Drop Your Baggage after a Big Change with Jean Atman

What if you could jettison your energetic and emotional baggage after a big identity change? That is exactly what we explore in this episode. Jean Atman, a Transformational Healer who has helped thousands of people thrive in their lives, shares the power of how people can explore their energies to make positives changes throughout their lives.

In this episode we explore:

  • 5:01 – How to get into your inner worlds
  • 11:35 – Holding onto rejection and abandonment
  • 18:59 – Reverse engineering our process to find answers
  • 24:15 – Energy of guilt and it’s form of manipulation
  • 37:15 – Just because it doesn’t feel good doesn’t mean it’s bad
  • 43:28 – Jean’s story of always being connected to the spiritual realms
  • 51:36 – Channeling the Ascended Masters and chakras
  • 55:45 – Jean’s definition of unshakable
  • 56:29 – Unshakable from the perspective of energy and emotion

Featured Guest

Jean Atman

Self-Mastery Mentor and Energy Medicine Specialist

Jean is passionate about helping people break free from living in a state of suffering. Many people find Jean when they feel stuck and unable to move forward in their lives. Jean combines intuitive energy healing with soul coaching and belief-sculpting and assists clients in basically… getting out of their own way. She sees what is working, what is not, and how to remedy it. She loves to empower others to learn the process for themselves.

She remains fiercely dedicated to that cause and throughout her 21-year professional career has empowered over 20,000 people worldwide to live a life filled with potential, purpose, and ease. She offers individual sessions, group healing programs, workshops, guided meditations, and retreats.


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episode transcription

Dr. Heather Clark  00:01

Welcome to Unshakable Being, the podcast with inspiration and practical tools for purpose led leaders like you to relieve stress, build resilience, and unlock vitality in your life, body, and business. I am Dr. Heather Clark, and I’ll be your host. 


Hello, and welcome back to the show. Today, I’m so excited to have Jean Atman on the show. Jean is passionate about helping people break free from living in a state of suffering. Many people find Jean when they feel stuck and unable to move forward in their lives. She combines intuitive energy healing was soul coaching and belief sculpting and assists clients and basically getting out of their own way. Jean, welcome to the show.


Jean Atman 

Thank you so much. It’s a pleasure being here with you. I’m delighted to have you. So, the listeners know, Jean and I have been chatting a little bit and we don’t do the same things. But we’re pretty aligned like soul sisters here. And she and I are both on board with going deep right away, so here we go. Jean, what I would like to know is, especially in this time of COVID, and how things have been changing for people, whether they want it to or not. I want to hear about how people can jettison their energetic and emotional baggage as their identity changes.


Jean Atman  01:32

That’s a good question. So, it’s funny because there’s so many people who have been living lives that just haven’t fit for a long time. And it’s a scary thing to make drastic changes in your life, whether that’s to release a toxic relationship or change out of a job that you’re not satisfied with. It’s scary because the foundation has been built in a certain way. And people like to know what to expect and to live in a way that is familiar. So last year, in 2020, when all this craziness came in, it really stripped a lot of people have that need to stay where they are.


Because a lot of people were forced into releasing their jobs. You know, you’re confined in a household with someone that you don’t get along with that gets loud quickly, right? So, people are really reevaluating what fits what doesn’t. So, this past year, while it might have been very difficult for a lot of people, I feel like it was so serving for the collective consciousness to really come more deeply into the states of authenticity, and authentic self, as opposed to living in  ways that just don’t fit or don’t work.


So that process is energetic and emotional. We emotionally were attached to our past, we identify with who we are based on where we’ve been and the experiences that we’ve had. So, to think about who we are in the future, or the potential of that can be a little intimidating, especially when there’s such a vast field of potential, like where do you even go in that place, right? But what I see as an energetic healer, and I see that people carry almost like bags or suitcases, sandbags stuck energy, dense energy in their field, they literally carry all of this, these stagnancies from their past, which again makes it harder to move forward.


So, while your thoughts might come in and say I really want something different. If you are emotionally attached to your past, and you’re carrying the energetic baggage of the past, and let me define that real briefly. So energetic stagnations might show up as like trauma, let’s say you experienced something. And this could be, you know, a big trauma, a death, you know, or it could be micro traumas of abuse, right, your life, those imprints sort of stagnate in the energy body, and until you release them, you carry them forward.


So, while they’re in your energy body, people can feel that frequency and the vibration of them, they tend to emit that frequency and continue to perpetuate that sort of beingness in their experience. So, I know that just got deep, quick. So, if you have questions about that, let me know. If you’re trying to move forward within this place of all these stuck traumas within your field, it’s really challenging.


But what’s happening is now that we’re kind of being nudged not so gracefully, sometimes into the new people are really needing to purge through this stuff. And if you can do it intentionally, it’s much easier to walk that path rather than do it kicking and screaming, trying to grip onto something that just doesn’t fit anymore.


Dr. Heather Clark  04:54

That is beautiful. Tell me more about how someone would know if they’re emitting that frequency?


Jean Atman  05:01

So, it’s really such a beautiful process of what happens. If life is in a state of struggle or suffering, you’re basically… that’s information or an indicator that you are carrying something that isn’t serving you. So, a lot of times people say, “How do I get into my inner worlds? How do I know what’s going on?” Your vibration emits a certain frequency, which draws in similar frequencies.


So, a few years ago, I was asking my guidance, just to show me what that looks like. And they showed me, for instance, if someone is full of anger, consistently, chronic anger and rage, and that just seems to be the state of emotion that they’re in, let’s say they have a lot of like black energy bubbles within their field. So, because they’re maybe 90% of these black energy bubbles, they will instantly start to play with 90% of anger, energy bubbles in their environment.


So, when you start to clear through those anger, energy bubbles, suddenly, their energy begins to play with other fields of energy in their environment. So really, the more you can kind of cleanse that energy out of your field, you literally interact with your environment in a different way.


So, people even see this within their relationships, where if they have played the victim role for a long time, and they land themselves with an abusive partner, they start to clear through that victim mentality, start to find their empowerment start to focus on their self-care, suddenly, that dynamic with that partner shifts without them needing their partner to do anything different.


But the dynamic and exchange of energy becomes different, the dynamic becomes different. So, and then eventually, they get to a point where thinking what this does not fit, this does not feel good. And they can more easily move out of that type of relationship, just because it’s not resonant with who they are energetically anymore, or emotionally. Does that make sense?


Dr. Heather Clark  07:03

It makes perfect sense. Can I just say how much I love all of this? Yes, we’re very aligned here. One of the things that certainly my clients run into, and I bet your clients run into too, is what are some of the consequences that they might initially perceive as negative of clearing their energetic field? And then how do they manage that?


Jean Atman  07:31

That’s a good question. I just had a question like that from a new client, who is participating in my coursework, who was doing some of my guided meditations. And she says, I know when we’re enveloped in this place of love, and this cocoon of, of unconditional love, I feel sad. And I’m trying to avoid feeling that way.


Because I know I’m supposed to feel this way. And I think when people start to get into the spiritual realm, they think it’s all about positivity, it’s about yoga poses and smiling. It’s not, it’s so much deeper. It’s about identifying how you feel and accepting whatever that is. But we are as a collective really used to stuffing our feelings. You know, we learned this early on in our lives.


If you’re hungry, you got to you have to wait until the next class, if you must go the bathroom, you must wait. If you’re, you know, impatient, you need to wait for this. It’s like we’re stuck your feelings, you can’t feel that right now, because we’ve got to address all these other moving parts. And so, we learn early on, our feelings might not be relevant, or we can’t express them in the moment, or we need to hold them or withhold them. So, it’s kind of a trained behavior.


So, when you start to ask people to get in touch with their feelings, it’s a little difficult because the default has been to stuff and suppress and ignore and neglect. So, when we start to explore what that feels like, all those stuffed emotions begin to surface. And it can feel a little intense if you’re not used to feeling them. So, when you know that going in that that’s okay, that’s what it’s supposed to feel like it’s supposed to feel a little awkward, a little messy, a little cathartic.


And when you can feel those, those things surfacing and allow them, it’s temporary. They’re just looking for an outlet. So, when you can feel them and let them lift, you’re free of them. And you don’t have to continue to experience that intensity.


But especially if you’ve been stuffing for a long time. And you might see or notice in your clients or yourself. If people have been stuffing for a long time, the tiniest thing can set people off, right you think the straw that broke the camel’s back, and they explode all over the place and they’re like, why am I such a crazy person right now? That was not even a big deal.


But it’s because there’s so much that’s been compounded that you just can’t take anymore. So, when you start to clear all that stuff that’s been really compressed in there wants to surface and so no, that might feel a little bit intense, but it’s very, very temporary and it’s nothing to fear because everything that’s contained within you, is of you. It’s not a scary thing. So, when you can recognize that and let it go, it’s so much easier of a process.


Dr. Heather Clark  10:15

Thank you for that. Because a lot of people find, oh, this is intense, and then immediately judge it as bad. And I’m always like, no, let’s not judge it as bad. Let’s just discern that it’s intense, great. Let it be intense, and there’s no need to make that wrong. Let’s just go with it. And for the people who have been like, all right, it dissipates so much faster.


And they’re able to get back to themselves so much more quickly. And I don’t want to deny that that can be terrifying for people. One of the things, as you’re sharing this that became very clear for me is that it’s as if we’re trained up to deny ourselves, such that we can participate in the collective like, no, you can’t go to the bathroom till between classes.


And no, it’s not lunchtime, you can’t eat and using your examples. So, tell me about what it’s like for your clients, or perhaps if you had that experience, when you first began to, well, I don’t want to deny myself anymore. I want to connect. How do you help people manage the “I feel like I’m rejecting being part of the collective being part of community” as a result?


Jean Atman  11:35

It’s an interesting and, and scary part, sometimes for people just because a lot of people hold the energy of rejection and abandonment within their fields. And this can stem from a deep childhood wound of abandonment, or your parents working too late and feeling alone and isolated, you know, it doesn’t have to be something so traumatic, but a lot of people carry those original wounds in their field.


So, and if you even want to take this back even further, you know, as tribes, if you did something wrong, and you were kicked out of the tribe, you are really on your own in a place of isolation without assistance or help, that was a scary thing. So, if you travel through that lineage, you know that vibration can still be in our fields. So that desire to fit in and to be accepted is a very strong current. So, when you can first recognize how to love yourself how to accept yourself.


And when you do that, you start to eliminate the fear of being rejected from others. So, the more self-work that you can do, to kind of clear through those wounds and really address them, and even acknowledge them, because a lot of people don’t even know they’re carrying them, because they’re just so deep.


So, if you start to do some inner child work, some timeline work, you know, even just inner work of anything that you’re being to kind of challenged with, you might start to see those and recognize those things. So, I would say that’s sort of the first step at really identifying I’m okay, even if I honor myself, the other component of sort of honoring self is that aspect of being selfish.


And the old paradigm, it’s either you’re selfish, or you’re self-sacrificing, you can’t be both, right? So, but that’s old paradigm stuff, what the New Earth what we’re coming into is middle ground. So, you can care for yourself, as well as others simultaneously, you don’t need to pick on one side or the other of the spectrum, there is a middle ground.


And so, we’re entering the middle ground in many facets of life right now. So also recognizing that if I take care of myself is that old program running, that I’m no longer taking care of someone else, and see how those limiting beliefs might be coming into kind of stunt your forward progress based on something that used to be true in the old ways of being.


Dr. Heather Clark  14:03

That’s beautiful. It really requires not only a shift in priority and conditioning, but also a shift in how a person relates to themselves, which is a different way of saying, adopting a new identity. And that can be super terrifying for people.


So, tell me about how you would support somebody through that shift of identity because I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here because I tell people ruthlessly and relentlessly put yourself first and it’s not selfish. It’s super dysfunctional to not do that. And it creates… it’s a little crazy making for people. So how would you support people doing that either from an emotional, energetic, or otherwise point of view?


Jean Atman  14:56

So, within my private practice, I do work with a lot of people transition in their lives. And I read emotional energy. So, it shows me basically what’s happening on the inside as a visual. And 100% of the time, people always say, “Oh my gosh, that’s exactly how I feel.” Because when you can identify what’s happening in the energy body and connect the dots to the mental body to the emotional body, suddenly, you get a full picture of what’s going on.


And it’s much easier to clear at that depth when you can see all the moving parts of it. So, in a private session, we would go in and really look to see what’s happening in that space, where this origin of this program began. And we would start to clear it. So within, you know, that’s how I work as far as helping other people achieve that for themselves.


It’s important just to have curiosity. So, if you’re feeling uncomfortable in your life, and something’s not working, you can go in and you know, that’s why meditation to me is so important. And it’s not having to sit there in an uncomfortable position and steal your thoughts.


You know, it’s so much more for me, it’s a very active process, where I say, what’s going on inside of me? Why is this feeling so intense right now? What does this attach to you? What do I need to see about this, what’s asking to be healed right now? And so people can get into their inner worlds and really ask, and another way to do this is our physical bodies are really it’s that visceral response to something can be very informative.


So, if we have an experience, and suddenly, we can’t breathe in our chest constricts and our heart feels heavy, you can identify how do I feel in my body, because wherever that heaviness or contraction is within your body, that’s symbolizing an energetic stagnancy or blockage. So, if you like to play with energy, which is my favorite thing to do, you can start to think, okay, I’m just going to start to rake through this energy of my chest, you know, and start to release the stuff and just see how I feel.


And suddenly, like, oh, my gosh, I can breathe a little better, and I can feel a little lighter. And when you remove the energy of that original wound, everything that has compounded on top of that also starts to clear. So, you start to move out the emotions that have been attached to that, you start to clear out the mental loops that have been attached to that. So, for me, energy is such a beautiful access point to clearing things at a deep and complete level. I’m not sure if I answered your question. I think I went on a little tangent.


Dr. Heather Clark  17:30

I like tangents, tangents are good. I think you did answer the question. Well, it’s a deep shift. And identity is attached to everything. It’s the identity of not only how you perceive yourself, but how others perceive you. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing.


And in fact, if people use identity, intentionally, it can get you where you want to go faster. And like it or not, your energy is screaming loudly about who you are to other people, it’s a part of your identity, the emotions that you’re not even aware that are floating around in your field.


They’re communicating very clearly with the world, whether the world can discern exactly what’s going on. Like, I don’t know, something’s just off here. Or I don’t know, they’re just fabulous. But I think that’s helpful. And it’s a different way of approaching identity. And it’s really at a deeper level because what people are experiencing now well, who am I if I don’t have that job?


Who am I if I’m not going into the office every day? Who am I, now that I’ve discovered that this relationship is better than I thought, or this relationship is like all kinds of not what supports me right now? And I like that it sounds like you and I are like in that. Let’s not rearrange these deck chairs, let’s just go deep and get to the very root of the problem. And energy is such a great gateway for that.


Jean Atman  18:59

Yes. It’s sort of a reverse engineering aspect, because we’re trained to look outside of ourselves to find answers, and then respond to those things coming in, the stimuli coming in. But if we can identify with our feelings and move from that direction, outward, you know, we’re much more balanced or more centered, much more aligned. But I think people are really used to living for other people’s expectations.


And to me, I think expectations are such a funny thing. Because we if we want to meet someone’s expectations, that is what we think they want, which might not even actually be what they want. So, we’re expending all this energy trying to meet someone’s needs that might be close to what they’re wanting. But then you can see how that would be exhausting. As opposed to just you know, moving through what feels good for you.


And I teach my people a lot where when you are acting for your highest good you also act for other people’s highest good and it’s an interesting question. When people start to learn that, because they say, well, my highest good is leaving this toxic relationship, but that’s not for my partner’s highest good because then that person will miss me. And they need me and blah, blah, blah.


And I said, okay, so that’s the 3D perception of what highest good means, when you can look at this from a higher realm perspective and more expanded perspective, when you act for your higher self, to remove yourself from this toxicity, that allows that person to have to experience that loss, to then encourage them to grow, to encourage them to evolve, and encourage them to improve themselves.


So that is for their highest good, but we really do need to take on a higher level of perception and perspective, to see that, to give ourselves that freedom to really honor what it is to act for our highest good. Because if we’re only focusing on persons expectations, that keeps a lot of people stuck.


Dr. Heather Clark  20:57

Exactly, that drive to not disappoint, the secret, people pleasing, the approval seeking all of that. And that higher level really helps a person, in my opinion, take responsibility for what’s theirs, and allow other people to take responsibility for themselves or not, right?


What you’re sharing is a great example of, if she’s taking responsibility for herself, this toxic relationship does not work for me, these are the actions that I’ve taken, it hasn’t shifted in an appropriate amount of time, and I’m making a new choice done.


Like that’s taking responsibility for you taking responsibility for the other party sounds like, but you know, this doesn’t really work for him. And first, that’s not your job. And second, I completely agree with you the whole no, no, this could be exactly the thing that launches their entire life, like just let it be okay.


Jean Atman  21:59

Right, right. And I think that there is something that, you know, again, that we’ve grown up with, where you must make sure everyone’s feeling a certain way and feeling good, and they’re all taken care of, and everybody is good around you and, and then when everybody else is settled, then you can be okay.


And again, it’s it, we’re really going through this huge process of unlearning all that stuff, and unpacking all that stuff, because that’s what’s keeping everyone small in having the inability to move forward and grow. And what I see energetically.


So those people that are people pleasers, this was a huge epiphany for me in my life. When I started to learn, and see, when I was working on a client, I saw her energy shift. So, she was helping people in this dimension, and I could see how far her energy traveled through them in their experience, which was a finite amount.


But when we removed that energy of outpouring, and focused it inward, and kind of regenerated the energy inward, suddenly, her field became immense. And the reach of that energy was exponential. And when I saw that and witnessed it, I thought, oh, my gosh, this is where it’s at. This is how relevant and important and vital it is for us to focus on ourselves.


Because energetically, collectively, we touch so many more people, when we are focusing inward and building our own energy, because that travels far beyond what you can even imagine. It was mind blowing when I saw that.


Dr. Heather Clark  23:36

Completely agree. I couldn’t agree more. It’s so much more powerful. And it allows other people to show up as themselves as powerfully as they choose to in that moment, instead of all this strange, codependent web that we put out.


Well, if I take care of your needs, you’ll take care of my needs. And then we can take care of them. Like no, no, no. And I will warn people, when you first start putting yourself first, those people that had come to rely on you investing your energy into them and investing, you know, your responsibility into them, they’re going to have some feelings about it, but let them.


Jean Atman  24:15

But that’s, that’s where the energy of guilt comes in. And it’s such a form of manipulation, you know, and if people start to, it’s like they have a need, but they don’t want to ask for that need. So, then they start to manipulate a little bit to get that need met, and the other person starts to manipulate too and it’s just this really kind of messy form of living.


But when you can stand in your need and first get clear what that even is, what do you want, you know, get clear, and simply just ask, it creates so much more intimacy within a partnership, because your energy is complete. Its whole, it’s centered. It’s not fragmented, trying to without an agenda of trying to get them to do something to suit your needs, or meet your needs and vice versa.


So, if you find that, you know, those listening ourselves or whatever, if you’re finding that you’re using guilt to get your needs met, think about that, and say, okay, am I comfortable just asking for what I want? And if I’m not, why not? And what do I need to do about that? What can I nurture within myself, to help myself feel safe within asking for what I need?


And when you realize that you are safe when you do that, and it can build even stronger bonds within the relationships, you never turn back to do any other way. But it really is releasing all those old paradigm thoughts and belief systems that just have never worked. And now we have such a beautiful opportunity, as we’re moving into this ascension process to really claim who we are within our essence.


And like you said, which was so beautiful, it’s not what we do, it’s who we are. And we’ve been practicing being in this place of beingness, as opposed to doing this, which I thought 2020 was so amazing for that. It’s like, just sit in your house, with your own company, and see what that feels like. I was like, yes, finally, we get a chance to do this and experiences. And for me, my life didn’t look much different.


I had closed my physical office in December of 2019, it was guided, like, close your office, close your office, I was like, okay, because most of my clientele are, you know, worldwide anyways, so to have a space within my community just didn’t make sense anymore.


So, I closed and then you know, three months later, I was like, oh, thanks for that little, you know, tip. Worked well. But I enjoyed witnessing everyone else around me also, being in the home space and seeing, you know, are you comfortable in your own company? Or does that freak you out? You know, because a lot of people don’t stop long enough to even know if they like to be with themselves.


Dr. Heather Clark  26:57

Yeah, keep spinning with the distractions and if I can just do a new project, maybe I’ll ‘bop bop bop’, and the story continues. Like, for instance, I’ve had this experience in my own life, and I’ve seen it happen with clients enough that I recommend against this.


But if you’re unhappy in your job, a lot of times the thought is will simply get a new job. And what I’ve noticed is that works, you get like a three to six month honeymoon. And then you have all the same problems you had before, but just different faces, different names.


And they’re louder. So, the universe is extending the invitation to you. So, I love this about just really, get curious, like what’s going on in my life? What is this about? What do I want to do about it? And then going back to your example of if you’re not getting your needs met, simply ask to get your needs met. And if it feels unsafe to do, so why not disclose to that other party?


Like, I don’t know what this is about? It doesn’t feel safe to ask for this. And I’m asking for this. Because a lot of times that gives the other person an opportunity to show up more wholly as themselves like, oh, that’s weird that you don’t feel safe. Is that something I’m doing?


And then you can have a conversation about but when you do this it’s my perception, or no, that’s 100% me, but I wanted to disclose like, and it gets all that stuff. Using your language, it gets it out of your field, it gets it out into the open, it’s conscious now. Then you can move forward from there or not. If you’re talking to somebody who can’t meet you there. That’s important data.


Right? You get to choose, right? I want to continue to play with someone who can’t go there with me. Okay. Neither right nor wrong.


Jean Atman  28:45

The conversation is interesting, too, because I think some of the old ways are contained projection of, you must do this, so I feel better. And so, what we spoke to earlier about taking full responsibility for yourself, if you’re feeling insecure, or unsafe, or whatever that feeling is to be accepting of that feeling. And to own it, claim it. You know, I don’t know why this is even here. I don’t even need to know, I don’t even care.


All I know is it’s loud. And I need to process it. I always encourage you know, if you’re in the heat of the moment, so what I see come in a lot is, let’s see, an experience comes in. And every experience that comes into our field or our consciousness or experience travels through the lenses of the past until we clear those lenses, right?


So, if an experience comes in and you’re triggered, based on that old lens, you know, you typically, people will react to that trigger immediately. Well, you did this and that made me mad and this and they blame and shame and all these things. So, I encourage people to just take that in swim in it for a little while and really experience what is this that I’m feeling because the triggers will always lead you into those deeper stuffed emotions that are just asking to be healed.


And there’s nothing to fear in there. It’s just something that’s really needing some help and some nurturing. So if you take the time to go in there and nurture, whatever you’re feeling, let’s say it’s insecurity, let’s use an example, let’s say someone who’s feeling really insecure, and they witness their partner gazing in somebody else’s direction instantly, you know, throws them into this trigger of, of insecurity and jealousy, that has nothing to do with your partner and everything to do with you, and how you might not feel until you sense of worthiness, or, you know, being able to be loved, or there’s so many things that are happening in there.


But when you dive into the origins of where that is, you remedy that suddenly, you’re free of that, you don’t have to continue to experience that. But like you said, you know, it gets louder and louder with the same people. It’s not like, I must dump that guy, because he’s, you know, a grazer, or whatever, you know, it’s like, no, it’s something within you that’s continuing to draw on this experience, because it’s trying to get your attention. Lessons will continue to repeat until we learn them. We’re like, yeah, we got that, you know, really love we understand that.


Dr. Heather Clark  31:09

Louder and louder.


Jean Atman  31:13

And eventually, you land in crisis, and you don’t need to.


Dr. Heather Clark  31:18

Yeah, and a lot of times, it’s easier to shift it in place. Like instead of, okay, well, this relationship doesn’t work, let me get a different relationship. This job sucks, going to get a different job. Much of the time if you can shift it in place, meaning, why is this happening? What is it? Is it something within me? Is it something I haven’t processed? Is it something to integrate and get super curious about it, move through the work, clear the energy, do the Shadow Work, all the integration stuff, and then at the end, oh, I’m clear, this job isn’t a fit.


Right? Cool. Choose a new one, but you’ve shifted it in place. So that it’s unlikely to ever happen again, or that relationship will continue to be good. Or it’s not like, maybe if you have a business… Maybe I’m not the only one that’s been like, what if I just blew this whole thing up? Like, okay, but whenever you start again, we’ll probably have the same vibe.


So, what if you shifted it here? And then if you’re called to do something different, because it’s almost like living into a rescue fantasy. Well, if I end this, or destroy it, or blow it up, or whatever, and start something new, then it will be completely different. And no, it probably won’t be completely different unless you’ve shifted those energetic foundations already. And then it might, it’s very likely to be, but it’s… and I warn people, because it could be so devastating. Like, I did all these new things, and I got the same crap, like, yeah, yeah. Let’s process all that.


Jean Atman  32:54

Right. Well, it’s interesting, because when you start to process your inner worlds and get clear of what’s in your way, then it’s a conscious choice not to do that any longer. You know, but unless you’re aware of it, you find that you just keep repeating these patterns, these programs over and over. And people feel like they’re on this hamster wheel, they just can’t get off.


And then you want to run to the woods and go live off the land and, like, have animals as your only friends, you know, just trying to find some peace. But when you can find that within, everything around you changes. And it’s it really is the easy button to go in and do the internal work. And people always ask, you know, a lot of people, because they know that the work is deep, I always tell people, if you find me, you’re ready to get in it, because we don’t mess around, we go straight into the core.


And we start to move some stuff there. And so, there is a certain amount of readiness that needs to be present within that level of work. And it’s nothing to fear. I know that because I was like, what does that mean? It’s nothing to fear, but it’s just like, we’re ready. We’re just done where we are, and we’re ready to do something different.


And it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not like you’re plucked off and you’re dropped into a completely different reality. There’s a process through it, thankfully, you know, we would all lose our minds otherwise. But you can make fast changes when you know where to work. And I think when people can get conscious of what’s in their way, it’s so easy to move through it. And they start to feel empowered within that process, as opposed to being in that victim mentality, or victim of circumstance.


Or if you only do something different than I can feel better. It’s like, own your feelings, own your stuff, and focus on what’s going on and just move it you know, because you can. And when people learn that it’s like, cool. What else do I want to move? You know, it’s like when you start to clean out your closet and you’re like, I don’t want this anymore. I don’t want this anymore, and it becomes fun and invigorating. Soul work is like that. If you know where to you know where the closet is located. All you need to know is where the clause is located. And then you can start to pull stuff out.


Dr. Heather Clark  34:54

And in fact, the closet will almost hand you what’s first. What’s up in your world? What’s going on? And then the closet will just be like, here’s your first thing, cool. You won’t even have to rummage. Thanks, man. Appreciate that. That saves a lot of time here. And at first, it’s real stressful.


Jean Atman  35:19

I had a friend of mine that I was mentoring, back in 2012. And she just… she was in it. And I was like, that’s so awesome. She’s like, “eff you, why are you happy about this?” I was like, because, you know, you’re just like you’re so in it and you’re moving through it is wonderful. Because this is, you know, once you move this, you don’t have to go through this anymore.


It’s magical time. And I know it’s uncomfortable, but it’s so productive. And when you can just get into that feeling of, you know, even though this doesn’t feel good right now, I know, it’s temporary, and I’m moving some massive boulders out of my way right now. Oh, my gosh, it’s there’s so much joy in that, you know, so you’re feeling everything at once there is it is intense, but it’s invigorating. It’s kind of like the borderline between.


Some people feel anxious, and some people feel excited. And there’s kind of a fine line sometimes between, it’s like, let’s just lean over a little bit into more of the excitement aspect of things. And it can feel good. You know, it doesn’t have to be something so scary.


Dr. Heather Clark  36:23

And perhaps you’ve noticed this as well, but for myself, and for a lot of my clients, what I discovered… actually, I got clear on this just a couple years ago, it’s like, I love the intensity itself. And I had been fighting it like, oh, this is bad, and all this judgment. And then I was like wait, wait, wait a minute. What? No, like, okay, it’s simply intense.


And even though the experience may be unpleasant, chances are very good. There’s something that you can enjoy about the experience, even when it sucks. And I just want to acknowledge how triggering that could be for people. I’ve given presentations, where people are like, “What?!” Like stop the whole thing. And I’m like, you know, just, I just invite you to try it on.


Jean Atman  37:15

Well, I think there is this belief system that if something doesn’t feel good, it equals it’s bad. Or it’s negative, or it’s something we need to run from or avoid. This is something that’s programmed in. And when you can walk through something that’s uncomfortable and feel good about it, you’re like, what is wrong with this, something must be wrong with you.


But you know that it’s just, I don’t know, it’s so productive. And it’s, it’s an interesting perception, even in that experience, too. Because if you can think about it is intense, and I’m with you, I love intensity, I get bored. Otherwise, I’m like, give me something to work with. Because I love the depth and expansion, the intensity, because you know, you’re moving some big stuff there.


And I think that, I don’t know, if people are sort of afraid to really get into that intensity that they’re just not used to feeling and so when it gets intense, it’s like, well, I don’t know, I don’t know what to do with it. I know we replace all this stuff, you know, it’s a lot of moving parts there. But you’re right, you know, getting into it, feeling good about it, walking through it pretty much unscathed. And then moving on with life.


Dr. Heather Clark  38:24

Well, and it’s, it’s a way that I found that it’s much easier to access power, if you’re willing to move through the intensity and integrate and just truly do the work. And then the other thing I’ve noticed that people maybe don’t realize is when you’re doing your own work, that really opens the space, and it makes it easier for people in your life to do their work without you needing to tell them, “You need to do your work.” It’s like, okay, that’s probably not helpful to doing your own.


It really reconfigures the situation in the relationships, that helps people do their own work. And whether they choose to or not, again, is different, but people will treat you differently. Like there was a recent experience where I was in a situation where people had a lot of victim energy. And I don’t have a lot of tolerance for that anymore. And I just shut it down. Not, “you need to stop!” Not shut it down like that. But like, nope, nope, that wasn’t what I asked.


What I asked was this, is it yes or no? Like, I know you have a story. I’m not interested. Is it a yes, or no? Then just letting people like, okay, if my identity to you is that I’m a jerk. Okay, that’s fine. I’m fine with that. And part of that was working through the gift of triggers as they came up just like you were sharing with. Like, okay, well, I find I’m triggered. Cool. And I find I can’t have an adult conversation at this moment I’m going to go, I’m going to go integrate be back. They come back. And, okay, here’s what I discovered. And now let’s deal with this the issue at hand.


Jean Atman  40:07

It’s interesting when you say that too, because I find that triggers are an interesting thing, because sometimes they’re meant to lead you into your work. And sometimes they’re meant just to show you of how far you’ve come. Because it’s like, I don’t have tolerance for that anymore.


And I don’t need to, I just need to know that that’s not in alignment for what I need right now. And that’s okay, you can stay where you are. And I’m going to stay over here where I’m at, and no, there’s no judgement, it’s like, okay, thanks for that information. And you can go that way, I’m just going to go over here, you know, where it doesn’t need to be like, everything that’s triggering you is, is a flag for inner work, sometimes you’re just like, I’m just really done with that.


And I just can’t be present with it anymore. Because it’s so painful. I’m so far removed for the experience now. But I wish you a lot of luck on your journey, and I’m holding space for you to dive in your stuff, and you’re ready,  but I’m just going to do it from a distance because it can be really draining to continue to engage with something that you’ve, you know, kind of been so far removed from for a while.


Dr. Heather Clark  41:10

It truly, it truly can. How do you handle… because one of the things that’s happening right now for people is, they find themselves in a consistent situation where this keeps happening. So, for instance, people work in a job where they have done their work, they’re integrating, they’re triggered, and yet the micro and macro traumas continue to happen. What would you suggest for people in that situation where they’re like, I’m doing my own work and I’m still in the situation and it keeps coming at me?


Jean Atman  41:50

There are different levels of the work. So, it’s recognizing the inner work. So, let’s say you’re doing your healing work around boundaries, and you’re coming to peace with things and you’re coming to peace with your own needs. But you’re not yet implementing that energy into action steps here in this dimension. So, it’s sort of like you’re building the system within and that takes some time. And when we created the ethers, we can bring that energy in right away.


But the way that it functions here in this density takes a little longer for all the other systems to fall in place around us. So, we’re like, we’re feeling good, why isn’t things why aren’t things reflecting this back to us yet? It’s like, you know, the more complete, you get into that vibration of wholeness and good boundaries and healthy boundaries, the more that will translate into this realm, but sometimes it takes a little bit of time.


And if you want to accelerate that process, practice being that way of being, see if see if you know, oh, maybe I can assert this more and claim the energy here in this realm, because there is that transition of moving it from the ethers and the spiritual and energetic body into the embodiment here. So, I would suggest that they look at where can I start to apply these things in this dimension, to really start to claim it here.


Dr. Heather Clark  43:20

Beautiful. Thank you for that. I would love to know, what’s your origin story? How did you come to be doing this work?


Jean Atman  43:28

I have always been attached to the spiritual realms. My parents were extremely Catholic. My mom was a nun. And my dad was a brother, and they met through their religion and got a dispensation from the Pope to get married. So, they were very, very traditional. So here I come in seeing spirits in our house, engaging with all these other outer worldly beings.


Telling my mom that I see these things and she thinks, I don’t know what is wrong with my child. There’s something going on with this kid, you know, and really challenging a lot of those belief systems that they held because I have memories of my past lives. I have memories of the contractual room before I incarnated into this lifetime, I have memories of these things that I came in here with.


And when she says, I don’t we don’t believe in reincarnation. I’m like, I literally remember my last lifetime, like, how can you not believe in this? So, it was an interesting dynamic growing up in a household that didn’t believe anything I believed. So, it made me really question, is there something wrong with me? Am I in this weird plane of existence and planet do I belong here, you know, who am I in this place? So, it was a kind of a struggle as I grew up, having all these sensations and experiences with things that others around me didn’t see or believe in.


So, I tried to fit in through, you know, school and all of that, and I just always felt distant from myself. So, it was a really it was kind of a challenging time, as well as I grew up with a of toxicity in my household and being a sensitive kid, I was tuning into everyone’s emotions early on, and they were very, very unstable around me.


So, I developed this need to take care of everyone to make sure there was peace around me. And to make sure everyone else felt good so that I can feel safe and feel okay, so I developed a lot of belief systems that number one, there’s something wrong with me, I don’t know why I’m on this planet, I must be responsible for everyone around me.


So, it kind of set me up for a lifetime of a lot of lessons. You know, I always say I didn’t read the fine print before dive into this incarnation. Because holy cow, that’s a lot. So as I was growing up, I was realizing I was just drawing in a lot of narcissistic and toxic relationships, and just really needing to kind of go through a lot of deep, deep struggles and challenges.


And I learned through all these experiences, what I don’t want. So that was awesome. I got really clear about that. And after an intense psychic vampire narcissistic relationship, I finally at that point to the deep soul dive into my own realms, and I spent years there just really exploring what is going on in there.


Why am I drawing this in? What is in my vibration that is… that I’m carrying forward with me to continue to have another boy with a different face. So, when the same type of experience and I thought I need to stop doing all of this, and when I started to learn about myself, it really deepened my work as well. Because we know the more, we understand of ourselves more, we can meet other people at that depth. So, I just continue to deep soul dive daily. I mean, moment by moment, I’m in my stuff.


And in my soul work I’m, I’m always in constant connection with source and my guidance to get epiphanies in every moment, I would say, my shower is my portal, because if I’ve ever confused about anything, I just go in there. And I can spend hours in there. Because it’s so entertaining, there’s so much that comes through in that space, that I just love to have that level of clarity. So that’s sort of my personal journey of the whole thing.


But professionally, my practice has evolved with me. So, I have a degree in psychology. And I went back to school after I got my degree for neuromuscular therapy to really understand more of the systems of the body. And I’ve always been really interested in the human condition.


And being able to read the room at an early age, to keep myself safe has really helped me because ever since I was little, I’ve been tuning into people’s emotional fields and their sensations and their emotional states of being. So that was really developed from day one of being born into this plane. So that has carried forward into my work here and I abilities. I was introduced to Reiki in 2000. And that’s where my energetic journey started.


And it was so interesting because I was already playing with energy and people’s fields. But I didn’t understand that it was a thing or that other people did it, I thought it was just something weird that I had. And so, when I found other people that understood energy, I was like, oh, my gosh, you were my people, was just so attached to these people, because they could teach me what this was and what this was within me and how to expand these gifts.


And from that point forward, I’ve taken every energetic modality I can get my hands on just to gain deeper understanding what’s happening within. So, my work has sort of transitioned throughout the years of adding in the structured pieces of these modalities but utilizing it as an integrated form through my own perspective of the work and the depth of it. So, it’s really kind of formed into a whole different version of itself.


But after I did my deep, deep soul dive work is when I really started getting into the coaching and the helping other people see how they’re in their own way, because I just couldn’t see it until I had gone through that process myself, I know the process very intimately. So, it really did assist me in my practice so deeply.


Dr. Heather Clark  49:09

That is deeply interesting. And there’s a lot fabulous about that. But what I’m very present to is being you’re being raised in an environment that essentially denied that a huge feature of who you are even existed. That’s sort of like being in the house and pretending that the kitchen isn’t there, like it’s a big part here.


And as you’re thinking back, and I know that you shared about some of the how you moved through it, was there a decision that you made? Was there, oh, there was a situation, and I was able to see, oh, them not getting it doesn’t mean anything bad. Like tell me more about that transition. In part because I think a lot of people can resonate there’s a big part of me that my family of origin didn’t get.


Jean Atman  50:02

Quite honestly, we’re being super honest, I was quite a rebel when I was younger, just because all these systems that they were pushing on me didn’t resonate. And I knew from an early age, we are in different planes of existence.


So, when they would, you know, kind of drag me to church, I sat there, I was like, why am I here, I just never felt the resonance of that as connection. Because for me, it’s always just been an intimate and personal connection, which I want to be a nature by myself. And that’s where I feel most connected. I don’t want to be around a bunch of other people and all their energies that I’m feeling and picking up on because that just served as such a distraction for me. I just rebelled.


And I didn’t want to do anything that they said, because it didn’t make sense to me. And I would ask the ‘Why’s’ all the time and they said, well, that’s just because that’s what the people do. I’m like, well, that’s not what I do. I don’t do that. Like, that doesn’t work for me. And it was so clear. You know, what fit and what didn’t from an early age, and I’m a very expressive person, clearly.


And very… I feel things so deeply, that if something doesn’t fit, I know it instantly. So, when someone would challenge me and say, well, you must because I said so…I’m like no, every cell of my being is screaming, no. And I’m not going to do that, just because you have some weird reason why that doesn’t even make sense to me. So, I went through a lot of rebellion. And I will be apologizing to my mother for the rest of my life, probably for the crazy I put her through when I was younger.


But as we progressed, I started channeling the Ascended Masters in 2011. And I was in a deep meditation. And I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced where your body just sort of starts to unwind itself. And my neck, my head got stuck backwards as I was doing some throat clearing, and I couldn’t really move it, it sort of freaked me out a little bit.


So, I called on Archangel Michael to come and kind of pull me from the depth of my meditation, and all the sudden I felt this huge masculine presence on my right. And I felt this hand just kind of gently pushed my cheek on his shoulder. I thought, oh, my god, I have officially lost my mind. I don’t even know what to do with myself right now. And it really was, you know, kind of terrifying, but warm and welcoming at the same time.


And I literally questioned my sanity in that moment. But it was so real and true that I couldn’t deny it either. And then, when I sort of acclimated to his energy, I felt this feminine presence on my left, and she identified herself as St. Bridget. And we started dialoguing for I don’t even know how long like 45 minutes, probably about all sorts of things. And I don’t remember what we talked about because I was still deep.


And I was traveling. And it was almost like I wasn’t conscious of it, but I was, but as I was coming back in, she said, “You know the reason why you’ve been so restless and reckless, right your life was because you’ve been missing that connection back to us. And now you can find some peace.” And I was like, oh, thank you God. Because I’ve just been like, why am I here? What are we doing in this crazy place?


And to have that connection to feel like, okay, I’m home, I can be at home anywhere I am. Because I’m connected. And so, as we progressed on that friend, I was talking about earlier that I was kind of mentoring. There was this big energy, I was helping her to open to her intuition. And there was a big energy in the corner of the room.


And I said, do you sense that energy? And she says, yeah. And I said, who are you sensing? Who are you sensing? And she says, it’s a j name? And I said, yeah. And I said, who is it? She says, she says, James, it was this boy that she liked at the time, I was like, think bigger.


So, I said, let’s walk into it. And Jesus was there in his full energy we start walking in, and the field was so dense and so all encompassing, that we both kind of walked back out of it. And it was kind of, he’s kind of you know, back into inward. He says, no, no, come in, come in. And we walked into this energy field. And it was insane.


You know, those globes that you put your hand over and the electric kind of shocks, it was like that. And He started charging my entire system with a new frequency that he said, I can utilize this to heal people with this frequency. And you can gift this to people as they need it. And so, I’ve gifted it to probably seven or eight people throughout that time span, but it was just so beautiful.


So, when I’m talking to my parents about this, who don’t believe in this, and my dad says, I’m really worried about your soul. You don’t go to church, I think you’re damned, you’re going to be damned, you’re going to go to hell. I said that I literally just had a convo with Jesus like last week. I think we’re okay.


That’s my truth, you know. So that’s the way I connect. And so, I just started speaking about it because I thought I could withhold this but I’m learning that there’s all these other people with all these other gifts who are also exploring this and just are afraid to say it because you think you’re kind of crazy. And so, I thought, I don’t care.


I’ve always kind of been seen as a crazy, weird one anyways, so I’m just going to own that as part of my truth, I might be a little different. I might have different belief systems, and I’m okay with that. And if you’re not, that’s okay, too. I don’t need to be liked and loved by everybody. But the ones that are resonant to this, that’s awesome, you know, and if I can help someone else step into their own gifts and their own truth about their connection, the depth of it. I’m prepared to talk about my stuff so hopefully they can do.


Dr. Heather Clark  55:39

That’s beautiful. I love that. So, Jean, I’m curious. What does it mean to you to be unshakable?


Jean Atman  55:45

I think the biggest part of that is just knowing yourself. Because I think that if you don’t know who you are, or what you want, it’s easy to be blown around. And for me, unshakeable means owning it, whenever, all the mess all the crazy, all the woo-woo, all this stuff. And just loving every bit of that and claiming it as your sovereignty. I think that is being unshakable.


Dr. Heather Clark  56:17

I love that. Thank you so much. And then as a bonus, I’m real curious. What does it mean to be unshakable from the perspective of energy and emotion?


Jean Atman  56:29

Energy and emotion. For me, energetic alignment is everything. So, chakra work, if your chakras are cleared and cleansed and vibrant and robust, and speaking to each other in the system that they’re meant to do. That opens you up to everything. So, I don’t know how familiar you are with the chakra system.


But the seven main ones that many people talk about, you know, your root is attached to safety and security. And your Sacral Chakra is your sensuality, your creativity, your sexuality. Your solar plexus is your sense of will your empowerment, your beingness. Your heart chakra is all about love, how you receive and how you give.


Your throat is about truth, being able to speak your truth and receive truth and live in the vibration of truth as opposed to the limiting beliefs and all the lies and things that we’ve been told. Your third eye is all about your connection, your sight, your vision. And your crown is complete connection to source and all that is. So, from an energetic perspective, if you do chakra work, you are untouchable.


Because what I see in people chakra systems, is a lot of times their chakras are really compacted, contracted, dense, and heavy and muddied. And you can’t really, you know, come up with this robust beingness if your chakras are dense and heavy and muddied. So, when you start to clear that stuff, your alignment with all that is, is so powerful.


And when you align that stuff, so the shoppers also have a light and a shadow side to them. So, for instance, in your root chakra, its vibration at its fullness, is safety, security, abundance. In the shadow parts is lack of those things, right? So emotionally, if you’re living in the shadow parts of that root chakra, you’re going to have abundance blocks, you’re going to be struggling in life, you’re not going to feel safe in your relationships, you’re going to feel like life is a struggle.


So, if you’re starting to clear that stuff from an energetic perspective, that automatically helps the emotions. By the same time if you’re recognizing you carry those emotions, and you start to shift those and move those into more positive ones. And action steps towards something better, you also shift the energy. So, no matter where you start, you just need an access point to get in, and it dominoes out to all the other bodies to help and assist.


So, I always recommend, you know, I love, clearly, I’m a huge energy clearing advocate because I think it’s the easiest place to go. Because you don’t have to deal with all the painful emotions and all the trauma and all the beliefs that stem from that. And it’s like it’s a huge, you know, undertaking to do that.


But if you’re just like, I’m uncomfortable, where am I feeling this my body? I’m going to cleanse that. It’s like, “huh, that was easy.” And it’s invigorating, it’s light, and it’s fun. And then everything else clears on top of that. So, I love that part of it.


Dr. Heather Clark  59:25

That is fantastic. Thank you. Where can we find you?


Jean Atman  59:32

Yeah, so I can be found I have a YouTube channel if you just look under Jean Atman at YouTube. Also, my website, JeanAtman.com, and I offer a free training on there. It’s a webinar how to stop limiting beliefs from sabotaging your future. You can look under the free training tab there. And that teaches people how to identify that they’re even in a state of limitation.


In a state of suffering. I talk about people’s superpower within that place to help them connect with that. That that beingness within them that they can make change. And I also offer information on my Limitless course, which really helps people take a much deeper dive into this process of dismantling and excavating all the old stuff that isn’t working and building a much sturdier foundation into something that better fits now.


And then we also get into, once we establish a new foundation, I teach about abundance blocks and blocks to love and all the other kind of external challenges that people, you know, move through. But really, we can’t tackle those things appropriately unless we really build that new foundation. So that’s what that course teaches about.


 And so, I also offer that at the end of the webinar for those people who’d like to take a little bit of a deeper dive.


Dr. Heather Clark  1:00:48

Beautiful. Thank you so much. This has been such a joy. Thank you for coming on.


Jean Atman  1:00:54

Thank you. It was so much fun. I appreciate it.


Dr. Heather Clark  1:01:00

Thanks so much for listening. I’d love to hear from you. Go to unshakablebeing.com and submit your question, comment, or topic request. May you be unshakable, unstoppable, and vibrant again. Until next time.