Energize Your Light Body with Rishi Eric Infanti

What if you could energize your light body? On this episode of the Unshakable Being podcast Dr. Heather Clark, PharmD and Rishi Eric Infanti explore the profound impact that breathwork and meditation can effect in our lives, and how breath-based meditation protocols activate the energy body and open us up to more of our own spirituality and connection to our Soul and the Divine.

Join us as Heather and Rishi examine the idea that meditation is not a “doing”, it is a state of being. A daily practice of relaxing body tensions through breath-based meditation is simple, quick and gives direct access to answers we are seeking. As humans, we are created to strive and be seekers – if we can let the striving go, magic happens, and manifestation and healing can be optimized. Regardless of the way we get there, we all aspire to that state of bliss and connection we find in the meditative state of being.

Listen now as Rishi shares with Heather his lifelong healing journey – from U.S. Marine to spiritual shaman, yogi, and tantric healer, and through health crises and life’s challenges to wellness. We live in a world of chronic stress and if we choose to dedicate just 20 minutes each day to the practice, there is nothing better for eradicating tension, raising energy and creating vitality than breathwork. To Rishi, using the breath and meditation to connect inward creates resilience and the ability to Be Unshakeable. No matter what is happening, you can always come to your center-point – your connection to self, Soul and Divinity.

Featured Guest

Rishi Eric Infanti

Integral Tantra Coach, Gifted Healer & Soul Language Practitioner

Integrating Mind, Body and Spirit for Human Performance

Rishi’s programs are designed to work with individuals, couples and businesses to establish a prevailing amalgamation of the mind, body and spirit connection that harnesses the power of that combination to increase and create long-lasting human performance.

A U.S. Marine Corps Veteran & 10-time Author, he is the author of “Marine in the Mat” & “Breath Becomes Life”, “Yoga & the Martial Way”, & “Mindfulness & Yin Yoga”; and is a Transformational Mindset & Marketing Coach for Psychologists, Therapists, Alternative Healers & Yoga Teachers.

It is Rishi’s passion to help the overall humanity bring much needed, relief and healing, especially those with PTSD & related communities. He does this through a multi-tiered Integral Coaching Program”.

This is built upon a holistic & integrated approach of Mindfulness mental focusing and Tantra, Yoga Meditation & Movement, which is proven to bring the human Psycho-Physiology & Psycho-Spiritual back to wholeness & oneness. The programs are delivered both live in-person or virtually where modalities are customized for each segment of health professionals, and the individuals themselves.

He is also an Ayurvedic Practitioner, a gifted Therapist, Bodyworker & Energy Worker, and a CEU educator and trainer for Massage Therapists & Yoga Teachers, while offering his own eclectic Certification design for Yin Yoga, Thai Massage, Ayurveda, and a 20/50/200/500 hr Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training.


episode transcription

Heather Clark  00:01

Welcome to Unshakable Being, the podcast with inspiration and practical tools for purpose led leaders like you to relieve stress, build resilience, and unlock vitality in your life, body and business. I am Dr. Heather Clark, and I’ll be your host.


Heather Clark  00:19

Hello and welcome back to the show. Today we have Rishi Eric Infanti. I’m so excited to talk about him. He does all sorts of really cool things, including he works with individuals, couples, and businesses, to really establish an amalgamation of the mind body and spirit connection that harnesses the power of that combination to increase and create long lasting human performance. He is a US Marine Corps veteran, and 10 times author of 10 books. Wow, working on more, including marine on the mat. Breath becomes life, yoga and the martial way mindfulness and yin yoga. And he’s a transformational mindset and marketing coach for psychologists, therapists, alternative healers and yoga teachers. Rishi Welcome to the show.


Rishi Eric Infanti  01:14

Heather, thank you so much. I’m very honored and glad to be here today.


Heather Clark  01:18

I am delighted to talk with you. And I know that you do lots of different things. And I think where I would like to start, is you had said something in the past about the power of really increasing internal vibration and increasing energy. And I want to hear more about how can people do that and activate their light body? Mm hmm.


Rishi Eric Infanti  01:43

Yeah, absolutely. So I’ve been through an enormous amount of training from a psycho spiritual perspective, or yogic perspective, as well as your sramana perspective. So I have learned a lot of methods modalities and tools. And I’m aware like you are, that are, our essence is not just the physicality, we have layers to our to our humaneness. And one of those layers is an energy body. And what I have found is when we are activating in, and being in partnership with that energy body, that a couple things could be happening, that’s really, really awesome. One, we could be healing the mind, we can be healing the emotions, we can also be healing, the healing the physicality, from inward out without external support. And the other thing that we could be doing, which is really awesome, is we could be in manifestation, we could be progressing, we could be optimizing, we could be up leveling, we could be upgrading. And we can also be opening up our channels to, to access information or knowing that are beyond our five senses. In other words, yeah. So I have a plethora of methodologies that I’ve fine tuned and harnessed and put together into a protocol if you would, a stalking if you would, to activate this energy body to allow it to, to permeate through the intellect and permeate through the feelings and the emotions and to permeate through the physical layer of the body and into openness, open us up to more of our own spirituality as well, in our connection to the deeper aspects of ourselves, our soul, as well as the connection to whatever we call divine in our own words. Yeah.


Heather Clark  03:54

I love this approach. Because a lot of times when people have a physical issue, they tend to want to address it at the physical level. And sometimes that’s actually quite helpful. But I have noticed like you that a lot of times, some of these physical issues are ongoing, and aren’t responding well to physical measures. So I truly love this idea of coming at it a completely different way. Because out in the world, there are very few people in the traditional healing circles that would say, Oh, you have this physical issue. Let’s activate you activate your life. Pardon me activate your light body. They just be like what? So I really love this as a way of achieving all of your goals without necessarily coming at it from an achieving perspective. What are some ways that people could begin to access how to activate this?


Rishi Eric Infanti  04:53

Yep. So um, the way that I have found to be most profound is Do a little bit of tension relaxation into the body. Some people are exercising, which is great, simple, some people are not some people are in a, a movement modality like yoga, Pilates, Feldon, Christ, whatever it is, which is also very great. But you may not have the time or the moment or the environment to do that. But you want to go ahead and get your light body activated. So you could do some very simple, you know, body scans or attention relief things and some very light yoga movements and just just to get the physical layer to shake out some cobwebs, if you will. So that would be the first first stage or layer. And then I have a variety of very classical ancient, some known Well, in some not known well, you’ll get pranayama breathing techniques from a yoga perspective to enter into a more vibrant and activating what we would call a fire breathing. So those that would be the the primary heart of my, my practice. And then after the fire breathing has been invoked, and completed, then there’s there’s stillness that comes afterwards as your, you can feel your entire essence pulsing. And then you lay down and go into stillness, and then here’s where manifestation work can be done. And here’s where healing is going to get done automatically, without you’re having to do anything from that point forward. But this is where the optimizations can also happen through your directive from here. And then I have a whole series of a little bit more advanced. Kundalini breath based meditation is very common, but very specific, that can even take this practice to a layer deeper. So it ends up being quite a quite a practice. So it ends up being, you know, 6075 90 minutes, sometimes two hours long, I realized that not everybody will invest that in themselves, or say they have the time for it. But you can take these in stages and segments, and, you know, anyone could carve out 20 minutes, you know, so. And so without visual demonstration, or talking about it in detail, that would be my protocol. That’s my stack.


Heather Clark  07:49

Love that. And I’m really very present to some people would relate to this, like, Oh, that’s a different type of meditation. And I’d like you to share about how is this like meditation and how is it different?


Rishi Eric Infanti  08:03

Yeah, sure. And it is a meditation. So if we’re coming from a yogic perspective and Yogi point of view, Yoga has a branches or limbs to it. And so, the first six are very involved in what we refer to as doing. And we say, in our common English language, as part of our ongoing everyday dialogue, oh, I’m going to go meditate. And this is what we say, just to make simplicity about what we’re going to go do or what we’re doing. But in reality, we actually don’t go meditate, right? Because meditation is not a doing, it’s actually a state of being right. It’s more like the meditation is being done upon us versus we go to the meditate. It’s like saying, time, you know, we created the concept of time. And in our common everyday simple language, we say, Well, I don’t have time to do this, or that or the other thing, whatever it might be. But it’s in our common everyday language, but it’s actually quite a false statement. Because we can’t hold time in our hand, we can’t, you know, really contour it, we can’t really do much about it. It’s just gonna be simply a continuum, in which all the events in our lives occur. So it’s our common everyday language. So the same thing is, as in meditation, so we’ll say, Well, I’m going to go meditate, or I’m going to do some yoga or whatever it is, right? The first six limbs of the eight are all doing so. And part of that is deep concentration. So you might sit and stillness, and you might follow and track and trace your thoughts or you might be looking at a candle or whatever the meditation process that you have is, those are all very much still doing. But as soon as your mind can soften and your awareness can drop more inward without effort than that state of medicine. patien is occurring upon you. So, and regardless of the way we get there, that is the state we are all aspiring to achieve. And that’s the state of bliss that I’m referring to. So, when I talk about the, you know, the tension release type of practices, just to get the cobwebs checked off, or some, you know, like gentle yoga movements, and then going into a few classical yoga pranayama, as well as then doing the very active fire breathing that follows. Those are the, what I have found that the most profound, as well as the fastest gateway into that meditative state of being, I have studied, I have a master’s degree in Buddhist psychology, I have studied, I don’t know how many methods of accessing meditation, the state of meditation, this is this is, in my view, the most profound that I have seen on our planet in our, our human history thus far.


Heather Clark  11:12

It sounds like this is a more direct path to the bliss that people are tending to seek and maybe even yearning for.


Rishi Eric Infanti  11:22

Absolutely great, totally, totally. And we can do this without a psychedelic, we can do this without a pill, without a drug of any kind. And without a drop of alcohol. So we can really get this from the inside out.


Heather Clark  11:40

And it sounds like this isn’t a you know, in just 60 minutes, I reached bliss. I’m done. It’s like, this is an ongoing practice. And is it a practice to actually very present to I was going to ask if it’s a practice to reach there, but it really sounds like it’s a practice to allow bliss to reach you.


Rishi Eric Infanti  12:04

So, Heather, so, so well said really, really, really said, um, but you know, what, we are human beings. And we are, we are created to strive, we really, really are. And so, you know, a lot of times in the beginning, and a lot of times, even in the middle of our life cycles, we’re gonna be like, I really want that state of being here, I really want that bliss thing, you know, so it’s so frequent, even in like a spiritual practice like this, you know, we’re gonna go ahead and like, we’re still gonna be seekers, you know, we’re still going to be seekers. But I love how you said that. Yeah. You know, and I practice these practices every single day to one degree or another. And through time, you realize that if you can let that striving go, magic happens. magic happens. It really does.


Heather Clark  13:00

Yeah, so bliss isn’t really an achievement. It’s more it’s, it really has the, the vibe, that bliss is always present. And it’s simply getting in getting in touch with it, getting in tune with it really getting in resonance with it. And these practices sounds like that’s a fast track to that.


Rishi Eric Infanti  13:23

It is I mean, I’m just, I’m just gonna reiterate what you just said is very direct is very quick. Absolutely. Yep. Again, without an aid of external support in any way.


Heather Clark  13:38

So there are some people listening to this that are like, right, right. Got it. And others that are like, this sounds like fantasy, dude, really, I have this job. There’s this pandemic.





Heather Clark  13:55

Maybe not for your own journey, but for the journey of many of your clients. What are some of the features that what’s it normally look like? What’s it normally feel like to them? Because we we both know that some people are going to get Oh, I don’t know. They just jumped there. It took them 10 minutes done. And other people it takes a lot longer. What would be a typical path through this while recognizing there is no typical path.


Rishi Eric Infanti  14:20

Yep, understood. I’ll give you an example, if you don’t mind. I’ve got a client I’m working with right now. A very kind fine gentleman. He’s about 70 years old, almost 79 a couple months. And I was referred to him. I was referred to him to do stuff with them physically. Not necessarily on any emotional level, or psycho logical OR psycho spiritual level. And certainly not sent to him too. He’ll his issues either. Right? I was sent to him to help him out physically, you know, get rid of some pains and things like that. I’ve been dealing with people in that genre for, you know, 4040 years almost. So when I went to him, he couldn’t really move, he couldn’t get out of the chair without having a very intense, throbbing pain just above his left eye. And he’s been, then he gave me his story. I didn’t hear the story before I met with him. Then I hear his story right from him. And he says, he’s been to every neurologist that he can find, and he has the means to travel. So he did. And then he, and then he’s been to every of the best cardiologists that he can find. The answers that the doctors, the specialist, the best in our country has been able to provide have been nothing, literally zero answers for this gentleman. And so when I met with him, he just did what’s referred to as a standing MRI. And the results of that, nothing, just nothing to tell this poor guy. Right? So I’m sent to him to be some sort of, to deal with his physical layer. And I said, Well, we really can’t do much with you because you can’t move. You can’t move your limbs, you can’t get up and down, you can’t do anything. Would you like me to help you with your throbbing pain in your eye? He said, Yeah, that would be great. So it’s probably the first time he’s gotten down onto the floor, laid him down on the floor. And I just started to simply, I got consent. So I started to read his energy. And I started to soften what was going on around his energy fields. And then I was giving him some very gentle rocking of his limbs. And then I asked him to do a little bit of resistance back. So something like an isometric would be. And then we did breathing exercises. Heather in two sessions, two half hour sessions, that throbbing pain above his eye is permanently removed permanently.


Heather Clark  17:11

I love stories like this. Yeah. Yeah. And there are a lot of people listening that don’t realize that stories like this. Wild dramatic, are actually fairly common for these types of practices. Yes, just. It’s a version of a miracle. Yeah,


Rishi Eric Infanti  17:31

absolutely is, you know, and I didn’t know what I was gonna do with this gentleman, when I laid him on the floor. I had no clue. But I asked for support and help. And it just kind of flowed through me, in a got created in the moment, you know, two sessions, two half hour sessions. And that pain, I do see him twice a week. Still, it’s been a couple months, that pain has not come back.


Heather Clark  17:56

Do you know, did he make other changes in his life as well?


Rishi Eric Infanti  18:01

So far know. So far, nothing. The only thing I’ve asked him to do to change was to do the breathing work, do the breath work when I’m not with him. So do the breath work every day. That’s the only change that he’s had in his lifestyle at all.


Heather Clark  18:21

Feels like a pretty low commitment for really big result.


Rishi Eric Infanti  18:26

Yeah. And I’m not on a I’m not a neurologist salaries. Yeah.



But then you don’t,


Rishi Eric Infanti  18:39

he takes good care of me. But you know what I mean, when I say


Heather Clark  18:42

what you mean, but you’re also not trying to figure out how to code that for billing either. So


Rishi Eric Infanti  18:50

that’s true.


Heather Clark  18:53

This, it’s really beautiful. And I love stories like this. And I’m sure you have more stories than just that. So one of the ways to really access, activating this inner light body and allowing it to permeate up and down sounds like it’s coming into resonance with bliss. But it really feels like the method is perhaps as simple as breath work or breath work and a few different things. Mm hmm.


Rishi Eric Infanti  19:25

Yeah, so you know, primarily breath work and breath based meditation. So you know, it’s first just getting the knowledge and getting an understanding of the energy body. So we kind of know our physical body to the degree that we all do because we’re living inside of it all the time. And, you know, in some of us go, you know, poking around and researching and picking up anatomy books, etc, or talking to people, and we get some understanding. So I have been professionally trained, as well as I’m a bit of an anatomy geek. So I have a lot of anatomy books. So I’ve been I’ve been through some intense study. around that, but the course of my study has been over the last, you know, 1020 years, it’s been more in line with the subtle body, the energy body, as well as psychosomatic. So how things show up physically through the psychology, if you would. And then also psycho spiritually. So how can we, you know, open up to or resolve, you know, spiritual related issues that continue to show up in our life or manifest into the body in some way? Not in a good way. So how do these things get resolved as well. And so the breath work and breath based meditations is simple, fast, and I won’t say easy, because, you know, things will surface along the way. But we need them to surface along the way so we can get them resolved. But it is a very, very direct and quick access to, to all of these answers. Yeah,


Heather Clark  21:02

yeah. Do you find that there are people that are resistant to breathwork?


Rishi Eric Infanti  21:07

Um, I haven’t found that too much. You know, if, if you’re, if you’re in pain, you’re going to and you’re ready, then you’re going to do whatever it takes. Because when I first met this gentleman I gave as an example, I said, Do you care how you get help, he goes, not anymore. I don’t care. So that’s, that’s I said, well, let’s sit down and do some breathing, okay. And then he showed me one of his, he purchased a couple of breath books, which was in alignment, right. So that’s exactly what he was. But there are some people, though, who have not even stepped one foot towards a spiritual practice at all. And these are the folks I would say, that have a little bit more resistance than not. But if they come into pain, or if they have a goal, they want to achieve something, then nothing should limit us, nothing should be in the way, we get in our own ways, more than anyone else. In as soon as those as soon as those hindrances get knocked down like walls, then then we’re golden. So sometimes it’s taking that first step, you know, but um, you know, my family’s a good example. They haven’t stepped foot in a yoga class, not one of them, right? So there’s resistance there, you know. But for people who want to achieve, or people who are in pain in some way, there’s not going to be much resistance in here. Breathing is breathing. And sometimes we think in our minds that this is too simple to be true. And my response to that is, let’s go for the ride and see,


Heather Clark  23:02

oh, there is a deep power in simplicity, the the willingness to let it be simple, which, you know, isn’t easy, necessarily, but and it takes a fair amount of fortitude, sometimes to really allow it to be simple, because you’re not hiding anymore. At least in my work, I know that some people feel better when they hide behind particular modalities, like, okay, we can totally do that. But what’s happening is really this in its simplest form, and if we need to go through it at this particular way, that’s great. As long as you’re getting where you want to go. Excellent. Yeah. And then sometimes it’s so simple that it defies belief, because of the culture because of our training because of our own personal conditioning.


Rishi Eric Infanti  23:51

That’s right. That’s right. You know, and a lot of us, we go through phases iterations inside of our life where, you know, we bump up against this, and then we’re saying, Yeah, no, I’m just gonna stay with what I’m doing. Then we end up doing something referred to as spiritual bypassing, you know. And we all we all kind of, you know, you know, hustle through that at one point in our lives along the way, and then we realize, Oh, yeah, I don’t have to work so hard for it anymore. I can just allow it to happen.


Heather Clark  24:22

Yeah, yeah. So tell me Rishi, how did you come to be doing what you’re doing?


Rishi Eric Infanti  24:29

Well, here’s a bit of a story. So I remember this day, so vividly. You know, Marine Corps veteran, you know, tough guy. I’m 200 pounds, six foot tall, right. So, you know, I ran my fourth full marathon. 26.2 miles. ran in Disney. I was living in Connecticut at the time. And you run that marathon in January. So I came back home, snow Then I started to take my dog out for a walk, couldn’t move. I can barely get the dog out the door. And I remember, he, he hustled out of his leash, he was one of those roamer dogs. And this was this is a while back, this is before your 2000. And he hustled out of his color, and then he takes off because that’s what he liked to do, and you like to run with me, he liked to be chased by me, etc. And then he he took off for, you know, 100 yards or so he turned around, looked, see where I was, and he’s just looking at me, like, you know, come in, I’m like, dude, sorry. I just, I just can’t move. So I had to, I had to figure out how to get him inside and like, let’s let’s call a doctor because what, that’s what we know what to do. No answer. Another doctor, no, insert another doctor in the Lancer. Eight, eight MDS? No answer. But I can barely, I can barely function, I can barely move. At the time. This was quite some time ago, I got, you know, 30 years of Information Technology design experience behind me. So I had my own web design company at the time. One of my clients was a natural Pathak physician. And I somehow got to a meeting with him. And then as soon as the meeting started, he looks at me and he goes, What’s wrong with you? I’m like, Well, I don’t really know, I’m hoping you can tell me. So I had a formal interview with him. And then he says you have Lyme disease and probably chronic fatigue at the same time. So we need to go get this resolved. And so we started on a path of natural medicine. And he did send me to a Lyme disease specialist to further diagnose me, I saw another MD who practiced check this out kinesiology to diagnose and also determine what supplements and also Western meds would be suitable to, to treat what I had. So we did that as well. So I was on a, literally a 10 year journey to deal with. It was already Lyme disease at a late stage. I had it over a year already. And so there’s chronic fatigue, Immune Deficiency Syndrome, fibromyalgia. I had mercury poisoning That was fun. And then hypothyroidism, back to back to back to back to back to deal with about a 10 year cycle. So that’s kind of what got me onto this path. And then I know you got some questions coming, so we’ll have them happen. But the first thing that happened was, someone said, this, this naturopathic physician says, Go get some acupuncture done, it’ll help you a lot. I did that it was helping enormously, especially the moxibustion the firing. Like incense being fired and lit upon you is a remarkable thing. The cupping was also remarkable bodywork. cupping is remarkable. But I saw a flyer on her bulletin board and it said, yoga for trauma, you know, support your anxiety. And I was riddled with anxiety at that point. And so I did. And so I took an eight week course on how yoga can support reducing anxiety. And it was delivered by a yoga teacher who was also a psychotherapist. So it was a really beautiful marriage of the two. And then I said, Where did you get your training done? She says, My teacher is right here in the next building. And then I started my, my yoga process. And, you know, formally over 2000 hours of yoga teacher training, no one really does that. I just geeked out on it, because it helped me so profoundly so. So I know there’s a lot there. And let’s, let’s give you the the moment to ask what you want.


Heather Clark  29:02

Yes, there is a lot there that, that there are so many people who come to the deep healing work that have had stories similar to yours. Yes. Where there’s been a major challenge. Often it is a physical challenge, because that what is what tends to get most people’s attention and really get the action taken. And then the process. So often, like, this is a lot like my story in that I went through what here are the traditional channels, this is what you do, right? And there just weren’t answers. And when you finally discover, oh, wait, here’s this completely different process. And everybody’s path. It’s like we’re walking different paths, but all in the same direction.


Rishi Eric Infanti  29:50

Mm hmm. I


Heather Clark  29:52

love this so much. And I’m deeply curious about How you get from the Marine Corps, to what you were doing. Like like that step, sorry, I’m a nerd here. And like, I just, I just really feel like I need to know more about that.


Rishi Eric Infanti  30:13

I am so grateful that after high school, I had nowhere to go. I am so grateful that I went to you in high school, the recruiters of all the services come in, just start talking to you and big rooms or whatever. So I really went into the recruiting building to talk to the army guy who the army recruiter who I spoke to in high school. Because I know everything for me so far, after high school was a dead end, I’m like, I don’t like any of this, let’s, let’s go talk to the army guy. And then the army, the Air Force in the Navy, the entire staff of recruitment for those branches, were not in the building that day, the Marine Corps recruiter steps out of this door, like, bam, and I was like, What is that? I want that. However, he was being right, talk about being space. I wanted whatever that was, I was taught, and he didn’t even say a word, he just stood out the door. Well, and so um, and I didn’t know what the really the Marine Corps was, I didn’t know it was, you know, our elite branch of, of military, no idea. But I’m thrilled and honored and grateful that I went into the Marine Corps, and then I grew up, right. So and I also got an education. So I went to private college at night. And I learned all about technology. And then it gave me a beautiful, you know, almost 30 years of a career in information technology design. So, and I and I still have my hands in it, and I do all my own work as well. So I really enjoy it. And I really understand it. And I get along well with tech, so. But when you go through what I went through with the lime and the chronic fatigue, and you know, when, listen, if I’m going to break my arm, I want to go to an MD who knows how to deal with that, right? I’m not going to go to my Reiki friend and say, Hey, heal me, if that’s not the course of action, right. But if I’m dealing with, with some heartache, I’m also not going to go to the MD, right? So for some reason, our society has put an enormous amount of clout, legality, as well as faith in the MD. And I have my one of my best friends is probably the best physician on Earth. He’s, he’s a genius. He’s a remarkable friend in these remarkable physician. And he’s also just finished his advanced level yoga, teacher training. So we get to have some very interesting conversations. But when you when you give this much clout from a societal perspective to the MD, that’s always where people are going to go to for the answer, even if they don’t have one. Right? That’s our course of action. So like, when I had Lyme disease, it’s like, well, that’s what you’re going to go do cuz you don’t know what else to go do. Right? In our day, we have more answers. And we have more people in different genres to go get support through. But Western medical science does not deal well with or at all chronic related issues, psychosomatic issues, or psycho spiritual issues. They just don’t work well with that. And so, you know, they give a prescription for an antidepressant. And that’s kind of their answer these days. And this is one of the ongoing conversations I have with my good friend. That’s the resolve today. So Heather, did I get off track too much here? No, no, that’s,


Heather Clark  33:57

that’s beautiful. I really love that. And yeah, physician working in traditional medicine, that’s an incredibly stressful job as well. And


Rishi Eric Infanti  34:08

you’re under too much pressure. They really are. And, and look at what happened all of last year, holy cow, you know, they’re under risk, and they’re under under ridiculous amounts of demand, because of this virus, right? That that we don’t have an answer to, in my view, right? Because it’s a virus, right? It’s not a bacterial infection. So we can’t fight a virus when anti bacterial disease control. So yeah, they’re under enormous amounts of stress and pressure. But you know, to go from Marine Corps to, you know, spiritual shaman, Yogi, Tantra healer. It’s been, it’s been, it’s been a lifetime or three inside of this one. This one present life, you know, and I’ve been through A lot of traumas and micro traumas along the way. And I’ve also been blessed with some unworldly experiences along the way, as well. And I’ve been very well cared for, and very protected, to be put on this journey to traverse the landscape of, of healing for myself and the people that have come before me as well. So I’ve been very blessed and very, very honored.


Heather Clark  35:35

I love that it was the Marines way of being that really called to, I’m loving the career in it, because that is a different way of thinking about things, it’s a different way of organizing things. And I’m certain that every step along the way, has been helpful in where you are in this moment, as well. And it really, what I’m very present to is that a lot of what you’re doing is empathic witnessing, and simply being with someone, not changing them, not trying to alter what’s happening, just supporting them in their own desires. And I, and I bring that up, because I don’t know that we as a society, are putting enough value on that I think we unconsciously value it. I think when we find it, we’re like, I don’t know, this guy’s amazing. But I think a big part of it, is that empathic witnessing, along with tools and practices to really help you shift, what you’re wanting to shift. But without a great deal of struggle and effort, it really feels like it’s, it’s almost a releasing into bliss, which then activates that light body.


Rishi Eric Infanti  36:50

Mm hmm. Great. Yeah.


Heather Clark  36:55

I love it. So for the people listening to this, they’re like, yes, yes, please, this is great. Where do I start? What would you recommend for them? Are you like, oh, try this book first. Or notice, give me a call, or, you know, set a meditate? Where would you recommend for people to start? Yeah,


Rishi Eric Infanti  37:13

so I mean, honestly, the the protocol that I have put together for this breathwork methodology is mine now, right? So you can’t go to yoga books and look this up and go do it. It’s just not there. There is no book that contains the the stacking of micro methods inside of what I’ve been talking about. I’m literally writing this book as we speak, I literally am doing it right now. It’s not ready. So if people want to access these tools, and these technologies, they can certainly just reach out to me. So send me an email or send me a text and we can set up a time and talk and then move forward.


Heather Clark  38:00

That’s, that’s really wonderful. I just, I’d like to know what your vision is, for how you would like your business and your practice, to evolve? What’s the vision for what things are naturally evolving into?


Rishi Eric Infanti  38:19

That’s a very interesting, and a very timely question. I have the answer, as a matter of fact, so. And when you and I first started talking, the answer to your question has changed, and taking form and shape through time. And I’m actually in the visionary stages right now, of opening up a holistic retreat center. So that is the big vision, where all of my teaching and trainings will happen there. And there’s gonna be hybrid as well, where some of the teaching and trainings are live in person, because we can do that now. And we can we can do stuff over the technology, as well, as well as pre recorded. So I’ll be putting together hybrid programs where I’ll be training people and all of the methods and modalities that I have to offer in that way and inside of that facility.


Heather Clark  39:20

I love that so much that just has so much lightness to it.


Rishi Eric Infanti  39:24

Mm hmm.



Fabulous, thank you.


Heather Clark  39:31

Okay, so now I’d like to know, from your perspective, what does it mean to be unshakable?


Rishi Eric Infanti  39:38

Well, life is gonna happen, you know, but being unshakable means no matter what’s happening to you, that you still can come to your center point. You can still come to your heart. You can still connect to your soul. You can still connect to whatever you call source Creator God divinity. You can still connect to whatever guides or supporters, spirit guides, human supporters, your pets, and connect in that way as well, to not allow what life does to you, to get you off your path to sway you, to stall you to slow you down, or to bring you into a place that is not good, not for your highest good. You know, some people go into, you know, other practices, and they end up in a dark space as an example. Or we’re getting external support through, you know, I’ve got a lot of Marine Corps friends, military friends, and they’re dealing with PTSD, beyond measure, and they’re sometimes not even recognizable, they end up in a dark place, right? So, and then they augment it or numb it with with external, you know, pills or, or liquids, right. So I love that word. And, in fact, I put a T shirt together with that, with that word on it. As a matter of fact, when I was starting to train for the the half Ironman in the 73 Ironman competition I made up, I made a team in fonti t shirt out of it, and that word was on it. So. So that word to me is not being taken off your your center point, or your connection to yourself, your soul and your divinity.


Heather Clark  41:32

That is so well said, Love that. And it’s very clear to me that the process and the practices that you’re sharing about, and even the activating of the light body really helps people become unshakable. But I’d like to hear more about like specifics about how does it help people relieve stress? How does it help build resilience? How does it help them really unlock that vitality, in their life, their body and business?


Rishi Eric Infanti  42:01

Yeah, so those are three very different distinct things. So you know, we’re gonna have stress, and we can have micro anxieties along the way. And we know what that feels like inside of our body and inside of our head. The breath, the practice of the breath, work itself will eradicate the stress, it will one session, it’ll be gone. But stress in our life seems to be chronic, you know, so we need to continue. And I say this to everyone I come across. And the last big group of people I was saying these words to that I’m going to say here in a moment. I was teaching, literally mindfulness based meditation to 50 seniors in their 70s 80s and 90s. And, you know, they they grew up a lot different than we did, and violent acts access to the things that we have access to, you know, so generational gaps existed with these folks. And, and a lot of my clients are, are of that age. So it’s like, I have a soft spot in my heart for that age group, you know. But then I would ask them questions, like, how many of you go to sleep? Less than an arm’s distance away from your phone? None of them answered with a yes. Our generation and younger, most of us would answer yes to that. Our phone has narrowed bedside for most of us. So, but they were hungry for the knowledge. And they said, Well, how do we how do we, you know, because what’s their conversation, their doctors and their ailments and their medications? That’s a big part of their conversations, you know, and it stresses them out. I’m like, Listen, I’m teaching all these things about mindfulness and meditations and body scans, and what to do. You need to put it into play. Right? We live in a world of we don’t live in Himalayan huts, right, which has its own set of stresses. But, you know, we live in chronic stress, you know, micro stressors throughout our lives. So we need to put the practice into play consistently. Right? So if you can’t carve out 20 minutes to go do your thing. You know, it’s going to be a constant uphill battle. Right? So that’s the stress response that I know that I’ll have for you. What was the middle one before the vitality Heather that you wanted to talk about? building resilience? Yeah, this will build a mental resilience. It’ll also help you build a physical resilience. And the connection between the two the mind body, the mind, body spirit, the third, that resilience of that conductivity will also be there because It takes that dedication to do breathing exercises past two minutes, right? I mean, go to a common everyday yoga class down the road, you might do a little bit before or after class, right? As the class begins, you might do a little bit of this or that, or you might do some alternate nostril breathing, you’re going to do very, very little bit, right? Very rarely you do past two minutes. So breathing inside even our yoga class, right? And how many? How many places Can you go to to say, I’m going to go to the breathwork class down the road? We don’t say that in our common language, so that the actual act of the depth of concentration that you build, to do this kind of breath based meditation, even past 20 minutes, will build that resiliency is inherent into the practice itself.


Heather Clark  46:00

It’s almost as if it’s up, it’s a choice, once you choose to continue with it, that itself is what’s building that resilience.


Rishi Eric Infanti  46:09

It is it absolutely is. Yeah, yeah, it


Heather Clark  46:11

doesn’t have to be. And that’s like, 50 pushups later. No, it’s just choosing No, I’m gonna continue here. And I choose to continue. And I choose to continue and oh, my goodness, I have resilience in so many different ways that I couldn’t even predict it.


Rishi Eric Infanti  46:24

Love this. A lot more opens up. A lot more opens up. Yeah. Yeah.


Heather Clark  46:31

And now vitality.


Rishi Eric Infanti  46:33

Well, that’s the result. I mean, I said it. I think once in our conversation today. Once you get through all the layers of the practice that I’ve kind of outlined already, your body’s just beaming, is glowing, it’s pulsing beyond what our heartbeat is, is pulsing. The whole body has its own its own pulse at that point. And so that’s the energy body, that’s the energy body pulsing alongside our anatomical heartbeat, it’s a different rhythm, it’s a different feeling is very, very euphoric. I mean, your alcohol can’t touch the level of euphoric response that this breathwork provides. And I’m not against drinking, I drink. I love a glass of champagne, or Moser, a bear with my my family and a good glass of wine, you know, nothing, nothing against any of that I drink socially to. But I don’t do it to numb myself, right. And I don’t do it to get euphoric. I do this to get before because a very natural, it’s very powerful. So the vitality, the energy body, again, will permeate the physicality, your limbs feel different, your eyes feel different, your hair feels different, your skin feels different. Everything on the inside feels different, your heart feels so different. Because you’ve just opened it up quite a bit, you’ve opened up a lot of channels. So there’s a lot of healing going on inside of the heart. As well as giving the toroidal field that we have innately as human beings, an opportunity to glow out into the world, right. And but it’s also going to permeate in through our psychology as well as opening up for our spirituality. But you want to talk about raising vitality just by doing breath work. There’s nothing better than this. And I’ve been an athlete my entire life, still training for that Iron Man. Still, this is much more profound and raising energy. I’m still a full contact Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, practitioner, still still doing the ground fighting at my, my mature age for that sport. I shouldn’t even be doing it. But I take such good care of myself, I’m able to do it, unable to get out of bed the next morning as well, full contact. But nothing. There’s nothing that compares to raising the level of chronic energy that that this breathwork protocol I put together does.


Heather Clark  49:13

I’m very present to how this is more than simply physical vitality. This is more than just mental sharpness. This is more than the spiritual vitality, it really has a sense that it’s dry. It draws success to a person who’s been able to really shift into this to allow this state of bliss. And to live this vitality. Has that been your experience for yourself and your clients.


Rishi Eric Infanti  49:38

It absolutely has been and I can use myself as an example here. I just shared a little bit of a story about you asked me what’s the vision of this and I’m like, if I if I told you if you asked that question, Where are we February? One, two, if you asked that question before November. I’m not too sure I would have had a profound answer. But I’ve been doing this practice quite some time, especially since I had COVID. Myself. Back in April last year, my head at heart, Heather, not to paint a morbid picture. But I had it for two months hard. I couldn’t move for two months, I had to be cared for every single day. I needed support just to go to the bathroom. Everything hurt, I couldn’t eat. I needed to have food cut and put in my mouth for me. And then I woke up one day, I could not breathe, I just could not breathe. And I’m the breath master here, right? So I could not breathe. So it’s time to go to the hospital and get the oxygen and put in my nose, which is in coincidence, the only thing that the hospital can really do to help you right? The the the IV was very hydrating. Thank you for that. But those meds that they were given. That didn’t do it. They didn’t do anything to that virus. So and then I asked the nurse, I said, Well, do you have any breathing exercises you suggest? She says no, take this inhaler. Right. So never was a monologist introduced to me inside of the hospital, right? day two, with COVID. In the hospital, I’m preparing my family for the worst. I’m like, Listen, this doesn’t look good. I don’t think I’m coming home. So day three, the infectious disease director walked in with layers of masks on you know how they do it in the hospital, you see on the news, whatever, that big shield masks the internal mask all these things. She looks at me. And then she she takes that external layer mask off, she takes the interior mask off. And the paper scrubs on top of the cloth scrubs, she peels that off, throws them away, and she looks me says you’re going to be fine. You’re going home today. And I’m feeling like death, right? So somehow, I believed her somehow I hobbled home, and immediately lay down and just started doing my breath work progressively every single day, did it and went from that dramatic where I’m on the doorway of I’m not coming home to two weeks later, I’m on a 50 mile bike ride, which I’ve never rode that far before. I attribute every single bit of my health. Thank you for the IV thank you for the oxygen it saved my butt. But the breath work, put put me to help through my own to my own resolve. And so it is absolutely the most profound way to you want to talk about race vitality, from the doorway of death to that in two weeks, a 50 mile bike ride. I mean, come on, what else is gonna do that? You know?


Heather Clark  52:54

And what a great example of being unshakable, it doesn’t necessarily prevent you from having the problem. It didn’t necessarily prevent COVID. But it helps you through the process. It helps you maintain resilience, it helps you to see things for what they were. And then or what they appear to be at the time and face it. And then to recover. Yes,



that’s, that’s,


Heather Clark  53:15

that’s very quick. Two weeks later, 50 mile bike ride. That’s a very fast recovery.



You’re gonna fall


Rishi Eric Infanti  53:22

Yeah. And then you want to talk about manifestations or what you are opening up to receive in your world and in your life. It just showed up in my consciousness that, well, you’re going to move, and then you’re also going to open up a Healing Center in that new space that you’re going to move into. I’m like, oh, okay, well, there’s my path. Now. Now what I know now. Now I know what I’m up to. Now we just figure out logistics from here. So here we are. Yeah.


Heather Clark  53:54

Yeah. PC, where can people find you?


Rishi Eric Infanti  53:59

Yep. So there’s two places right now. And, you know, the unfortunate news about the two places is that, you know, both these web websites have some anomalies going on. And then because I’m in a, I’m in a transition at this point. So


Heather Clark  54:14

can we just stop and acknowledge that all websites almost at all times are going to collect anomalies like Dude, there’s no way unless you’re on it twice a day trying to keep it? No, of course, is there space for that? Go on? Tell us more.


Rishi Eric Infanti  54:29

Thank you. So in fact, I’m in the design process right now of putting this this retreat center online so I’m working on the design as we speak, but I don’t have the domain name yet. So so people gonna have to find me through my old my older two websites. One of them will eventually come down or just transfer link over to the new one. But maila n e l a academy.com. That’s where all my that’s my teaching Academy as well as someone My one on one work. There’s a lot of information there about me and about the work that I do. And then the the transitionary website where I’m doing more soul based work is our E I. So the acronym of my initials, and then soul tribe.com is a transitionary website, whether I keep that or not, I’m not clear yet. And then when my holistic Retreat Center website is complete, and I have a name, then I’ll be able to speak of that. But these are the two places right now where people can find me online.


Heather Clark  55:42

Beautiful, watch this space.


Rishi Eric Infanti  55:44

Yeah. Yeah, thank you, thank you that’s happening. And I have support to do it, which is great. But there’s there’s nothing on either one of those websites that talk about my breath, work so on people who have to reach out to me through email, or just simply text me to, you know, put together, you know, a little bit of a call to talk about what their needs are. And then we can go into, you know, working privately over technology, or if they’re local to me, we can just simply meet one on one.


Heather Clark  56:13

Fantastic, and as you may have noticed, he is a delightful human being I do encourage people reach out.





Rishi Eric Infanti  56:21

thank you.


Heather Clark  56:22

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for coming on the show. This has been delightful.


Rishi Eric Infanti  56:27

I’ve had a great time with you. I really have I’ll come back as many times as you wish.


Heather Clark  56:32

I’m going to take you up on that. Thanks so much.


Heather Clark  56:38

Thanks so much for listening. I’d love to hear from you. Go to unshakablebeing.com and submit your question, comment, or topic request. May you be unshakable, unstoppable, and vibrant again. Until next time.