome back to the show. Today we have on Solara Amun Ra. She is the preeminent spiritual advisor, and sacred feminine leadership coach to six and seven figure visionary women. She’s the number one best selling author of “Spiritual Seductress, The High-Powered Women’s Guide to Devour the World through Spiritual Guidance.” Solara, welcome to the show.


Solara Amun Ra  00:44

Oh, thank you so much for having me, Heather.


Heather Clark  00:48

I’m excited to have you on, because there’s a lot of directions that I want to go with this. But where I would like to start is here. Tell me about how people can access their internal spiritual guidance.


Solara Amun Ra  01:07

Well, before we actually go into the how, what I just got is, let’s talk for a moment about why we need this, and then go into the how because I think sometimes eautiful we, we forget why this is what I call one of our super powers.


Solara Amun Ra  01:27

I say there’s seven superpowers for women and five secret powers. This is one of your superpowers. So we were born with the gift of intuition. But we were also raised to not use it to shut it down. And so we were in a society where everything becomes very logical, and then we become high achieving, and we get all the degrees and we make all the money and then we feel like something is missing, or we get sick, or burnt out.


Solara Amun Ra  02:00

And what happened is that along the way, you actually forgot to listen to all the nudges of your intuition, which come from your soul, which actually knows a lot more than your limited mind can conceive or that your limited mind knows about your divine purpose, meaning the reason why you came here to be as especially right now have their I’m sure all of your listeners are feeling this call for something bigger for a bigger purpose for more fulfillment for more vitality, more meaning.


Solara Amun Ra  02:40

And the only way way to get into alignment and that and let go of the stress is one of the ways of me ways is listening to your intuition. So now that I did that little backstory, let’s talk about the ways


Heather Clark  02:59

I love it, because I really appreciate that backstory, because a lot of us forget the why we’re doing something and we operate like it’s supposed to, I’m supposed to check my intuitions like we don’t have to. But you’ll want to so that that is really wonderful. So yes, please go on. And let us know, some of the ways that people can do this.


Solara Amun Ra  03:21

Well, there’s four primary ways. And the reason why is so important to know your primary way of communicating with your intuition, which is a way of communicating with the Universal Mind is because you have your own communication style.


Solara Amun Ra  03:40

So if you don’t know what that is, it’s kind of like you’re here and there. You use it sometimes, but you don’t use it all the time. So I’ll talk about the I’m going to start with what’s called clairvoyance. And what that means is that in your mind’s eye, you’re actually getting a visual of vision, an image of something. And sometimes there’s not might not make sense to you.


Solara Amun Ra  04:12

But you know that you see it on some level. And the people that have have the have this more developed, you’ve probably heard about healers that see auras that see the chakras, right that see the energy body. And the more we develop it, the more that we can see what I call the unseen world. But when we begin to develop it and to know if this is your primary way is that you’re just a very visual person and you’re seeing not just with what your physical eyes are showing you.


Solara Amun Ra  04:47

So, in my book, I actually call because it’s for women, so I call these women that see this way obviously men have this ability to the goddesses of the unseen world. The second Can Wait, is what I call Enchantress of divine whispers in that, in regular terminology, Polly heard that is called clear audience.


Solara Amun Ra  05:13

So clear audience is where you hear information. So basically information is just points through you. So just to give an example, that is my primary way of communication. So when I’m working with a client, they come to me to clear, subconscious, blind spots that are holding them from doing their higher purpose work in ease, race, flow, and mastery, right? So we all have these blind spots.


Solara Amun Ra  05:43

And you can work with mice and coaches and business coaches. But there’s, again, the unseen world, the energetic world, that can create sabotage. So when I work with someone, I’m literally hearing information that then comes through my mouth, it has to be recorded, because sometimes I don’t even remember exactly what I was saying, because I’m channeling for them.


Solara Amun Ra  06:04

That’s another term to be a channel. And, of course, in the beginning, you might think, Oh, I’m making this up, or how can I notice about the other person? Because that’s what the mind and the ego want, they want to control everything, and we don’t know the source of the information, you think that you’re making it up.


Solara Amun Ra  06:23

But another way to identify this is your primary way of communication is that you might get a message about a question that you’ve had maybe through the lyrics of a song. Or maybe it’s in an email, because it’s all about words and language. So maybe an email comes through, or maybe you’re at a bookstore.


Solara Amun Ra  06:42

And coincidentally, a book flies off the shelf. I don’t know if you’ve had that experience, Heather talks to many people that have had that kind of flies off the shelf when you read the title. And you know that you have to read that book.


Solara Amun Ra  07:00

Okay, so let’s talk about the third 1/3. One is clairsentience. And just so that everybody knows, we all have some level of all of these, it’s just the, again, what is stronger, but clairsentience, the way that we use it in regular daily language is have a gut feeling, hey, you’re having a sensation, as well as called clairsentience in your physical body, or a butterfly feeling, right?


Solara Amun Ra  07:33

That is pointing you in a certain direction. So you’re feeling it. And then let’s talk about the fourth one, which is the most elusive one. But I love this one. And that’s clear cognisance. So the way this looks is that you get a knowing about something like an intuitive hit, you just know that you know, that you don’t know why you don’t. And so the way this can look like, and I just want to share this story about a client, because it’s just such a powerful example.


Solara Amun Ra  08:17

So we started working, and one of the first things I tell a client is this is your primary way. So because once you know it, again, you start focusing on using that primary way. So then she was at a networking event, super excited, as she’s talking to this man, and she gets a knowing about this person, she asks if she can share the information she received. He’s like, yeah, it was so spot on.


Solara Amun Ra  08:42

They said, I want to book a consultation with you. So that they get on a consultation. And she’s using this spiritual power again, for more information, and he’s like, I need to work with you. So what that turned into was $100,000 contract for her. So what we’re saying here is that intuition, that power can be used, not just in your daily life to know what foods are good for you.


Solara Amun Ra  09:15

If you should go meet a person or not if it’s worth your time, in your business to make decisions, for hiring me for all sorts of things. This is not just let me use it over here when I feel like it. No, this is that’s why I call it as super power because it will change your life and that and the direction of everything that you do. It will give you clarity, and it will give you focus and it will save you time and money.


Heather Clark  09:47

Beautiful so for people to really access as internal guidance. It sounds like what you’re sharing is first they want to simply discern which is likely their primary which is how information has been coming to you is like, do you get information through lyrics from a song, it’s likely clairaudience Is that what you’re suggesting is for people start is just like, hey, what does my primary?


Solara Amun Ra  10:11

Yeah, that’s exactly where they start. And for most people, they’ll know which one it is right away after they’ve heard this, it’s just that then their mind will come and say, Oh, I wonder if it’s really this one.


Solara Amun Ra  10:25

So again, just use the power of intuition in that moment, whatever you felt, as I was explaining this the one for you, if it’s the primary one, that is the one, and that’s where you start, then of course, you can develop the rest. But I would like to add, if it’s okay, Heather, a couple more tools on how to make this really practical.


Solara Amun Ra  10:48

So number one, you identify, which is your style. Number two, you actually need to be listening. So what typically happens for people is that we are so busy, that we’ll get an intuitive hit about something, but then a same time message popped through on the phone, an email, something on your Facebook, whatever alert, and in that split second, as fast as the information came in, it went out the other way. So there’s two things that I recommend people do to open up this space to receive this vast information.


Solara Amun Ra  11:31

One is, have a meditation practice, whatever that looks like. It doesn’t have to be a sitting meditation, but some sort of practice, going out in nature, whatever that is, that clears the mind and creates space. That’s number one.


Solara Amun Ra  11:46

Number two is at the end of the day, have a journal where you write down any intuitive hits that you got, because just using your mind to try to remember we’ll pull some of them back. And then step number three, and this is where most people fall off the wagon is


Solara Amun Ra  12:07

take action on the intuitive hit. Because once you start taking action on the intuitive hit, and you see the result, you’ll want to do more of it. And for everyone that’s listening, every single person I’ve ever talked to, has had a moment in their life where they remember having a gut feeling whatever language they use around it, they took action and something amazing happened in their life, they just forgot that it was because of that intuitive hit.


Solara Amun Ra  12:40

So you really want to use it, it’s like a muscle, the more that you practice using it, the more trust that you will gain that you’re not making the information up, and that this information is so valuable for your life. So then there’s a step number four, it’s like a warning, the more you use it, more things will start to come through and some of them will seem completely outrageous. Like really crazy, such as, move across the country, leave the job,


Solara Amun Ra  13:15

leave the relationship, go do this training in India or whatever it is right. And when it seems uncomfortable, because it requires a financial investment and time investment or something as those big moves, that’s where we tend to shut it down and think, Oh, this is a crazy idea. But what will typically happen is it’ll come knocking on your door again. So that’s just a pre warning. But you need to make this fun in a simple way and at the same time. Acknowledge the power of the tool.


Heather Clark  13:55

Love that. And I especially love You’re reminding people that the intuitive information typically drops in first. And then the logical thinking brain stuff comes in second. And while the intuitive information, maybe was very loud, maybe it wasn’t. It doesn’t always repeat right away.


Heather Clark  14:16

So I love that you’re reminding people that like what, what’s really true here. Why would I know that? I really appreciate that. Because that’s something that when I was starting in on this, I was like, there’s no reason why I wouldn’t know something like that’s just ridiculous. And I don’t, I’m just not sure. But I had already committed to like whatever comes in, I’m just spouting off. Because I was coming in from not from a let me explore my beautiful gifts place. It was more Let me prove to you this isn’t a thing so I can move on. And it was a thing.


Heather Clark  14:51

So that’s why I was like whatever comes in comes out. And one of the big advantages of that is that I think that’s It might sound a little arrogant, but I think that’s why I get information. So clearly because I was just committed to Well, whatever I get here it is. And not everything was dead on. But enough was that, wow, this


Heather Clark  15:12

is this is a great tool. So I love your ways of helping people not only identify what might be going on, but how to begin to use it and enhance it. So those are some really great tools.


Solara Amun Ra  15:26

Yeah, I love what he just said, because you had a commitment. And that in itself holds so much weight you were committed to hearing and knowing the truth. And like you said, it doesn’t have to be 100% accurate all the time.


Solara Amun Ra  15:45

But I can actually tell you that in fact, it is you know why, even though it seems like it isn’t. I’ve learned this in retrospect, after so many years of doing this work, is that in the moment, it can seem that was off. But a piece was missing. So if you kind of see the bigger picture, it was actually accurate.


Heather Clark  16:10

Agree, hard agree. So one of the approaches that I take and what I have noticed, especially with my clients that are just starting out beginning to trust their intuitive guidance, a lot of people have a hard time letting the intuitive information come in. Because they feel like now they’re obligated to act on it.


Heather Clark  16:34

Has that been your experience a while if you get the information, you have to act on it? Or have you found that? Well, if you get the information, you know, you’re not necessarily on the hook to do something. If you’re like, Oh, I should probably move across the planet. Does that mean that you need to pack your bags? But like, how is that really shown up for you?


Solara Amun Ra  16:53

Oh, yes. So the types of information that I’ve got have been so extreme, and people from outside can see my life is like oh my god, what is she doing next? Because I haven’t mastered the art of surrender. But like you I am committed to surrendering to the information that comes through.


Solara Amun Ra  17:22

And so there’s a very important distinction to be made here. And that is that we have freewill. Right. So your soul, your higher self. And some people might be working with their guides or their angels are direct communication with God’s Spirit, whatever that is. Once you ask to be shown, you ask to be guided you ask to be shown what you know, what is it that I need to do with with my purpose, my work?


Solara Amun Ra  17:56

That’s a question that I get a lot right. The information will start to come through that you have free will to act on it meaning to answer your question, there is no obligation. If you want to create a lot of headaches for yourself, and repeat cycles and patterns in your life, then yes, go ahead and don’t follow the intuition. If however, you are on a path of spiritual growth, committed to know the truth on a path of enlightenment, ascension, whatever, you may call that in a path of even let’s just say, fulfilment and happiness and living your purpose in this lifetime, then you want to be following the intuition. And here’s the tricky thing.


Solara Amun Ra  18:49

Because when the volume gets turned up, and it sounds more outrageous, that’s when it starts to become more uncomfortable to actually follow it. And that’s when people get sucked into manmade law. And this is when it’s very important to study universal law or to be working with a coach, you’re a guide that can help you make sense of the process.


Solara Amun Ra  19:17

And I can say from personal experience, because you were asking me personally, I was trained as an architect, Heather, and an architect is let me know all the details. Let’s create all the blueprints. That’s how the whole thing figured out from beginning to end. And what we’re talking about right now is a completely different paradigm.


Solara Amun Ra  19:36

The paradigm of surrender is immediate, intuitive hit, I’ll take action on it, and it’s like walking steps. Once you say yes to one piece, then the next piece will be revealed and that’s something that feels very uncomfortable for most people. And the reason why it feels uncomfortable Because they’re not controlling, we want to control. But also because all those, the subconscious patterns of limitation start to kick in.


Heather Clark  20:12

I really love that. And I appreciate you highlighting that it isn’t about knowing all the steps. And while I was not trained as an architect, I like resonate with that heart, the whole, what’s the whole plan here? And in fact, a lot of my clients and I certainly had this issue, like, well, I want to figure out and get intuitively even, what are the next five to 10 steps.


Heather Clark  20:35

And finally, I realized it’s only the next step. That’s important. Because once you take that step, the whole environment changes, like the whole world reconfigures. So yeah, the next step that you had planned, probably isn’t relevant anymore. So really, it’s just living it that really living at the pinch of which is what’s next. That’s my only responsibility is to really listen and discern.


Heather Clark  21:07

When you get intuitive information, are you in a place now where you’re just like, and that’s what I’m doing? Or do you stop and question it, but not question it from a Is this correct? But question it from it. Okay, this is gold. This is my new intuitive information. And what does this really mean?


Solara Amun Ra  21:31

So I am in a place of do a bit, I also asked a question, because I’ve learned that sometimes it’s not for now. So just to give an example, in the end of 2019, I got the information to start a high end modern mystery school.


Solara Amun Ra  21:53

And for those that are not familiar with what a modern is, or the mystery school is, in ancient times, Egypt was most known, there were these Mystery Schools were priests and priestesses high priests, priestesses, they would teach very esoteric spiritual teachings that held a lot of power. And they were a mystery school because you couldn’t just go and, and join, you had to commit and devote your life to that path.


Solara Amun Ra  22:22

And it wasn’t for everyone, because the power was so intense that it had to be for people that are using it for good in the world. Right. So back in end of 2019, I get this hit, start a modern mystery school and a high end modern mystery school. And I’m like, Oh, what is that? This is so exciting. What does this really look like? And I start getting all the information. And I also asked when, and they, I got that not until 2021. And I’m like, the Why? Why am I getting this information? Not?


Solara Amun Ra  22:56

What I’ve learned to ask that question, because enough times that happened, where it looked like the information was an accurate, like you were mentioning earlier. But what happened was that I never asked about the timing of it. Right? And so then when you ask about the timing, then things start to make more sense.


Solara Amun Ra  23:16

And sometimes that information is not revealed, because you’re not ready. Right? So the universe, God source will will only give you what you’re ready for. And this is so important to know. Because if you’re given a vision of something very big, and you think, well, I don’t know how I’m going to do this, or how I’m going to pay for it, how I’m going to hire the people to to support me, whatever it is the resources that you need. Remember, you will not be given something that you’re not ready for.


Heather Clark  23:48

Love that. Yeah.


Solara Amun Ra  23:50

So asking about the timing, I think is a very important piece. And going back to do I say yes, I do say yes. And sometimes it seems pretty crazy. But then it all falls into place.


Heather Clark  24:07

I really appreciate you asking the question of is this for right now. Because I’ve worked with people who are like, well, I got the intuitive hit to quit my job. And here I am six months later with no other job, no visible means of support. I’m like, Okay, great. So when people get the the intuitive hit, especially for bigger things, I do encourage them, well, let’s just interrogate that.


Heather Clark  24:30

Just because you were given this information doesn’t mean that you now have to relate to it for like, it’s right now and I have to like, okay, is this for now? Do you really mean for me to quit my job? Or is this my intuition calling me to some major change, and this is what gets my attention. Like, just really. It’s like the information is not bigger than you are, but it is here to support you.


Solara Amun Ra  24:57

So that that very exam You gave us exactly what happened to me. I was an architect. And I heard the call to quit my job. And you know, I had gone to the Ivy League school and I was working for this star architects in New York City, everything looked amazing on my resume my outer life, everything looks so good, right? I quit my job, everybody thought I was completely crazy. And also, that’s the thing. If someone had told me back then this was 2008, that I would be doing the work I’m doing now, I would have thought that they were completely crazy. Because I had never even heard of this type of career or path or anything of the sort. It was completely out of my my range of awareness.


Heather Clark  25:55

So tell me more about that. Tell me more about your origin story. Like what got you here, you’ve got the intuitive hit. And what else?


Solara Amun Ra  26:02

Well, there was more before that. So that year, um, let’s start a fuse at the end of 2007. I, I went through a divorce, that even though I chose to leave the marriage, it really rocked my world. And then a few months after that I had to have was going through all these sinus infections when I was going to the construction site, and I had to have surgery.


Solara Amun Ra  26:32

And I remember it was my birthday. And I said to my mom, I’m a good person. I don’t understand why all these quote unquote, bad things are happening to me. And she said to me, oh, why don’t you work with a spiritual healer? I heard her speak. And she sounds amazing. And I said to her a spiritual healer. What is that? Anyway, she said, I’ll gift it to you for your birthday. And I was so desperate at that point.


Solara Amun Ra  27:02

And I had been I was in therapy, going to my therapist twice a week trying to make sense of what had happened. And, and now, Michael, just try anything. So I do this long distance session with the spiritual healers, I was in New York at the time, she was in California. And she talks to me for 15 minutes on the phone. No more than that. She says to me, I will do your session.


Solara Amun Ra  27:26

And when I’m done, I’ll let you know. I’m like, Okay. About a week later, Heather, I remember waking up one day and feeling completely different. Like this heaviness had been taken off my shoulder, like, I felt later. Sure enough, I get to work. And I had an email from her saying that she had done the session. So then she sent me the recording, and we had another phone call to discuss what was in the recording.


Solara Amun Ra  27:59

And she lasered into the way I had felt my whole life, feelings that I had about not wanting to be in New York and not understanding why I mean, she just made sense of all these things for me. And I said to her, how do you know so much about me? I was blown away, right? And she said to me, it’s not me. It’s your guides. I’m like, What is that?


Solara Amun Ra  28:32

And so she explained to me that we all have a guidance team that’s here to support us and to communicate with us. And that not just to give information, but they because this was not just a reading, this was profound spiritual healing, profound transformation that I felt. And I saw then I asked her the next obvious question, what if you’re communicating with my guides? Can I do that too? And, you know, it makes me giggle. Because I was there.


Solara Amun Ra  29:05

The whole world was so new to me at the time. Right? And now it’s like everyday conversation, but that’s what I wanted. I wanted that communication. And she said, Well, yes, of course, I said, well, who’s your teacher. And so look at how interesting things happen. You’re talking about messages, intuitive hits, I signed up to train with her spiritual teacher.


Solara Amun Ra  29:28

And at the time, I didn’t have the money to pay for the training. So I just put down a deposit. And I just made it in complete faith, which is something that we haven’t talked about yet. faith and trust is how you take action on the intuitive hits. You can’t move forward without those two components. So I acted in that trust. And sure enough, my tax return that year was the amount of the course to the dollar.


Solara Amun Ra  29:58

So Right, if we think that we’re not being supported by something bigger to get on our on our divine purpose, I mean, I’ve just had it shown up so many times. So then I did the training with the teacher. But in the midst of all this, I got run over by a car as a pedestrian. And I had a near death experience. So even though it did a whole mess on my body, and my brain, which, to this day, I’m still working on healing, that trauma impact.


Solara Amun Ra  30:37

It also opened up my channels, that’s when I became clear audience clairvoyant and a lot more things. So when I healed my body and not physically enough to return to work, I was sitting in front of the computer, and nothing made sense to me. And that’s when I got the message that I needed to quit that job. And the In my case, the feeling was so strong, that I was like, Okay, here’s my date. And I remember we’ll never forget it because it was Halloween that year.


Solara Amun Ra  31:10

And I didn’t know what I was going to be doing next. So I moved to Spain, which is where my parents live.


Solara Amun Ra  31:19

And I said, Well, I’m just quitting for now, I’ll be shown what to do next. And that’s where my real work where they came here to do. That’s how it started. And then, of course, it evolved in many different ways and beautiful forms.


Heather Clark  31:39

That’s a beautiful story. filled with a lot of drama. And I don’t think that you’re the only person that’s had some trauma, oh, my goodness, whether you’d have like major or minor, and then that precipitates the major awakening, whether it’s uncovering of the existing gifts, or enhancing or even delivering new gifts.


Heather Clark  32:02

That that is really, I think that’s not really interesting to me, I think that’s interesting to a lot of people trying to like, decide how I want to really investigate this with you, because I’m very curious about that. Did you have any clue beforehand that that was something that like, just from the gifts and abilities place that this was something that was there? Or was that completely invisible to you?


Solara Amun Ra  32:30

So going back in time, I asked myself that same question. And as a kid, I was highly intuitive, telepathic, an empath. All the signs were there, but I was also taught to shut it down. So it’s like something I completely forgot about, but then I, you know, remembered, oh, that was already there from the very beginning. And it and it’s true, what you’re saying that. Even though I’m always guiding and helping my clients to clear drama and trauma out of their life, it is


Solara Amun Ra  33:13

very often these major life events that create the awakening, it’s almost like you know, you’re getting the nudges on the shoulder and the universe is almost say like she’s not getting it. So let’s give her the two by fours. See if she finally gets it and wakes up.


Heather Clark  33:34

So for the clients that come to you, are they coming to you, after they’ve received their two by four? Or are they coming to you? Because they’ve heard the nudges, and they’re looking to avoid the two by four? Or what types of people do you work with? And what’s their impetus for them coming to you?


Solara Amun Ra  33:53

Yeah. So for my private clients, they’ve been getting the nudges, not necessarily the two by four. But you know, they’ve built already most of them are a seven figure business. They’re very successful, but they’ve made a lot of sacrifices along the way. And the way that those sacrifices look, our adrenal burnout is a huge, huge one, complete lack of fulfillment, feeling like they have they built this amazing thing, but now they have golden handcuffs.


Solara Amun Ra  34:24

And they don’t feel free that the most common word that I get from all my clients after working with me for a while, so I’ve never felt so free in my life. So they’re getting the nudges that they’re here for something bigger. They don’t know exactly what it is yet. And another thing that’s in common with them is that they’ve already worked with the business coaches, and the mindset coaches, and that’s why they’ve been able to build what they’ve built.


Solara Amun Ra  34:54

But also that’s the reason why they’re hitting a glass ceiling and they feel like something else or Must be something else there are like a client said, there’s something more. And the teachings that I provide and the coaching are the more, right. So and the more is going back to what we were talking about in the very beginning of the interview, the more is the world of energy, the unseen world, the world of your purpose, the world of where all these messages are, which is the bigger reason why we are here right now.


Solara Amun Ra  35:29

And I want to say something that’s really important. A lot of souls put their hand up to come to the Earth right now. Not everybody was chosen. So everyone that’s feeling that call that they need to make a bigger contribution, that the paradigm needs to change. We’re talking about taking care of the earth, governmental, economical healthcare systems that are that we’re seeing are breaking down, right.


Solara Amun Ra  35:59

Everyone that’s feeling that call taking care of the animals, the ocean, we all there’s so many causes. Knowing that there are some people I don’t know, if you’re seeing this a lot, Heather I am, that they’re they’re feeling that they need to get into healing work, no different all these different modalities. They need to get into coaching, they want to empower other people, it is all for a reason. And you’re needed in that capacity.


Heather Clark  36:32

I love that so much. Because especially the people who you know, once you make seven figures, your your basic needs are taken care of, you’ve moved out of struggle. And it sounds like your people are experiencing the whole world. But now, like, well, and why is


Solara Amun Ra  36:50

that? The Why is a big question. But the one thing is that they actually still experienced a lot of struggle. And the reason being is because they’re very goal oriented. So for most women that have achieved seven figures, the next goal is eight figures. And at the same time, it eats them up inside, because they don’t want to get to that goal, the way they’ve done it before. And they know that.


Solara Amun Ra  37:17

But the problem is they have this whole persona that’s attached to this business, the car, they drive, the handbag that they have, but inside they’re like, I want to let go of all of that, and do something completely different. That really brings me joy, that brings me inner peace, and this connection with their intuition. You when they learn that. It’s like I was when I was sharing that story. They’re like little kids, like how did I not know this before, this is the way to live life, this is the way to move through the world. And that’s how they get to step into mastery. Truly. It’s beautiful. Um,


Heather Clark  38:06

so I think what might be really interesting for people to hear is that it doesn’t matter how much money you’re bringing in. The issues are very similar. Your issues are going to be similar, probably at every tax bracket. Once your basic survival needs are taken care of. It’s kind of all the same.


Heather Clark  38:22

So it isn’t, because I think some people mistake the circumstances for their result like, Well, when I have money, then this won’t be a problem. Or when I have a relationship, then this, this won’t be a problem when I have done this. And that may or may not be true. But if I’m hearing you correctly, when they have the inner connection and the spiritual connection, it’s as if it’s a hotline and a fast track to get everything else they want. It’s almost like that purpose and fulfillment turns on so it kind of doesn’t matter what your circumstances are. I use that been something that you found?


Solara Amun Ra  39:01

Yeah, I use the word fast track a lot. I love what you’re saying about hotline, because that is exactly what it is. I can tell you know, I’ve been doing this for so many years now that there is nothing in the world that gives a person more joy and fulfillment than carrying out their purpose. Cavin kids will do that finding the quote unquote perfect partner will do that the perfect house, none of that will not you will never feel feel the inner peace and higher levels of joy and bliss in your life if you’re not living your purpose.


Heather Clark  39:50

And how does someone access what their own purpose is? I love that question.


Solara Amun Ra  39:59

There’s parts that we can uncover on our own. And there’s parts that are typically veiled. So, let’s talk about the parts that one can uncover on their own so that people can start to do this because I’m on a mission to get people on mission. Right?


Heather Clark  40:19

Yeah, so people can hear the rest of what you’re saying, because everybody’s like, Wait, what? Turns everybody, here we go.


Solara Amun Ra  40:26

It’s actually super simple.


Solara Amun Ra  40:31

Joy, is your compass.


Solara Amun Ra  40:37

So when I asked my clients, what brings you the most amount of joy, some of them will only look at what they do at work. And it’s interesting, because some will only look at what they do outside of work. And this is where you have to get super honest with yourself. Because sometimes the things that bring you joy, they don’t seem like they have a direct ROI.


Solara Amun Ra  41:06

Because we all want to know if I’m going to do my purpose. How am I going to make money from it? Right? I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that even these very successful women, they actually start making more money with the new work. Why? Because everything is in alignment.


Solara Amun Ra  41:20

So how do you look at joy? Just a very, I was giving this example the other day, I’ll give it again, because I think it’s a really good one. I have a client that just kept on saying over and over. I just enjoy so much the types of conversations I have with my girlfriends now. And I asked her why.


Solara Amun Ra  41:41

And she said, Well, because we never had these conversations before. What’s different now is that, first of all, they tell me, what have I done that I look so different? So obviously, she likes that that reinforcement because it shows her that it’s not an ego thing, but more that she’s on the right track, right?


Solara Amun Ra  42:00

It truly what’s happening in those conversations is that she’s receiving wisdom, she’s receiving coaching, she’s signed up for a lot of different metaphysical courses right now. So she’s in a phase of exploration. And then she is a transmitter of that information. So any girlfriend that comes and spends a little time with her leaves completely uplifted. She gets a call, maybe a few weeks later saying hey, you’re not gonna believe what I just did, or what just happened to me because of our conversation.


Solara Amun Ra  42:35

Right? And so obviously, what’s so she answered the question, what gives me the most joy is these conversations I’m having with my girlfriends, which seems completely work on related, let’s call it one her case, it’s actually very much related, because she is being shown to be a guide for women in their own empowerment in their own spiritual path. It came so natural to her after home personal transformation that she couldn’t even connect the dots.


Solara Amun Ra  43:09

But if you ask yourself the question, what brings me the most amount of joy right now. That’s exactly where you need to start. That’s what is giving you information about your purpose. And of course, if you’re not seeing all the dots, then that’s when to you know, important to work with someone that can then help you put all the pieces together. And then packaging and all those wonderful things that we need to run a business.


Heather Clark  43:42

So the things that people can really get started on themselves to finding their purpose is just looking at what brings me joy. And then beginning to step into it. And then if they can’t see that certainly work with someone, but once they start to lean into, okay, well, what brings me joy? Is it a simple, trusting and faith that the next level of purpose will be revealed? Is there like? Okay, so I just didn’t know like, and then is there something else that people can do to speed that up even more? Or is there something they can do to really activate trust and faith?


Solara Amun Ra  44:20

Yes, that’s a great question. Because what typically happens is that we get lazy and stay in our comfort zone, when we don’t know that how. So I’m saying that like, No, no, not don’t. For anyone that’s listening. Don’t take this personal that you’re lazy. No, it’s just that you’re kind of in a holding pattern because you don’t know exactly what to do. Right.


Solara Amun Ra  44:49

Then, when you say yes to two things, what gives you joy and what you’re a natural at and sometimes that’s the second piece. What you’re now It’s maybe something that you’ve been doing your whole life that you didn’t get paid for, or something that you recently started doing that feels so natural to you that you wonder why you weren’t doing this before.


Solara Amun Ra  45:17

Right. So just to give an example, when I, I trained as a Reiki Master, and when I discovered that there was energy emanating from my hands, and that everything has energy, and that when I would feel things, I was like, how, how did I not know this before? That felt really natural to me, right? But it was a newfound gift that got turned on because of the path that I was on.


Solara Amun Ra  45:42

So the more that you follow the things that give you joy, the things that feel very natural to you. that next step is to be is to ask, will show me how to really bring this into the world. And then you’ll start to find the book start to show up. teachers, mentors, coaches start to show up. And this is again, a place where somebody might get stuck again. Why?


Solara Amun Ra  46:18

Because it requires a financial investment. So I’ll give my own personal example so that people can relate to it. Now, I wasn’t a seven, after all, this awakening happened, I had said yes to all this, I quit architecture. I was in Spain, then I decided to move back to New York, and I split up with my boyfriend, we had been together for seven years. And so all of a sudden, here I am in a New York apartment thinking, how am I going to pay for this by myself. I crunch my numbers the way I was doing my work. I can’t fill more hours into this.


Solara Amun Ra  46:54

So I said show me, I didn’t give up everything, to not be able to pay my bills now. So sure enough, this mentorship showed up in my life. And it was the first time that I traveled for an event. I was very comfortable just going to networking stuff in the city. None of this required travel.


Solara Amun Ra  47:17

Okay, so this is at the very beginning stages of my work. So I went to this event, and he was teaching universal law and everything talking about natural. It’s like I had never heard that before. But everything just felt so true. It felt so great. And what I forgot to say is that two weeks before I went to that event, I had actually signed up for a $20,000 mastermind, which for me at that time was like,


Solara Amun Ra  47:43

Oh, I had never even heard of those rates, what $20,000 but I knew I needed that business training. Okay, so I signed up for that, then I’m fast forward at this other event with this mentor that’s teaching universal law. And I’m like, I’m like floating people that feeling when it’s like, oh, my goodness, this is so amazing.


Solara Amun Ra  48:07

So at the end of that event, he offered an invitation to join his mastermind, which was $30,000. And so Heather, I remember going up to the mic and saying, I know I need to learn from you. I know I need to do this work, but I just paid 30 $20,000 for this other mastermind. I don’t have the money, the bandwidth or anything to do this. But I know I mean, then to talking about intuition. It was a clear Yes. Like every fiber of my being. And he said to me, Well, you don’t have the money, because you haven’t said yes, I was


Solara Amun Ra  48:45

like wow. But he’s talking about he said put down the microphone, put in the deposit, and the money will show up.


Solara Amun Ra  48:57

This is another instance of trust and faith. And I just knew I had to do it. Again, this was very uncomfortable for me. First time I hear these numbers. I want to make that really clear. What happened the next month is I made in that month, the money of that mastermind I had never made that kind of money in a month, within a month. Why? Because I was learning universal law.


Solara Amun Ra  49:26

The way money really comes through I was clearing all of my my programming neuron, not all of it but a big part of my programming around it and taking action, taking action in changing my rates. Myself forth. This was a huge piece for me how I worked with people. I hope that answered your question.


Heather Clark  49:51

It did. So one of the things I’m hearing is to really step into faith and trust. It’s not waiting for faith and trust. It’s taking action


Solara Amun Ra  50:00

taking action. And this is a clear a very big distinction that we that I wanted to bring in earlier and I forgot is coming back around now. And that is that. Sometimes when we doubt our intuition is because fear kicks in. Right? And the moment that fear or doubt kicks in, what happens on a subconscious level is that all these limiting programs, immediately click in it’s almost like if you hit the alarm button, and all the alarms are going off and say, No, no, no, don’t do this.


Solara Amun Ra  50:33

The job of the subconscious mind is to keep you safe, and to not rock the boat. And of course, if like in this situation, like what, $30,000 that’s not in the bank account, all the alarms would go off. But because he had been explaining the process, I was like, wait, hold off, hold on, the alarm went off.


Solara Amun Ra  50:53

But he’s also saying that the reason why I don’t have the money yet is because I haven’t said yes. So intuition. When the fear kicks in, you have to see what it is and feel the combination of the excitement and the big yes, even if the fear showing up.


Solara Amun Ra  51:13

So when you have that combination, you know that you’re getting an intuitive hit. And if the combination is really strong, you know that the head is going toward a major up level. And it’s this what I’m seeing right now is really important, because this this is what differentiates successful people from people that don’t move forward. Is that you say yes, because you recognize the intuitive hit, you also recognize the fear that’s coming up.


Solara Amun Ra  51:42

And you’re acting and trust and faith anyway, toward that place, and knowing that the more uncomfortable you are, the bigger the up level that is waiting for you, therefore, the bigger the reward. And this is a practice because when I did that, the first time I was actually, the faith and trust was actually Heather was in what he was telling me wasn’t so much of myself.


Solara Amun Ra  52:10

But as I learned to practice this over and over each time, a big investment came to grow the business because that’s the way business works. Then I realized that, Oh, this is no longer just an intellectual knowing this is the way I live my life, not because I know it to be true.


Heather Clark  52:33

I love it. And it’s not just taking action with faith and trust. It sounds like the first step was receiving the intuitive guidance, being able to discern, like what’s going on with yourself? Yes, it’s fear. But it’s also excitement and moving forward with that grounding with the spiritual guidance. But not waiting for a logical Well, you know, and I gotta wait till this money comes in, blah, blah, blah. So from your perspective, it’s like, no, this is my action, and then it shows up.


Solara Amun Ra  53:04

Exactly. And it’s so different than the way that we’ve been taught to do things the way that we’ve been taught to invest money to generate money, it’s a whole different paradigm.


Solara Amun Ra  53:22

And have you found that it works consistently and by works consistently, what I’m really getting at here is, Are there times where you’ve been like, maybe I shouldn’t have done that? Or Oh, geez, this didn’t work out the way I expected. Has that happened for you as it happened for clients?


Solara Amun Ra  53:39

And then how do you manage it? So I’ll share another stories, I think that’s the best way for people to relate to it. A few years, for me. A few years later, I wanted to take my business in another growth direction. this other person came in another mastermind. And each time the same feelings come up. It’s not like it becomes you know, like, they go away. It’s just their own. Well, now I know what showing up and it’s going to show up. So let’s look at it right. It’s a very different perspective. I signed up for the mastermind.


Solara Amun Ra  54:19

And even though I got a Yes, it was not a fit at all. And I thought, well, my intuition was off. Well, it wasn’t. Because what I the piece of information that I didn’t ask about then and this is where it’s so important to ask a lot of questions Is that the reason I also signed up for that mastermind wasn’t actually to learn from this particular person, on how to grow the business it was actually to learn something else. And so, it the moment it looked like a mistake


Solara Amun Ra  55:01

And then in retrospect, it taught me so much about these other pieces behind business that are not the typical ones that helped me become who I am today. Beautiful, not that Thank you. What does it mean to you to be unshakable?


Solara Amun Ra  55:26

Well, ally with the conversation that we’ve been having all along, is to trust your intuition. Trust your higher self, and stay strong and unshakable in that trust, trust and faith that it’s always taking you to exactly where you need to be.


Heather Clark  55:51

Beautiful. Thank you. Where can we find you? Well, the best place


Solara Amun Ra  55:58

is actually in my facebook group, because that way I get to connect with people one on one. And, and I love that we have a teaching every single Thursday. So it’s for high powered women changemakers who are on this spiritual path. And to join, all you have to do is go to the sacred power circle.com. And if you feel that intuition to join, drop me a line to you know, let me know that you heard me here on the show with Heather, and we’d love to have you.


Heather Clark  56:35

Beautiful, thank you for that. And thank you so much. I have enjoyed this immensely. Oh, thank you, too.


Heather Clark  56:44

Thanks so much for listening. I’d love to hear from you. Go to unshakablebeing.com and submit your question, comment, or topic request. May you be unshakable, unstoppable, and vibrant again. Until next time.